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Black Chapter 3

Black Chapter 3

It’s late and my arms are inflamed with pain. I don’t think a college professor has the consent of treating a student with such a manor. Frankly, he’s rather odd for my taste. And a bit young to be even considered a professor. I don’t quite understand what the school was thinking. And what is it with him and not using his full name either?

I look at the syllabus once again, only to see the name printed across in small ink.

Professor H.

Written smack in the middle with the Accessed style font, black and bold. Not even a last name either. As if he wanted us to consider his actual name is Professor. I roll my eyes at the fact he had the nerve to strain both my wrists with his fücking tie.

I open my laptop screen, immediately hitting on the internet icon. The schools website pops up on key and I’m typing his name. Clicking the mouse pad, I direct my attention towards the Law section. Looking for his course, when a picture appears-and of course the one and only. He’s dressed in a grey suit, from head to toe.

Multiple of classes immediately follow his class profile, I recognize the one I am assigned too and a few more follow. There’s no way he teaches all of these.

I search again but this time google does me wrong as I’m surprised with no results; other than his college profile followed by a nameless website including the letter H. I don’t take mind of it. It doesn’t appear to have much need to what I want.

I sigh in disappointment. The fact that someone as young as him portrays no such concern to the mass-media world is odd, he’s quite young which I don’t understand why his face isn’t on every social network. He doesn’t even have a Facebook page. There has to be something about him-besides the vulgar behavior he takes control of. Not forgetting the rude comments and the fact in which he calls himself H. What the heck is that anyway.

Is he embarrassed of his name? My frustration is growing with every dead-end I come upon. There must be information about him, something that he’s done.

Searching again, I type in Hank. I wait but nothing returns my search. Something more clever comes to mind.

Hames. I type it in but there’s no luck there either. The same results blindside me for the name Henry and so forth for whatever names I could make up with the letter H.


Morning has awakened me with disturbance, my face flat on the laptop screen and a ticking alarm clock by the side of my head. I can’t believe I’ve spent almost all night searching for someone who doesn’t even know the first letter to my last-name.

And just in time. H’s class starts in an hour and I still have not brushed my teeth. Rushing into the bathroom doors, I stare into the stained make-up mirror. My hair is tangled into a mess, it has found its way into a loose bun on top of my head. I leave it this way. There’s no need giving myself a presentable image if I’m going to be used as one of the props.

I take the third seat in the second row, awaiting his entrance. Most of the other students are already seated. Some speak privately among themselves, while other voices are echoing loudly. And into my favor I already know who and what their discussing about. I roll my eyes, annoyance over takes my features while I sink into my seat, hiding my body amongst the rest.

This is not how I wanted to spend my Thursday mornings.

It’s been ten minutes since I have planted my body on this wooden chair and still he is not here, what a surprise. Conversation takes over all around me, there must be thirty students in this hall and I still feel alone. They surround me and yet I feel their faces are much farther then they actually seem to be.

“I never imagined he would be this young.” Out of all the chatter, this is the one I pick on.

Her friend seems so agree and she raises one of her un-plucked eyebrows. She giggles to herself and responds quickly. “I never imagined him being this hot.”

They both laugh, imitating high school freshman’s.

I lean against my books, not as close as I want to get to them but close enough for them to hear me. “I never imagined him to be gay.” I smirk at both of them as they scowl towards my way and turn their attention facing forward.

Smiling to myself, I resume my position back against the wooden seat. Slouched and arms crossed. Everyone in the lecture hall goes quiet and the clock ticks loudly above us until someone finally enters the room. But its not him.

She clears her throat, tightens her posture and smiles. “Good Morning students.” A few groan in discomfort, while others have started collecting their books to leave.

“I’m sorry to have to disturb your valuable class time, but Mr. Sty-”

She’s cut off mid sentence when the back door is opened in a frantic rush, I turn my attention to a very angry H walking down the long staircase from above us. He looks the woman straight into her dark eyes--never leaving the gaze. I look back to the lady, who now has an uncomfortable look to her features. Her fingernails start tracing awkward patterns on the side of her wrist, as she focuses her gaze to the intimidating one that has captured her own.

The heels of his heavy boots click harshly on the wooden floors, his jaw is tightly sharp, dark eyes cast the hall-he’s searching. He’s not wearing a suit to my surprise, he’s dressed in only a simple white dress shirt and black pants. When he finally catches my gaze. His wide eyes soften for a second, pink lips smirk but their quickly back to there usual scowl as he holds eye contact once again with the now horrified woman. He finally reaches the end of the staircase, their shoulders touch but she doesn’t dare to move from place. He places the briefcase on the table right behind her without a word.

As if her heals have nailed to the floors, she doesn’t make a sound. Her eyes are roaming the hall, she’s stalking now. When he finally stands before her, she locks eyes with him. Before she opens her mouth he raises his hand to silence and speaks himself.

“Hello.” He calmly greets the woman, As if his entrance hadn’t at all happened.

“Mr. Sty-” She’s cut off again for the second time with the same sentence.

He’s doing this on purpose. He doesn’t want us to know who he is. “That’s enough embarrassment for yourself today Heather.” H says somewhat dominating her actions.

The woman shakes her head in an apology which who by now seems as if she’s seen the worst in her life under sixty seconds. He shows her the exist-practically pushing the woman out and slams the door behind her. He returns to his desk too quickly, opens the briefcase and speaks-not bothering to look up. “Open to page five in your syllabus. Theres a few changes I’d like to make.”

Without a word, every students obeys his orders, rushing through to find the pages. Except me. He unbuttons the first two clasp around his shirt. “Change number one.” He says with a tight voice. “There will be no entering my hall when I am not present. Under no circumstances sha’ll I see anyone in here before eleven o’five.”

“Change number two,” His eyes have not met mine and I continue to look at his perfect posture hidden behind the long desk. He has not moved a muscle, not even to pick his head up. His eyes are glued on the words that he’s rather quick to change.

“There will be no speaking to public figures outside this hall.”

A few mumbles are heard from the end of the room and H groans. “What?” He spits in an irritated tone and looks up at Reid. “Of course, the one and only.” H rolls his eyes, not amused but keeps a straight face.“What is it?”

“I’m sorry Sir, what do you mean by ′There will be no speaking to public figures outside this room’?” Poor Reid looks flushed. He shifts uncomfortably against his seat as he prepares for H’s answer.

“What I said, is what I meant. There will not be any communication with any of my students to other facility members.” He clears his throat. Looks at Reid in disgust but continues. “Whatever is discussed in between these four walls, stays in these four walls. Understood now Reid?” He emphasizes for him in particular.

I giggle unconditionally, H focuses his attention on me. His face becomes stiff as he looks my way. His wide eyes not leaving eye contact, I look into them as he does to me. “Is something funny Miss Amelia?” He spits the words as their poison on his tongue.

“Nope.” I fake a smile for him. “Not at all H.” I say with a hint of sarcasm for his pleasure. He looks surprised with my talking back. He raises his eyebrows in disbelief, his breathing quickness and I smile again. “Excuse me?” He whispers, very low. But I’m still able to hear him.

“Did I say something wrong H?” I ask, looking through my eyelashes.

He drops the papers from his hand flat down on the desk, brining himself from around it and towards the center of the room. He stands between two black tiles. his eyes concentrating on one thing only and that is me. He slides his hands in the pockets of his pants, locking his jaw in place. Apparently his actions are unsettled as he doesn’t take in consideration with the other students still around us.

“Lecture is dismissed for today, you may go.” He orders in a slow voice, doesn’t giving suspicion to the rest but his eyes never leave mine as I stay seated, locking his hold. They gather their books in cue, majority of the class has left the hall without a word. I hear their faint mumbles while they leave the room and I can’t help but look back at him.

“Except for you Miss Amelia.” He finally speaks.

He’s now closer than he was five seconds ago, but still leaves me a decent two inches. His hands continue to be placed in the pockets of his pants. But he doesn’t say anything. I can tell by the way his breathing has changed, he’s mad. Angry even.

“Was that polite Amelia.” He sounds less irritated as he unfolds his hands from his pants and places them at either side of my desk. His face now becoming aligned with mine.


He licks his lips ”Umm?” He mimics, shaking his head from side to side, a loose curl falls to the center of his forehead. I stop the urge in me to place it back on top of his head. I’ve never seen a mans hair this silky.

Still in my position, I unlock my arms and place them flat on the wooden desk, the side of both our hands touch. I look at him through my eyelashes as he looks back to mine. He searches my face, but I keep it blank not giving him the chance he wants. He’s frustrated and locks his jaw as if that’s the only option that seems to relax his posture.

He speaks through his teeth. “I asked you a question, not for a word of indecision. Are you undecided Miss Amelia?” I can smell the hint of mint in his breath now. It’s strong but not as strong as that gaze.

I smirk at him, crossing my arms back together. “I don’t need to answer to you.” I return his use of tone.

His eyes shine with humor and he smirks right back, harder. “You’re not very disciplined are you.” His question is more of a statement.

I don’t answer. Proving my point.

I gather my books in one hand, rise to my feet. And walk the small distance between us-I stand fairly close to him, His height becoming only a few inches above mine. Our eyes meet, the dullness in his green seems much brighter that what he puts it off to be. He’s about to open his mouth but I beat him to it.

“I think you can answer that on your own sir.”

I say with a strong tone, my voice echoes through the walls and back into my ears. He stares down at me, eyebrows itched together. He hasn’t blinked in over seven seconds until I finally decide to move away. He grabs my upper arm roughly, pulling back. My books hit the top of his boots as well as the wooden floor, they stubble down the stairs but he’s not the slightest surprised. As if he’s done this before.

His focus is on me, it hasn’t left. His grip tightens with each harsh breath he inhales. The veins in his neck are visible now as they throb with venom.

“Then I’d like to show you some discipline.” His voice is deeper, thick and laced with multiple emotion. Some which I can not figure out.

I can tell he’s being serious now, the usual the smirk across his face is not the slightest present, not even to indicate humor. The tension has grown in the room and I find it he’s being serious and he’s not letting go.

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