Hidden in the Crevices of Time

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Chapter 8

After breakfast, Stacy remembered what Mrs. Wong said about exercises being stimulative for her. She decided to get on the treadmill.

This time, however, her treadmill exercise did not take off as she planned.

As soon as she stepped onto the exercise machine, she felt her head spin and a monstrous headache come on.

Feeling dizzy, she sat on the floor and started to breathe in and out. The breathing exercises might help with the dizziness.

She felt suffocated, her heartbeat fast and her head was heavy.

Everything started spinning before her, and suddenly went pitch black.

She lost consciousness on the floor and lay in that state for quite some time. When she came to, she picked herself up and staggered to her bedroom.

Stacy’s mouth felt dry.

She was thirsty and took a swig of the mineral water on her bedside table. Then she lay down on the bed again, exhausted.

She drifted into a semi-conscious state again.

She heard the baby crying again.

However, she saw something else that gripped her with fear.

Things were moving in the jungle by the side of the road, shadows lurking, and leaves shaking eerily in the wind.

Something hiding in the dark called out to her.

The next thing she knew, she passed out.

What were they saying? She was trying to comprehend what they were saying. Yet, her head was aching terribly. She couldn’t think clearly.

The Malay man had told her Mom while assisting her out of the car, that the road was infamous for accidents. Many people had died tragically while traversing on it.

There is a saying that babies are susceptible to the unseen paranormal presence of spirits that linger near.

Perhaps that was what had happened to her. Perhaps, something like that had disturbed her during the accident, and only now she is aware of its presence.

Otherwise, how can she explain the fear, flashbacks, and scenes from the past taking control of her like that?

Well, she had been fearful all her life because she could sense the existence of paranormal beings.

She had had that instinct since she was a baby.

She sat up on her bed and noticed her room door closed.

However, she couldn’t remember closing it when she staggered in earlier.

Could her Mom have closed it, seeing her lying on the bed?

She was getting paranoid, she thought, dragging herself out of bed to take a shower.

Hopefully, the cool running water will wash away her paranoia!

So much for thinking of exercising indoors.

Her intention of going to the library that morning, was out of the question, so she would just finish some of her thesis at home, she decided.

More importantly, she couldn’t wait to talk to Mrs. Wong that evening.

As if in tandem with her thoughts, the phone rang.

It was Mrs. Wong. “Stacy hi, I just wanted to know if I could see you earlier today. I did some research, and am eager to tell you what I have discovered.”

Stacy was happy to hear that. “Will 4 pm be alright, Mrs. Wong?

Having confirmed the time with Mrs. Wong, Stacy went back to her thesis. This time putting her whole attention to the work at hand. She had neglected her studies for a while now.

At 4 pm sharp, Stacy stood outside Mrs. Wong’s house. There must have been a good reason for Mrs. Wong to change the time.

Mrs. Wong led her to the living room this time. There were a few books, medical journals, and papers strewn across the coffee table.

Mrs. Wong put the medical journal on her lap, turned to a page she had marked, and said, “I have a case study here of a girl who had the same symptoms as you. It says here that she had a traumatic childhood, hence, grew up with a lot of fear in her.

She too had frightening flashbacks and blackouts”

Mrs. Wong then read a paragraph from another page marked in red, telling Stacy that the first step as a remedial measure, would be for Stacy to open up and talk about her fears or painful experiences.

Handing Stacy a pen and paper, she asked her to write down all the images she had seen during the flashback.

Stacy wrote down the things that came to mind.

1. Baby

2. Mom

3. Stranger

4. Stranger

5. Stranger

6. Unknown supernatural beings hiding

7. Dad

8. Stranger

9. Dark Jungle

While writing, all of a sudden Stacy felt her fingers go stiff. She couldn’t move them. She sat still and stared hard at something in front of her. She couldn’t make out what it was.

Mrs. Wong took Stacy’s fingers in her palms and gently rubbed them.

It was icy cold!

Stacy looked like she had gone into some kind of a trance. She remained still and didn’t move for a while.

Mrs. Wong continued rubbing her fingers until warmth slowly crept into them.

Then, slowly, Stacy came out of her trance. She started moving her fingers.

“Are you alright, Stacy? she heard her ask.

A tiny voice in her screamed that she wasn’t alright!

Then, in an almost whisper, she recounted what happened that morning to Mrs. Wong.

Mrs. Wong’s gaze on Stacy never wavered.

She listened attentively. After Stacy had finished, she said,

“Stacy the reason I asked you to write down what came to mind about your flashbacks, was because your subconscious will reveal your innermost fears and inhibitions.

Stacy nodded, listening raptly.

She understood that she needed to address her past fears and talk about them to someone on a professional level.

She was glad to have that interaction with Mrs. Wong.

She started by writing down her fears. It was a little liberating, she admitted.

Mrs. Wong was happy that her method to make Stacy talk about her fears brought her some measure of relief. It was working in their favor. She would describe their first day of psychoanalysis as successful.

It was nearing seven when the ladies called it a night.

As she let Stacy out, Mrs. Wong scheduled the same time for them to meet the next day.

In the meantime, she asked her to get an early night.

After Stacy had gone, Mrs. Wong called a psychiatrist specialist friend of hers, and had a lengthy conversation about Stacy’s condition, especially about how she had gone into a trance-like state when talking about her flashbacks.

She considered consulting a medium and wanted to know her friend’s opinion on that.

Dr. Andrew agreed that consulting a medium might be of help since he couldn’t explain the trance-like state Stacy had got into.

He also suggested that Mrs. Wong take her to his clinic for detailed observation on one of the days she was free.

Stacy on the other hand was happy with the way her session had ended that evening. She felt a certain amount of relief that some of her issues were discussed in detail.

She felt really tired after her session with Mrs. Wong, thinking to skip dinner altogether when she heard her Mom call out, “Stacy, dinner is ready”.

Not wanting to disappoint her Mom, especially since she took the trouble to cook for her, Stacy washed up and joined her at the dining table.

Her mother, noticing that Stacy wasn’t herself, asked, “Is everything alright? You look a little pale. Are you coming down with something?”

Stacy shook her head, with a catch in her voice, said, “No Mom. I am fine. I just got back from Mrs. Wong’s house. We were discussing a case study of a patient who had similar symptoms to mine.

I am a little tired after all that discussion.”

After dinner, Stacy excused herself, and on the pretext of finishing her thesis, went to her room.

It bothered her that she had gone into a trance earlier, and she wanted to re-examine what had happened to her in private.

However, nothing could explain her trance-like state!

It was past ten before Stacy finally fell asleep.

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