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Black Chapter 2

BLACK Chapter 2

My eyes follow to the man with arms crossed above his chest, he’s watching as everyone in the hall takes their desired seat arrangement. I wonder why his eyebrows are frowned together at only eleven in the morning. His posture is fixed against the brick wall two steps away from the first two rows but his unattended expression stays mutual and fixed amongst the door. My eyes follow along his slim figure as he made his way down the staircase-to the front of the room. His heavy gaze stays on a clock placed above his head-he watched it quietly until it struck a quarter past eleven before he began the class.

“Welcome.” He spoke with a deep voice, a small accent lingering behind it.

There’s a few mutters from around the room before it all went silent again, he pauses briefly as he inhales, raking one of his hands through his unusual long hair.

“I run a very detailed based course which is extremely difficult to follow along if you are busy conversing among your self. I will rudely ask you to leave. I do this for your own good.” His words run past me as fast as they’re spoken. He looks almost angry to be instructing an early class and I’m assumed to be right when he rolls his dark eyes to us.

“I will ask you to hand in all assignments at the end of every month, you will be given three constructed works to provide me and I hope in God each and every one of you completes them.” He rakes his hand through the bridge of his neck.

“If anyone has a problem with these arrangement, please don’t hesitate to leave. I wont stop you.” He gestures to the thick door besides him. When no one takes him up on the offer, he smirks to himself and continues what is going to seem like a very long first lecture. I click the rough of my tongue, sighing loudly to his persisting words.

“Very well,” I hear him say briefly.

“Each case we discuss I except you to know before hand, if there’s anyone asking questions through my lecture I will remove you from my hall. Is that understood?”

The hall goes silent as he prepares himself for today’s class. He looks concentrated while examining the case files. There must be over a dozen alone. His large hands handle the evidence with content. He doesn’t let his focus get distracted, I take notice how perfect he aligns the slides matching to each diagram. He’s quite acquisitive. His posture stiffens while flipping through the course work. His forehead becoming creased when an item seems to be misplaced. I can hear the faint cûrse-words he speaks under breath, but he quickly resumes the scowled expression, not giving much of his frustration off.

“Now that we have discussed the basics of this course, I’d like someone to be my assistant.”

His voice radiates across the large walls, narrowed eyes rake the rows, searching for his new assistant.


“Get on your knees.” The smooth surface of his hands swiftly brush against the sides of my shoulder.

He smiles. “Do it for the class, they’re watching.”

I nod and do what’s instructed.

He smiles-a sly smirk rests between his dimples. “Perfect.” He whispers.

“This is how it’s done everyone. A victim with the capacity of blood-loss like this one,” He flips to the next slide, pushing on the remote placed into his hands. “-here.” Professor H questers to me.

“-would have to be positioned directly facing away from the un-sub, like so. On her knees, face up, with her arms tied back.”

Professor H, moves behind me. His height overpowering, distance between our bodies decreasing within seconds.

The fabric of his loosened tie has been somehow wrapped securely around both my wrists. Preventing any movements. I squirm underneath the pressure only to get scowled at in return. I try my hardest to play the role but fail when his grip tightens around my arms.

He continues addressing the class as if my struggle is not in his attention.

Someone from the lecture calls out. “But if the victim suffered blood loss from the lower part of her body, wouldn’t she be positioned in a more uncomfortable angel. Rather than on her knees sir?”

Professor H grumbles in annoyance to himself, he runs his hands besides the sharp stumble growing across his face. “I’m getting to that Reid.” He replies not as harshly as I assumed he would but his temper is being tested.

The heal of his knee cap snaps to the back of my spine, pushing me forward. My hands being secretly tied give me no assistance as I fall flat across my face. The side of my cheek holding the fall. The stud in my ear snaps in two, breaking at the point.

I hear a few gasps from the class and someone calls out. “Oh my! Is she ok?”

Professor H ignores their remarks and continues with his display. The clicking of his heals smack against the wooden flooring, creating a rough echo which pounds the inside of my eardrums.

“As I was saying-” He clears his throat. “Before I was rudely interrupted.” Professor H looks at the class then back to me.

I look away.

“Having her laying face front, would be much more ideal for this MO.” He flips through the clip art projected, pointing to details police would have missed.

For the next half an hour of the class I’m instructed to position in different parts of the room. Resembling the many victims abused by the same serial killer. Professor H has me frantic on opposite angles to fit the case. By the end of the lecture I’m exhausted from the task and in need of a coffee.

The majority of the hall has exited the lecture room, leaving only Professor H and I with only a few wondering students behind. I nearly trip on my own two feet collecting the loose papers that have fallen from my books. I manage to get to the door in one piece but I’m stopped when he calls my name. He’s far away from where I stand, but I know his eyes are plastered on my behind. I turn around, now facing his direct structure. He has a wicked smirk resting on his tinted lips, I mentally thank the remaining students for still remaining around us.

“Good work today.” The rasp in his voice is quiet, but I still manage to hear his words. “Right, thanks.” I look towards the door, uncomfortably.

He smiles, gathering his briefcase and joins me at the foot of the door. His wide green eyes meet mine once again. “Tomorrow is a another day Miss Amelia.”

His posture stiffens. “Don’t be late,” Cold eyes glimpse across the lecture room and he’s gone.

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