Hidden in the Crevices of Time

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Chapter 9

The next morning was a bright and sunny day, so Stacy managed to go for her jog.

She was a little more relaxed after the counseling the previous evening, and she couldn’t wait for her next session that night.

She found her Mom having her morning coffee in the garden patio, and joined her with some biscuits.

She didn’t feel like eating a big breakfast that morning.

They chatted for a while about her session the previous day with Mrs. Wong.

Her mother looked a little relieved to hear that something is being done to alleviate those flashbacks of Stacy’s. She promised to go over to see Mrs. Wong, in the next couple of days, just to thank her for her kind help.

Stacy got busy with her thesis and napped for a while before she realized that it was almost time for her to go to Mrs. Wong’s place.

She was looking forward to meeting her.

Mrs. Wong had left her front door ajar for Stacy.

She heard Stacy come and yelled out in greeting, telling her that she was in the living room

“Stacy, we will continue from yesterday. Remember the list I asked you to write down? Well, we will continue with what you had written as number 3 on the list.”

Stacy remembered that she had written down “stranger” on numbers 3, 4, and 5.

“Okay, then we shall continue with what you have to say about the “stranger.” It must have been something that troubled you, for you to have made a repetition of it”.

Stacy noticed some lit candles and smelt incensed coming from the room behind where she sat in the living room. She looked inquiringly at Mrs. Wong.

Noticing Stacy’s questioning look, she explained, “Stacy, today I said a prayer, lighted a few candles, and burned incense. This session will be extra special.”

Mrs. Wong asked Stacy to close her eyes and to talk about the stranger in her flashbacks.

Unknown to Stacy, there was a medium chanting some prayers and conducting a cleansing ritual inside that room.

Mrs. Wong had called him the night before, telling him about Stacy going into a trance, requesting his assistance in the matter.

However, she didn’t think it wise to tell Stacy about him just yet, in case, it frightens her.

If what she had in mind worked, she will tell Stacy after the prayers about the medium in the room.

At this stage, Stacy needed to remain calm, and unperturbed during the whole ritual.

The medium was a very experienced old man. A staunch Buddhist, he could exorcise spirits. People sought his assistance for exorcism and called him “Holy Man.”

He lived on the grounds of a Buddhist temple, nearby the town area. Years of meditation and prayers had also earned him the title of “Master.”

Mrs. Wong herself was a devout Buddhist. She believed that young, pretty girls like Stacy should carry a talisman to protect themselves from the evil eye.

People of the old believed that spirits roam certain places freely, especially where many had lost their lives, like the road Stacy and her family were traveling on that fateful accident day.

Giving the medium a sign that he could begin his ritual, Mrs. Wong concentrated on what Stacy was saying about the stranger.

Stacy, her eyes closed, started murmuring something under her breath after a while. Then she started crying.

The images came back to her. It was dark and dingy. There was no one around.

Quite suddenly she heard a voice.

A stranger was whispering that it was a miracle these people survived the crash.

He said that the people in the village nearby believed that there was an evil spirit that possessed drivers down that lonely stretch, causing fatal accidents, and taking their lives.

Stacy started moving in a circular motion.

The medium lifted his hands from where he sat and rebuked the spirit that had possessed Stacy from young.

Stacy was in a trance throughout the ritual. Now and then, she would move in a circular motion and then sit still, her eyes closed shut.

Mrs. Wong sat next to her in stunned silence.

She had never experienced something like this and felt afraid.

The medium started chanting loudly.

At one point, she noticed that Stacy was sweating profusely.

Then in a sudden movement, her body jerked. She looked like she was experiencing a sudden seizure.

After that, she fell limp on the carpeted floor. She lay unconscious in that state for more than fifteen minutes.

The seance and cleansing ritual worked.

Mrs.Wong looked at the medium. He looked like he had been through hell and back! His face was pale and he looked aghast. He finally stood up, walked to where Stacy lay to see if she was alright.

As Stacy lay there, Mrs. Wong chanted a prayer over and over again.

Her parents would never forgive her if anything should happen to her, Mrs. Wong thought fleetingly.

She had taken a big risk doing this without their approval.

Then, the medium touched Stacy on her shoulder. Stacy was still unconscious. He walked back to the room and called Mrs. Wong aside to speak to her in the quiet.

He relayed that Stacy had been possessed as a child and that he had successfully driven the spirit out of her. It was a spirit that resurfaced to claim her life.

He chanted some more prayers, blessing the house with holy water before taking his leave.

Mrs. Wong was so grateful to the medium. What he had done for Stacy was priceless. She could have died under the circumstances.

After he left, Stacy woke up, a little dazed. She was surprised to find herself lying on the floor.

Mrs. Wong asked, “Are you okay child? I thought you would never wake up” she said in jest. “You seemed to be in a deep sleep and looked so serene and peaceful lying there on the carpet.”

Stacy managed a weak smile in return.

She got up to sit on the couch before answering, “Yes I am feeling a little relieved Mrs. Wong. It was a strange moment I went through before passing out. Like some awful thing was lifted off me. I don’t know what, but I felt it rush past me. I felt drained before I passed out.”

Mrs. Wong gave Stacy a glass of warm water to drink. Stacy looked like she was thirsting.

“Well, I have some good news for you, though a strange one.

You shouldn’t get frightened in any way, okay?” I spoke to a psychiatrist friend of mine last night, after you left, and gave him a prognosis of your condition.

However, he couldn’t explain the trance you got into. So, I consulted him about using a medium to pray over you - to do a cleansing ritual that is. He advised that it would be a good idea.”

I called a “Holy Man” from the Buddhist temple in town, a Master who was an expert in exorcism.

He was willing to pray over you, which he did just now, from that room behind you.

And, Stacy he took out a spirit that had possessed you from a baby through his cleansing ritual.”

Stunned, Stacy asked, “You mean like unclean spirits?”

“Yes, child,” replied Mrs. Wong.

Stacy felt a shiver run up her spine when she heard that.

“I did not want to tell you anything beforehand as I did not want to alarm you.”

Mrs. Wong continued.

“When we began our session, he started his ritual. You closed your eyes Stacy when he started praying over you. Then, you began to cry. He sensed an unclean spirit in you. It possessed you as a child. Well, he managed to drive it out of you!”

“It must have been during that crash that you were possessed by the unclean spirit, Stacy.”

Stacy couldn’t believe what she was hearing, her thoughts all in a disarray.

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