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If you ask the people living in San Damacio what a perfect child is like, they wouldn't think twice and point their fingers towards Sue Monitierre. A face that could rob any king's gold, Intellect that could confuse Thoth, and an immaculate personality that could be pertained to a saint. That's what they see because that's what she wanted them to see, after all, putting a front is a child's play for a governor's daughter. Sue plans to stay perfect in everyone's eyes permanently, but all hell broke loose when she got tangled up in a crime scene with the general's trouble maker of a son. She must help him find the killer to save her reputation only to uncover secrets that were laid to rest by time.

Mystery / Thriller
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00: Silen

In the ominous serenading of this black night, amid the chilling air of late December; hunched over the stacked pages of paper.
I let out a cough to a torturous degree.

Halos ma gasgas na ang lalamunan ko sa kaka-ubo, datapwat ay patuloy pa rin ang pagkati nito.

Everyone's asleep except me. In this maze-like structure, we call a house, It isn't unforeseen that no one has been wakened up.
Kahit umubo pa ako ng makailang besses at kahit gaano pa ito kalakas ay hinding-hindi nila ito maririnig.

The Mansion's walls are thick, plus the rooms that are being occupied are generously distanced from one another.

Hindi. Hindi pa sa ngayon. May kailangan pa akong tapusin.

I heaved air as much as I could to fill my dying lungs.
In this condition, I know that I'm running out of time. Death has been yearning to make schedules with me.

Too bad I am not that easy to kill. I'll make my appointment with him when I'm ready. At least when everything is set.

I need to fight. Kailangan kong matapos ang mga 'to. Hinding-hindi ako magpapatalo.

Each of my fingers is starting to tingle. Ibinaba ko muna ang panulat at saka minasahe ang mga ito. I cannot concentrate with these measly things constantly interrupting me in my writing.

Puta. I cussed internally when the tingling subsided only to be replaced by numbness. Bigla itong bumigat na tila ba na-paralyzed at hindi ko na maigalaw.

Mas pinalala ko pa yata ang sitwasyon ko.

My eyes strayed for a few seconds to find something heavy.

I reached for the empty wooden jewelry box to my left with my other hand; gratified that one of the two can still operate in my authority.

My jaw clenched as I brace myself for the pain I'll be inflicting upon myself.

Inangat ko ang kahon sa ere saka dahasang ibinagsak ito sa aking kamay.

My mouth fell open in silent screams as my hand became fractured after making contact with the box.

My hand clawed on the vanity. Finding alternatives to lessen the excruciating pain I'm going through.

I badly wanted to scream and thrash.

It hurts. God, it hurts.

But I can't. I am not going to gamble with them finding out what I'm doing in this late evening.

My lips quivered as my tears continuously drop from my pooling eyes to the smooth surface of the vanity. Marahas kong pinahid ang mga ito.

I must remain composed. Walang magandang maidudulot kung panghihinaan pa ako ng loob ngayon.

I steadily placed the pen to my fractured hand. Finding the most comfortable way in how to use it. The pain didn't subside, but I was able to tolerate it now.

Hands moving in rhythmic strokes, I continued to write.
No fractured hand or coughing can stop me.

They might've gotten me, but I won't let them traduce my daughter. Not Sulliana. This I vow until I breathe my last breath:I will pull them with me in my grave.
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