Hidden in the Crevices of Time

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Chapter 6

Stacy called out to her mother as she entered the house.

When no answer was forthcoming, she guessed that her Mom would be somewhere at the back, doing something or other in the garden.

She went into her room to have her shower.

She decided to go to the library to find some books to read about what she was experiencing at the moment.

It would be good if she kept herself updated on the causes and effects of flashbacks and premonitions as well, instead of solely relying on Mrs. Wong’s advice.

As she dressed, her head started throbbing.

She hoped that it was because of the lack of sleep the previous night, fervently wishing that it would go away.

She sat down by the side of her bed, holding her head, trying to will the pain away.

However, the headache got worse instead, so Stacy decided to lie down for a while.

As her head touched the pillow, Stacy felt a blackout coming.

She closed her eyes tight.

Everything around her seemed to be cloudy and moving in a circular motion.

Again, Stacy saw herself screaming.

The windows of the red car broke into shards and splinters.

There was blood everywhere. The screams got louder, and she felt herself go hot then cold when she couldn’t find a way to escape the scene.

She blacked out after that.

An hour later, Stacy woke up with a start.

Something touched her. She felt hot tears sting, and she was drenched in sweat.

She hugged herself tightly, closing her eyes as if to wipe out the scenes haunting her yet again, eventually dozing off to a more restful sleep.

When next she woke, it was four in the late afternoon. Stacy remembered that she had to meet Mrs. Wong at 5 pm.

It wasn’t that Mrs. Wong gave her a time, but Stacy thought it would be better around that time so that when Mr. Wong returned home from work at 8 pm, like he does every day, she wouldn’t have to inconvenience them. The couple usually had dinner together.

Stacy went looking for her Mom who was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

She could smell the aroma of chicken curry on the stove. She loved her Mom’s chicken curry. No one quite makes it like her. It was the best.

Her Mom, who looked up when she walked into the kitchen, said, “Well, it is about time, my dear. I peeped into your bedroom earlier to check on you but you were sleeping soundly. Are you sick or something? It is very unlike you to sleep the whole day.”

Stacy gave her a sheepish grin. “I had a headache, Mom. Didn’t get to sleep well last night.”

She continued. “I have to drop in to see Mrs. Wong around 5 pm. She is helping me with these flashbacks I was telling you about yesterday. She says that her doctor friends may be able to prescribe something.”

“Oh. Well, alright, but I hope that it is not in any way detrimental to your mental well-being, Stacy. Are you feeling depressed or have any other concerns you might want to tell me about? I cannot understand why you are experiencing these flashbacks all of a sudden.” her Mom interjected, a worried frown on her face.

“Which is why Mrs. Wong is helping me with this. She is trying to ascertain why I am experiencing these flashbacks. There is nothing to worry about, Mom. I am alright. I just want to get this over and done with.” Stacy quickly retorted to dispel any misgivings her mother might have about her condition.

Her mother reminded her again to let her know what transpires with Mrs. Wong.

“How is your friend, Andrew doing? I have not heard you talk about him for a while now.” Stacy’s mother suddenly asked, diverting from the topic of the flashbacks.

Andrew was someone Stacy used to be close to in college.

They had been friends for a long time, spending a lot of time together, so everyone assumed that they were in a relationship.

Stacy herself once thought that he felt something for her, though he never expressed it. She thought him shy.

That was until Angela walked into their lives. She was the new kid in town, a beautiful one at that.

To cut the story short, Andrew fell headlong in love with Angela, and they are in a relationship now.

Ever since then, Stacy kept away from Andrew. She didn’t want to stand in the way of his relationship with Angela.

She sensed that Angela did not like her very much, and so, she felt it best that the less she interacted with Andrew, the better it was for everyone concerned!

’Oh, Andrew?? Well, he is alright, Mom. I meet him occasionally, He is now in a serious relationship with Angela.” Stacy informed her mother, trying to sound like it didn’t matter to her.

“Hmmm,” was all the response Stacy got from her mother after that brief disclosure.

Stacy looked at the kitchen clock. It was almost 5 pm. Telling her mother that she would be back in time for dinner, she quickly hurried to Mrs. Wong’s house.

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