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Black Chapter 5

BLACK Chapter 5

His skin is warm as he places his forehead against mine, I try not to move but my body refuses to listen. My hands roam the surface up his back, his eyes close momentarily-he exhales quickly. I’ve only just noticed the dark circles covering the corners of his eyes, the shaded pigment takes over half of the center of his upper cheeks-bridging out to the column of his nose. He looks tired. Eyes open harshly, he removes his forehead and takes a step back unlocking the closed position of his arms from around the sides of my face and the cemented wall behind me.

The wicked smile from before is no longer evident across his face. “It’s time for you to go.” His voice isn’t seductive as it was, it’s dull now. He looks at me again and sighs. “I need you to go, right this moment.”

I don’t know what to say, I stare at him until his patience wares off. “Amelia!” the echo of his voice snaps me back to reality.

“For Christ sake, leave!”

“No.” I simply say.

“Now, Amelia. Get out.” He ruffles his hair and moves away.

“Why?” I move closer to him.

“Because..” His hands rise to his face, rubbing both eyes and he drags the palms of his hands down his face in discomfort.

“Because what?”

“Because I can’t think around you! You really need to leave.” His eyes don’t meet mine, they roam the floorboards beneath us.

I roll my eyes, I know he won’t see them but I do it anyways. He’s ridiculously moody and it gives me a headache. “Fine.”

I stomp down the wooden stairs collecting my now torn books. Not even a goodbye is spoken towards one another. Picking the last one, I slam the door behind me. He’s ridiculously unreasonable and I’m over it. For someone who controls almost everything around him, he can’t seem to control his motives towards someone. His actions have taken the best of him.


I slam the door behind me, ignoring the stares I receive from my roommates friends who by know I hadn’t even bothered to learn the name of. She apologies for my behalf and I roll my eyes towards her. Her piercing blue eyes bare into my soul and I’m forced to leave their presence. I lock myself in my room, ignoring the loud music disturbing my thoughts. Her ‘study group’ seem to not value the courtesy of others.

Opening my laptop, I conclude and submit my final paragraph of my draft and send it to my English Lit professor. She’ll probably laugh at the words, I have not been able to conclude a single structured sentence in the past three days and I don’t know when I will. I send her the unfinished assignment regardless of how incomplete it may be.

When I return from my shower I have two unread emails. The first one from my English professor which I ignore, I rather have her tell me my poor grade in person than to be judged through a virtual screen. The next one is from him and it’s a group email. Which almost all of the hall has already seemed to respond leaving me and another student.


Subject: Class Assignment

Starting next class you will be assigned a partner to complete a thesis paper based on the following cases we will discuss in the lecture hall. I can hear his voice in my head as I read the instructions he’s provided.

Below reads the topics and I’m pleased when I recognize what seems to be the latest political argument.

- The Heathman - The Silvermans’ - Bond & Heafs - Red Climb - Lift Fort

At least five students will be assigned to one case. and I except my rules to be followed as I order. See you tomorrow.

Don’t be late.



I roll my eyes at how demanding he can make himself sound profound even through something as an email. For the remaining of the night, I sip on hot chocolate and watch reruns of Friends. My bedroom door swings open and my roommate, Kate appears through the darkness. “Not that I care, really believe me I don’t.” Her fake eyelashes rise up to the center of her eyelids as she rolls her blue eyes. I ignore the rude comment and turn my face back to the screen. “-but.” She drags the words.

“Do you want to come out tonight with us?” She asks. I look at her now, at first I assume she’s being sarcastic but the neutral expression on her face says otherwise.

I don’t respond to her request. “Well?” She says eagerly. She purses her lips, closing her eyelids momentarily and answers for me. “You have ten minutes.”

She walks out the room only to walk back in seconds later. She scans my face and chuckles. “Make that fifteen, an extra five for those dark circles under your eyes. Cover those up.” She retorts and shuts the door behind her.

I might as well do something productive with my life, I peel myself off the bed and from under the covers. removing my clothes, I’m left in only undergarments. Scanning my closet I pick something reasonable since I don’t know where we will be attending too. A black top is placed on my body along with tight black pants. I don’t take much interest in my wardrobe, brushing my hair into loose waves I follow Kate’s instructions and cover the dark pigments of my skin with concealer. It seems to smudge off at the corners of my eyelids but I ignore it and contour the rest of my face along the sides. Looking at myself, I suppose I’m pleased with my appearance. There isn’t really much to do to me besides brushing out the knots to my hair.

Kate bounces back into the room, wearing a rather short dress to my liking, she’s holding a roll of toilet paper and I don’t find myself asking why. The lining of her red dress stops just below her butt. She eyes me from head to toe, shaking her head in disapproval. “Your kidding right?”

“What?” I shrug my shoulders in response. Her presence can still be seen, as I stare into the mirror once again-cleaning the fabric of my shirt.

“Were not attending a funeral Amelia. James will be here any minute and you’re dressed as a widow.” She groans, clutching the bridge of her nose.

I turn back to her. “Who’s James?”

She tilts her head to the side, smirking. “He’s taken.”

I roll my eyes at the fact she assumes the worst of me. “Could you wear something more tasteful.” She retaliates conversation, stuffing the insides of her bra with the white tissue. I stare with wide eyes at the cup size growing before me. Looking at my own chest hidden underneath the loose material, there not as big for my liking but I don’t have much control over this. I can hear her faint chuckle from across the room. Her awfully noisy heals click against the titled flooring of my room. I look up to find Kate seated at the edge of my bed. “There’s no such thing as too big.” She smirks, handing me the roll of toilet paper. I take it from her and turn back to the mirror.

“He’s here,” She informs me. I grab my phone and wallet and head behind her. We walk to the campus building right before the roads start. I follow Kate as she turns the hallway, it’s quiet, the only sound audible is the clicking of her obnoxious heals. When we reach the end of the corridor I’m surprised when a beautiful red convertible is already pulled up to the side of the street.

When the driver notices our presence, he steps out and walks the small distance. “Hey,” The tall male greets us. He’s wearing a loose white shirt-his tan skin can be seen through the ripped fabric of his jeans. His brown hair falls across his face, he aims to fix it while introducing himself. “I’m James.” His smile is bright as he takes my hand.

“James, this is Amelia.” Kate speaks, we both smile towards one another. I release my fingers quickly as they discuss tonights adventure.

“You look great,” James’ says as he places a kiss on Kate’s cheek, I look away.

“I know.” She responds confidentially. I roll my eyes at the lack of curtesy she has. If someone every describes my personal looks I would savor the moment forever.

“You both do.” James’ corrects himself. And I smile up at him.

He opens the door of his small car for the both is us. I slide in first taking the back row as Kate takes the seat next to James’. We drive off campus ground and on the expressway, the music hits the sides of the sound system and into my pounding ears. His taste of music seems to be too heavy for my liking, but Kate seems to be enjoying herself. We finally reach a destination and I’m confused when its just a big old parking lot, There’s music playing in a fair background but I can’t make out which direction it’s coming from. “What is this?” I ask, I don’t want to mark myself as an outsider but I have to ask. This is the middle of no where.

They both don’t respond to my question, I take it as a que to just stop talking. Both their bodies begin to disappear into the darkness when I’m lost in though, but I’m quick to catch up. We walk across the parking lot, Kate and James talk in a hushed tone while I notice the multiple cars parked in irreversible situations, I hope for their own good they know a good tow truck. We eventually arrive to what seems to be a long blue curtain, I can tell there’s something interesting behind it as lights pool out from the top and into the sky.

James’ slides his hand from the insides of his pocket. I make out to what seems as a pill bottle. He pops the lid open and snorts two dark pills into his mouth. He swallows the hard shaped substance rather quickly and I start to question why I didn’t bother in locking my bedroom door earlier. Kate’s presence seems to irritate my skin at this point while I watch her breath in and out, shaking her long hair from place to place. I wish I was back home in my small bed watching the last season of Friends. I’m not much of a party person, if only I knew where we were going I would have decided against the idea.

I sigh to myself, knowing they both don’t show no interest of my making. James’ swings the thick curtain to the side and I get a glimpse of whats behind it. There’s muffled laughter at each corner and indistinct bottles being opened. We make our way towards the dancing bodies, there must be over a hundred dozen people here. A horrible stench clogs the insides of my nose, I’m unaware of the essence controlling these people. They have some kind of dark paper rolled in between their fingers. They seem to be enjoying the validity of the music and the smoldered hazardous of smoke filling their senses.

My lungs begin to perform poorly to my abilities, the loud music creating a barrier of migraines forming at the sides of my head. Kate is only a few inches away from me speaking loudly to others. A red hair girl touches her shoulder-it seems as an innocent friend to friend gesture but not when she places her lips on hers. My eyes widen in discomfort and I walk away. This is horrid, what state of mind are of people in? And why are they doing this to each other.

I walk against a gated area, I can still hear the music batter the ground. I walk a good amount of distance from their ‘gathering’ event. My eyes are burning in there socket, the smoke not doing any good to my brain cells. I smudge the counseled makeup around my face, creating an even bigger mess across my face than there was already. the makeup slides past my fingertips as I glide it off my face. If I’m going to be stuck her with people I don’t know I might as well be myself. I find a rock amongst a couple of glass bottles, kicking them away, I sit down on the hard material.

It doesn’t provide much comfort but as long as I’m away from people who will do me harm. I guess I’m fine. My brown hair falls to my face, as I play with a loose thread on my shirt. There’s some indistinct conversation behind me, I can’t seem to recall their discussion but I’m surprised when I recognize one of them. I turn my head to the side, two tall males stand directly in front of one another. One wears a long sweatshirt reaching past his hips with ragged material for pants. While the other one looks much more presentable, his hands are tucked into the pants suit matching the fabric of his dark colored shirt.

It’s dark to mask their faces but that voice doesn’t go far from memory. I squint my eyes getting a better picture. The tall male wearing the sweatshirt seems to disagree with whatever the other male has to offer. He shakes his head in disagreement. The more presentable one shakes his head, I recognize the loose curl as it falls to the centre of his face. I gasp from confusion when a wide load of cash is gripped out of his pants. He shoves the stack of money against the mans chest, cūrsing him in response as he grabs the black plastic bag from his hand.

They both walk opposite directions, the man counts his money as he drifts off to the darkness of the night. While the other comes into my direction. I finally get a better picture of his features. I know that face. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I whisper to myself.

His head is low, it doesn’t seem that he notices my appliance until I mention it. “Why are you out so late?” I question him, my tone utterly soft.

His head snaps up, his lips part in shock. The green in his eyes isn;t noticeable in this time of day. I stare into his eyes as he does to me, “I could ask you the same thing Miss Amelia.” His voice is heavy, his breathing seems to be controlled as he places the covered plastic bag into his pocket. His hands rest into one another, as he crosses them firmly across his chest. “Why don’t you?”

“It’s not my business to discuss your whereabouts.” He spits the words, I ignore his impolite remark and tilt my head to the direction of his now bulged pocket. “What?” He questions.

“What was that all about?” I raise my eyebrows.

“What are you wearing?” He asks, completely ignoring my question. His arms are still crossed over his chest, he lightly taps the fabric of his dress shirt with the back of his fingertips.

“These clothes are too tight.” He squints his eyes.

His focus trails down my neck line and to my left shoulder, his stare lingers there for a minute as he comes closer. I hadn’t realized the hole in my shirt had reached my bare shoulder exposing the skin underneath until he stands before me, his dress pants are in between my parted legs, he stands tall unlike my slouched position.

His finger is warm against my skin as he raises the material back to the proper area of his liking. “If you were mine, you’d never be seen wearing something like this.”

His words are sharp but they hit me clear. ”But I’m not yours”. My subconscious sings along side. I push her to the side, as my face is being forced upwards. His thumb connects under my chin forcing me to look at him.

“Why are you out this late?” His eyebrows form a line, waiting for a reply.

My mind thinks of a million sarcastic responses. But my mouth decides otherwise. “I’m with Kate. My roommate.” He blinks at my answer, surprised.

“Hmmh.” He says, stroking my jaw-he presses his thumb across the side of my neck dragging the skin of his fingers into my flesh. His eyes leave mine as he parts his attention to his wandering finger. His palm connects with the inside of my neck. I itch closer, letting his hands grip at the skin.

“Why are you so moody?” I ask in a whisper. He doesn’t stop exploring. “I’m not moody Amelia.” His voice is quiet.

I raise my eyebrows, the side of my lip grows in a smirk to his favor. “You push me away, tell me you can’t think when I’m around you and now you’re touching me.”

He looks away from my neck and back into my eyes. His features are softer than ever, the darkness providing the edges of his face a more calmed tone. He doesn’t look angry for once. “I touch a lot of people.”

I slap his hand away as soon as the words leave his mouth. He doesn’t respond, he stands blindsides in between my legs. Taking a step back, his face hardens in response. I roll my eyes for his pleasure, I watch as his mouth moves in a scowl.

“Did you just slap my hand away!”

“You’re ridiculously unreasonable.” I retort calmly than I had expected, crossing my arms above my chest.

He eyes my appearance for the second time now, eyes traveling low as he roams my tight jeans. His face gives off a questionable expression and he looks rather taken back. “No ones ever talked to me that way.” He looks down at his hand, observing the tips of his fingers.

His chest radiates off a low chuckle, amused I suppose. “I’ve never once had a student who spoke to me with such vulgar behavior.” He looks up at me through his long lashes, his pink lips are dry at the edges until he swipes his tongue-wetting the surface. “-until now.”

I roll my eyes for the tenth time, I seem to have been doing this a lot lately and I can’t help it. Knowing it irritates him, gives me the satisfaction of continuing the action only to annoy. He takes advantage of his long legs as they provide wider steps, I don’t move from where I stand as he in distance again. His fresh breath swiftly fans across my face--cooling the pours of my skin. I stare into his dark eyes as he does to me, Feeling his hand move up to the side of my back arising familiar feeling of goosebumps to the surface. He smirks bringing his forehead to mine.

His fingers trail along the inside of my neck and down to my hair. Twirling the strand around his knuckles, he gently fists the locks between his palm as he wraps the remaining ends with the back of his fingers. Using his right hand, he brings it up to my bottom lip, his thumb gently glides across the soft skin--distracting me in place. Without notice, he roughly pulls the fisted hair, forcing my head to snap sideways. I whine in response but he doesn’t take notice of my failed attempt. “that was a lame attempt.” My subconscious tapes her foot in disapproval.

I feel the tip of his nose move towards my jaw, he exhales against my neck and kisses the area softly. His lips are feather like as he places another one below my ear. He lets go of my hair quickly enough, when I’m about to turn my face to him, his hand is quick to respond. His long fingers press at my jaw forcing me to look sideways once more. I feel his breathing quicken while he brings the edge of his mouth to the side of my face and speaks. “If you disrespect me again, there will be much more where that came from.” He growls.

He lets go of my face, stepping a fair amount of space between us. He gives me my distance as I regain strength again. “Why do you bring out the worst in me?” His voice is controlled, but he still has room to smirk. His face is low but I can still see his eyes through the long lashes he hides them behind, there’s a glint of humor in them that I can’t unmask. His long index finger wipes the bottom of his mouth, his left eyelid drops in a wink before adjusting his dress shirt into place.

I shift uncontrollably when I hear rustling in the trees around us, it grows closer as whatever it seems to be approaching. I move towards him out of instinct, he’s quick to let me stand behind him. Brining his right hand in contact with my bare arm, squeezing the area.

I quickly let go of his arm when I realize who it is. James’ body comes into view. There’s a cigarette between his fingers but I ignore the horrible taste forming it’s way in my mouth.

“I couldn’t tell if that was you or not.” We both turn our heads towards the voice.

“I gotta go.” I look back at H, he doesn’t let his eyes wander off as he watches me cross the grassy area and into the cemented ground.

“Yes, It’s me.” I respond, making my way towards him.

“Thank goodness, Kate was worried about you.” James responds, and I can see the confusion in H’s face. It’s quickly replaced with anger when I take James’ hand leaving him standing in the dark alone.

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