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Chapter 20


So, dear, whoever is reading this but probably shouldn’t even in the first place, Merry Christmas! It’s my second Christmas in this joint. The first one was weird because everyone was being too nice and formal to the new kid [me, in case you didn’t know] and no one knew what to get me so I got clothes and gift cards, Ben gave me a Panic! At the Disco CD…

But this time around, it was FUN. We got each other band merch and posters and music and what the hell is the point of a selfie stick? But I got Dana one cause she loves selfies. She posts three selfies per hour! I didn’t time it, Joey did. Cause that girl has time to do everything and anything EXCEPT study. [And yet that idiot managed to score higher than me this time round]

I don’t know when that happened but yeah, all of a sudden, Joey’s getting better grades than me. I’m not gonna say better grades than I because this is my journal and I don’t want to seem like a pretentious grammarian.

I’m blabbering cause its midnight and I’m tired but I just cant bring myself to go to bed.

Connor said not to go to sleep. I don’t know … he has this late night thing planned and was pretty excited about it.

I’m grateful for a lot of things. I know I can’t bring Nanna back and I also know that as much as I hated this place before, I’m proud to call it my home.

I was in a bad place before but I’m not anymore. I’m happy and I’m surrounded by the people I love and am comfortable enough with to call my family.

I know I’ve always said that I hated my father and part of me still does but finding out about mom and dad and Matt … I’m grateful for that too.

My life kind of went to hell last year but this time around … I’m in a better place and I like it here. And time is annoying and not constant meaning there’s a storm brewing and I might be in for worse … but let’s not talk about that.

Someone just knocked on the door. I think its Connor.

I’ll fill you in on Prince Charming’s plan tomorrow!


“Rachel!” Connor’s urgent whisper sounded from the other end, “Hurry up! Please don’t tell me you passed out cause if you did I guess I’m in a whole lot of-“

Rachel opened the door, smiling at her constantly nervous, blabbering mess of a boyfriend.

“Hi!” He breathed.

“Hey” Rachel zipped up her jacket and stepped out of her room, gently easing the door shut. Connor slid his fingers between hers and tightened the grip. Rachel smiled as he led her down the staircase and towards the window in the living room.

“We could just take the front door, Connor”

“Oh, what’s the fun in that?” he beamed and opened the window. Climbing out and landing with a soft thud.

“So, we’re breaking out?” Rachel asked from the window pane.

“Yes.” he whispered, wishing she would just crawl out already.

“And if we get in trouble?” She asked again, one leg dangling out of the window.

“We won’t” He assured her and as Rachel put her other leg over the ledge, she heard the unmistakable voice of the Cabin Head, Wesson, “You will.”

Rachel looked at Wesson, clad in his pajamas, standing behind Connor with an amused look on his face. Connor was still frozen on the spot, hand reaching out for Rachel’s. He lowered it slowly and faced him.

“Sir.” He nodded.

“I’d like to hear it then.” Wesson said, obviously trying to mask his smile

“Hear what, sir?” Rachel asked, having plastered an identical polite and innocent smile on her face.

“Fayne, get down from the ledge.” He said, sounding tired. Rachel jumped and landed next to Connor, “What I’d like to hear is your ‘reasonably explanation’ for this.”

Connor opened his mouth to say something and then closed it. He looked at Rachel and then back to the Cabin head. Wesson arched an expectant eyebrow and the couple smiled meekly.

“You’re grounded. Both of you. Two weeks.”

“But Winter Break!?” They pleaded.

“Should’ve thought about that before your little breakout plan.”

Wesson turned and trudged towards his lodging and Connor and Rachel went back inside [through the front door, this time.]

Connor scratched his head, “I’m sorry.” His shoulders slumped a little.

Rachel reached over and kissed his cheek, “Merry Christmas, Connor”

He straightened up and gave her his best, widest and brightest smiles, “Merry Christmas, Rachel,”

The front door inched open, causing both of them to jump apart, Wesson poked his head through, “IN YOUR ROOMS! BOTH OF YOU!”

Wesson stood in the doorway till both teens reached their separate rooms.

Rachel changed and crawled into bed, unlocking her phone to send Connor a text:


Connor: He ruined Christmas night :/ I had it all planned out

Rachel: I know, Romeo. We should’ve taken the front door.

Connor: Oh, shut up, miss know it all

Rachel: Oh, sweetheart, don’t deny it, you KNOW I’m right

Connor: Shut. Up.

Rachel: :P Sweet dreams ;) :*

Connor: You too, Raich

Rachel: Connor. I’m bored

Connor: You’re telling me -_-

Rachel: When I came to this place, everyone told me that Wesson is the father figure and all…. Didn’t expect this though…

Connor: Haha, nah, he’s a good man but he can be a pain sometimes

Rachel: SOMETIMES? He doesn’t get off my back!

Connor: That just shows how much he cares….

Rachel: Ugh, God … you sound like Nate right now

Connor: What? You ARE his favorite…

Rachel: Okay, ew, now you’re a mix of Nate AND Joey

Connor: The two people you love most? How is that ‘ew’

Rachel: Is this Joey? Does Joey have your phone Connor?

Connor: No, Rachel. It really is me.

Rachel: …. Don’t support Wesson….


Rachel: …


Rachel: …. I didn’t ask for a reenactment of the previous episode

Connor: It was pretty good though wasn’t it *pops collar*

Rachel: It was just TEXT

Connor: AND I OWNED IT! *you gotta admit you read that in Eric’s voice*

Rachel: No, I read it in your obnoxiously high pitched voice

Connor: My voice is not obnoxious! Or high pitched for that matter!

Rachel: … whatever helps you sleep at night ;)

Connor: You love my voice.

Rachel: Doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t high pitched or obnoxious.

Connor: :P

Rachel: Con?

Connor: Yeah?

Rachel: What was your grand plan on Christmas night?

Connor: Forget it, Raich … I’m still licking my wounds

Rachel: Come on! Tell me!

Connor: What’s the point? He didn’t let it happen did he?

Rachel: Let WHAT happen?

Connor: ….

Rachel: ….

Connor: ….

Rachel: Fine.

Connor: Fine.

Rachel: Good.

Connor: Awesome.

Rachel: Perfect.


Connor: Rachel?

Connor: Raich?

Connor: Sweetie?

Connor: …. You’ll kill me for calling you this … Sugar?

Connor: Cupcake?

Connor: Rachel seriously, come on!

Connor: Rachel?

Connor: …. COME ON.

Rachel checked his messages and smiled, knowing it would drive him crazy. She had just locked the phone and tucked it under her pillow when Joey walked in.

“Rachel … Give me your phone.”

“What? Why?”


Rachel clenched her jaw, closed her eyes and blew out a heavy breath from her nose.

“You have got to be kidding me…”

Joey shrugged apologetically.

“Honestly, though, what IS it with him!? He needs to stop acting like such a dad! He’s so freaking insistent on the fact that we DON’T interact…”

Joey wiggled the fingers of her outstretched hand.

Rachel smirked, Joey’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as Rachel removed the back and took out the memory card, tucking it into her pocket and reset the phone. She handed it back to Joey without further argument and Joey turned and walked out of her room, shaking her head.

Rachel looked to the pile of school work she was ignoring and nodded, resigned. Her phone was gone and she was grounded, with a frustrated grunt she opened up her textbook, “Might as well.”

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