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In Disguise

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The story is of Zaina Ahmed, a woman in mid twenties.who is a victim of betrayal. Zaina finds her refuge in her best friend, Huzaifa Malik. She ends up falling again but the diary hidden in Huzaifa's travel bag shows the description of the woman of his life... Zaina still grabs the courage and starts searching the girl...Will she be able to find her? Will she be able to confess her feelings to Huzaifa?.... it's still a mystery....?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

My life was just the ideal example of any modern woman’s dream, full of happiness, family and professionalism.

I am not single, neither want to be. I have a normal life with a beautiful husband. Yeah, it was going good until that day.

March 7 2019….

It was early morning I was enjoying my Sunday. I played a soft music in background and sat on the couch in the living area. I was lonely this Sunday, usually Harun never leaves me alone, and obviously we are love struck. I was wondering where he might be? But I let it pass for a while thinking that a break is what everyone deserves.

I know living in a metro ain’t easy. He might be gone for a walk or somewhere to be idle. I sat reading newspaper. I didn’t realize that one hour was passed and he was nowhere to be seen. I looked at the clock on the front wall it was already 9 past 45 minutes in the morning. I was famished so decided to eat alone. But never in my life, I realized that this breakfast would be the first breakfast of my solo future and my lonely self.

I jumped towards the kitchen and kept grooving with the rhythm. I picked cereals and filled myself a bowl of it. I swiftly moved towards the couch and sat while munching the cereals. After two bites, I squealed to myself,” Oh my god, so tasty” (throat clearing…… note my sarcasm).

I was bored it was already 10 past 15minutes still no sign of him. Even the so called ‘soft’ music was equivalent to melancholy to me now. I tried my best to keep my hands away from my cell phone. But I ended up calling him and was left unanswered. I ignored my sadistic self and went to make myself lemonade.

After 5 minutes, I returned back to the living room. Sitting comfortably, I poured a glass of fresh lemonade and heard the door creak. I saw a scene so obscene which literally made me throw my lemonade on the floor.

I saw my husband with a garland in his neck. My eyes were already popping out of the socket, when she entered. She was wearing the same garland, her hands full of henna and a diamond ring on her finger ring.

I was frozen momentarily. I blinked my eyes in order to re-check what I am seeing is true? He entered and stood in front of me with a good distance. I saw her holding his arms very comfortably, as soon as she saw me glaring she moved a little away. I was emotionally wrecked at the moment. I wanted answers and reasons for the infidelity I received. I wanted to describe and remove everything I had in me, I wanted to cry, I wanted to break everything the house has. Everything around me seem disastrous, the house once called mine is now suffocating…. I can’t bear this anymore.

I didn’t waste even a second. I stood and moved towards the bedroom. I removed my suitcase and my favorite travel bag, filled everything in it which was mine. I changed my attire and got out with black shades. What? I am not whining now that why me?

I am in my revenge mode…..

I came out with the light make-up I always apply. I moved towards the door dragging my baggage with me.

I heard him speak,” Wait, Zaina! You can’t leave me”. I turned with the devilish smirk which I wanted to show off. He spoke again,” You can’t wear this it’s bad for a married woman to dress like this”

Married!! Really? Is this person audible to his own ears? And about the dress, I am wearing my mid waist denims with a black –sleeveless crop top and a black net shrug. I am fine with this!!!!

I answered with the venom laced voice,” YOU? Really? Have lost the authority to order around… or maybe have weak eyesight, because you are ordering the wrong person. About being married, I am not! My lawyer will see you soon!”

I turned to leave and opened the door, he spoke again, what a shameless guy still showing the audacity to speak,” Zaina! You are getting this wrong!! You …..” before he could complete I banged the door on his face.

The moment I stepped out, I was broken. Shattered, tainted, all the adjectives for the broken heart were applicable to me. My eyes were teary, they were about to betray me but I decided to not let it waste on someone so shameless….

I moved towards the elevator. I tried to avoid the feeling trying to over spill. It was difficult to wait for the elevator to arrive. I removed the lip gloss from the back pocket, and tried applying by keeping the cell phone camera steady.

As soon as I saw the reflection of mine, my hands started shivering, leave lip gloss my eyes betrayed me seeing myself so cold and left out. Before I could break down completely, the elevator door pinged.

And here comes the Guardian Angel. Seeing him after 5 years, couldn’t control myself. He spoke, “Zaina!! It’s you!!!!!”

I just went and hugged him so tight. Automatically the comfort I got was something deserved, after the very ruined morning delight. He asked, ”Zaina!!! What’s wrong?” He just knows me so well…..after all he is my best friend Huzaifa Malik!

Before I could reply, I heard another voice,” Zaina!! GET AWAY FROM HIM”. I turned and gave the toughest murderous glare. I said, “I am done with you! She might be waiting….. And you are no one to order me around!”

He tried coming closer to me and immediately Huzaifa came in between. He barked on Harun’s face,” She said LEAVE!”

What? He knows me! Without knowing the situation he supported me and stood with me, without knowing the one at fault. That’s what I appreciate about him. Later he will give me an earful, if I am at fault but at the moment his support is mine!!

I pressed the button on the indicator and it ping open. Huzaifa grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.


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