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In October 2011 a deadly gas was released synchronously overnight. It emerged in states with some of the most major cities in America such as Washington, California and New York. Instant contact....

Mystery / Thriller
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ALPHAS (Chapter 1: The Awakening.)

I just sat in the car evading his eyes, shocked by what he had told me earlier. I was praying and praying for the car to move faster so that I can reach home and quickly get out of it. Feels like the air’s diminishing as the silence in the car becomes unbearable. Who’d ever thought that driving home from a late night movie would be so awkward? Five of us went to the movies tonight and out of all, I’m the last to get dropped off.

“What’s the matter? You still seem distant.” He said in a curious tone. I looked beside me and it’s like his eyes is projecting into my soul. I turned my head away from him quickly.

“N-no. I’m okay.” I stuttered out.

“C’mon Tyro we were friends from kindergarten. I know you. I know when you’re lying.” He stated.

Can you believe my parents named me Tyro? I mean sure I was a rookie at birth, but how does that name suit me now? “Okay, maybe I was a bit dishonest just now. I just can’t wrap my head around what you said to me earlier. I just can’t believe--”

“Tyro!” He interrupted me with a stern tone. The car slowed as we coincidently stopped to a red light. I looked back at him and my heart started pounding when he leered at me. “I’m just really glad you don’t hate me. This whole time I thought you did and now I know the truth. Now I know the reason you were trying to evade me. I’m still trying to understand this but it doesn’t matter because whatever happens I’ll always be here bro, always.” He seemed completely sure himself. I don’t think he understands how impossible it’ll be to be friends with him. In a situation like this you can’t just be friends, it’s too hard.

“I’m glad I have someone like you to count on. Hey Kohl the light’s green!” I said quickly changing the topic. He looked away from me and onto the road. When the car started moving all I can think to myself is thank goodness. The sound of a loud engine surfaced nearly instantly. I turned my head hastily but only caught the two eyes of the vehicle shining on me before everything went black.

My heavy eyes struggled open to a blurry light shining into them, but darkness rapidly reemerged as I shut them. The sound of Kohl’s voice calling out my name faded into nothingness, and I couldn’t bring myself to speak. Next thing I knew, everything went black and silent.

On September 27th 2011, my friend and I were immediately rushed to the hospital after a severe accident. I was barely awake when they rolled me down the halls of the hospital. I know not what happened and how the accident took place but I knew one thing, both Kohl and I were in critical condition. Our chance at survival were at a minimum.

I pitched awake sweating and breathing heavily. It took about 20 seconds for my eyes to adjust and 10 seconds to figure out that I’m in a hospital. My eyes are still a bit blurry, but it’s obvious that I am no ordinary patient. Lots of cords are hooked up to my body. “What... what happened to me?” I said to myself. I placed my hand on my neck with widened eyes wondering if that was my voice, if that was me that just said those words. My voice has changed.

My heart rate started to rise as I began to hyperventilate. The machine started beeping faster and out of nowhere sparks flew everywhere. It was though the machine had just gained a random burst of energy. “Nurse!” I shouted, trying to get out of the bed. With both feet simultaneously placed onto the ground, I tried to stand up but my legs just gave way from beneath me. I dropped face flat to the floor. My legs are shivering as if I’ve never used them before. “I’m... so weak. Nurse! Someone help me!” I tried to scream, but no one came.

I got up and started walking to the door like an old lady. “What?” I turned the knob pushing. “Why won’t this door open?” I thrust my body against it a few times and it burst open. I fell to the floor once more, still as weak as ever. I looked up and the hospital appear to be abandoned. “I don’t understand. A hospital should be open 24/7, but there’s no one here.” Looking back at the door of the room I just came out of, I became confused. Three wooden boards had nailed it closed. “Did someone really not want me to leave this room?” I said aloud. I stood up and tried to get a sense of what was going on. I looked at the number on the door and it said 513. That could only mean that I’m on the 5th floor. I’m not a hospital junkie, but I’m smart enough to know that all information on patients must pass through the clerk’s desk. I must head to the first floor.” I stood back to my feet. “Maybe I can ask what happened to me. Also, I want to know what happened to Kohl.” Even though I’m moving a bit slower than I thought, at least I’m moving.

I made my way to the nearest elevator at the end of the hall. I approached a stainless steel one and pressed the down button. “Damn it! It’s not working?!” I shouted. I paused and stared at the elevator thinking I saw something shift on it. I found myself dazed at a dark quantity shimmering from the elevator’s steel. The figure grew larger and larger in the reflection. This sudden chill came over me and I developed a sense that someone was behind me. I span around impulsively and scanned my surroundings. I breathe out relieved that nothing was there. This hospital gives me the creeps. Why am I here and no one else? “The elevator’s not working and there’s no sign of power anywhere. I thought since I was connected to a machine that the electricity would be on. I guess I should take the stairs.” I entered an emergency staircase that stood right beside the elevator. The door closed behind me slowly. Its hinges are corroded and it seems like no maintenance had been done on it in ages. I continued my pace downward to the ground floor. My legs are becoming stronger the longer I stand. I arrived at the first floor which was even more damaged than the 5th, with papers everywhere and desks turned over. It seemed like a tornado had hit on the inside. Walking leisurely over to the front desk, I examined the area and froze when I encountered a red liquid substance on the floor.

“Is that... blood?” I said aloud in a trembling tone. “What happened in this place?” I swallowed my fear and thought to myself that maybe a blood bag had spilled or something. Why else would there be only blood and nothing more? I l kept walking forward until I reached the front counter. Why am I not surprised that no one was occupying it? It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that this entire hospital could very well be abandoned. I immediately ran behind the desk and began searching the hospital files for answers. The first thing I noticed about the files was the fact that it stated the hospital I’m in, and the city. That made me nervous because no New York hospital should ever be so quiet. All I hear is silence coming from the outside as well.

I instantly opened the files and searched through them. File after file I found nothing but unfamiliar names that was no use to me. “Damn it!” I yelled, slamming the files down. It started to become twilight and with no electricity I knew I wouldn’t find anything at night. But where did everyone go? Why did they leave me behind? I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid in my life. “2011! That’s when the accident happened! I thought the files went by names but they go by the years.” Ok 2011, now go down to September. The last night I saw Kohl was September 27th. There we go!”

Kohl Keller. Condition: Critical. The patient suffered the most damage and is now in critical condition. By shielding his passenger and saving his life the patient is on the brink of death, his chance of surviving throughout the night are at a minimum.

“No... No that can’t be all that it says! Where’s the rest?! What happened?! Did he live or not?!” Tears nearly built into my eyes before I caught myself. “Crying is pointless when I don’t even know if he survived the night or not. I know Kohl’s alive. He has to be. Now I have to find out what happened to me.

Tyro Asher. Condition: minimum damage in injuries. The patient has suffered severe injury to his cranium and is now stabilized in a coma. There is little to no chance of the patient awakening so the cords will be pulled if not awakened by May 17th 2012.”

Since I’m awake now I’m guessing may 2012 hasn’t come yet. But being in a coma requires a machine to breathe for you. How could I have survived in this place if there’s no electricity? A backup generator isn’t even running. Which begs the question of why the machine I was connected to, still had power? Thinking about all of this hurts my head. “Huh...?” I said as I saw the rest of the sheet. Apparently they have where they store the patients’ belongings that they check in with.

A few moments later I entered the room and searched for the box with my room number on it. In it I found my clothing from that night of the accident. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I tried to put on my clothes but my shirt won’t fit, my pants are above my ankle and I’m smart enough to not even try on my shoes. “First my voice, now my clothes. I’m starting to wonder if only a year has passed since I went into that coma. But then again my hair isn’t any longer.” I decided to read Kohl’s paper and look to where his box of things was placed. Nothing appeared to be there so I was a little relieved. Maybe he did survive the night and was admitted out of the hospital. I smiled at the thought of it. I searched every other boxes and found clothing that fit me. “Now it’s time to admit myself OUT of this dry ass hospital.” I said leaving that room. I went outside and it appeared to be even worse than within the hospital. It was frightening to think that the whole city of New York could ever be so quiet. It’s practically deserted. The cars are crashed and turned over everywhere and even a train ran straight out of the subway and onto the streets. It was utter chaos. What happened to my world while I was asleep?

“Supply team 07, this is your commander speaking. Commander to Supply team! Do you read me?” Said a man’s voice from the radio of a police car. I walked over to it and it turned out to be a police radio. “I said do you read me?!” The man repeated with a more stead and firmed voice.

“Loud and clear Sir. This is Steele; captain and Alpha of our supply team. What are your orders?” Responded another voice that sounded to be a female. I listened closely as they spoke across the line.

“Readings show that your team is at the core of New York. Return to base immediately! Dark will completely fall in only 10 minutes and I don’t want to lose any important assets to the Shredders!” The man said across the line.

“Shredder. What the hell is a Shredder?!” I said to myself.

“I apologize commander, but it was quite difficult to salvage anything from small town stores. Since the city part of New York is infested and it gets worse at night, there is food and reliable sources here.”

“That was an order! Return now!” He demanded.

“Yes Sir. You don’t have to tell me twice. Not even an Alpha such as myself would survive a night here. We’re bringing her home sir.” A helicopter sound started to echo within the city.”

My body started to tremble in confusion and fear. I didn’t understand why, but one thing was certain, New York was evacuated for a reason. The sound of a helicopter propellers slicing through the air signaled me that whoever was talking, they were close. I quickly pressed the button and tried to communicate. “What do you mean by infested?! What the hell are these shredder things?!” I shouted.

“Steele. An outside broadcast is trying to communicate through our station.” Said the helicopter driver.

“Where’s the signal being radioed from?” She asked.

“Down below! The person is on the streets of New York!” He responded urgently.

“That’s not good.” Another man said within the helicopter while looking at some kind of GPS on a laptop. “There is in fact a living human down there. His temperature and vitals are normal so he’s not infected. But there are other things closing in on him quickly! Things with body temperatures almost the degree of ice.” He explained.

“Shredders!” Steele shouted. She picked up the radio and began to speak. “Kid! I don’t have time to explain so listen to me closely!” Steele said.

“No you listen to me!” I shouted. “I want answers! What is infesting New York City?! What the hell is a Shredder?!” I yelled with fright in my tone.

“Emma if you don’t get him out of there now he’ll be devoured! He’s drawing too much attention to himself!” The guy with the GPS urged.

“You really want to know?! Then look around you!” Steele shouted to me.

I looked up and a pale gray humanoid thing is what I see, with black veins running through all its body walking towards me. Its body is at least 6ft in height, it’s naked with no private parts and no hair in sight. Its claws are long and black as night, its eyes are yellow with a gruesome sight. A numerous of them closed in on me, I stepped back in fear for what I see. “T-This isn’t real.” Their mouths began to open up as their skin on their cheek split straight back to their wisdom teeth, leaving their mouths wide open and ready to eat. “Holy shit!” I Shouted. I turned around and ran straight back into the hospital.

“That idiot! Is he looking to die?! Why the hell did he run into a building?!” Steele Shouted.

“No it’s brilliant of him.” Said the guy with GPS. “It’s better than landing on the infested streets for him. Most hospitals such as this one has an emergency helicopter landing spot on the roof. If that guy can make it up all floors, then we can save him! I can monitor and guide him from up here.”

“Then do it!” Steele said.

I ran through the hospital and when I looked back those things were moving faster than Usain Bolt! Some of them were even running on the walls. “This is insane! It’s not possible!” I shouted while running.

“Hey guy! This is cadet Colebrook from the Beta division. If you want to live you have to do as I say.” He said. I pressed the button on the radio straightaway.

“I’ll do anything! Just get me the hell away from these things!”

“Okay turn left now!” I turned as soon as he said and there was a door there. I opened it immediately and it led to the staircase.

“If you make it to the roof you’ll survive. There’s a helicopter waiting for you. Run like hell!!” He said.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” I began sprinting up those stairs without even looking back. By the time I reached to the fourth floor, I became tired and wasn’t even aware that I was slowing down. Which was a big mistake because I noticed that they were climbing the walls and jumping up it like gravity meant nothing to them. I started running and with each step up the staircase they were about two steps faster.

“They’re closing in on you too fast. If you don’t run faster they’ll have you in a matter of 37.4 seconds!” Colebrook said through the radio.

“I... I won’t make it straight to the top.” I said tired and miserable. The next floor I was about to past, I opened the door and went onto that floor, then closed it flushed behind me. I jammed something on the door to keep it flushed closed but I wasn’t sure how long it was going to hold. They were restless and growling. I looked at on top of the door and sighed at the sight of coincidence. “The 5th floor again!” I said to myself. I pressed the radio and spoke. “I’m stuck on the 5th floor and it’s darker than the last time I was up here. Is there any other way for me to get to the top?!”

“The stairs was your only option. I’m sorry.” When he said that felt like my heart sank to the floor. “Hey be careful! My readings show that you’re not alone on that floor!” I twirled my body and a black figure at the end of the hall began walking towards me. I started stepping back fearful of this image. I bumped up against the elevator and that alone stopped my body motion.

“This is it. This is how I die.” It started running towards me causing me to breathe heavy and my heart to beat faster. Next thing I knew, the elevator opened up and I fell backwards in it. Still confused about why power was working all of a sudden in the elevator, I gave myself no time to think. I got up and pressed a button on the elevator immediately. Just as the elevator was closing that thing managed to reach its hand into the elevator. It kept the door from closing and my paranoid body just ran and gripped its hand, bashing it against the elevator door. The third force of impact managed to break its arm. It severed as far as its forearm when the door shut on it. I stepped into the corner breathing fast as I stare at the hand bleeding out what appeared to be black blood on the elevator floor. It started flapping on the floor and I literally stomped it to pieces.

“How is the electricity working?” I heard Steel’s voice.

“I don’t... I don’t know. I was just leaning against it and it opened up!”

“Emma... I analyzed his pulse and rate it raised just now. The electricity... You don’t think...”

“...yes! I do!” Steele said interrupting Colebrook. “If he really is an Alpha, getting him out of there alive just became essential!”

“Kid. What number did you press on the elevator?!” Asked Steele.

“S-Seven. I pressed Seven!” I uttered out.

“Seven is the final floor before the roof top. When that elevator opens, you have to run for the staircase!” Steele demanded of me.

“Okay. I understand!” I cooperated.

“Something’s not right!” Colebrook looked at a 3D map of the hospital. “Why am I just getting these readings now?!” “What’s the matter?” Steele questioned. “The entire of the 7th floor is infested along with the staircase!” He said giving a worried expression.

“Ok. 3... 2... 1...” The elevator opened slowly. But when it did all of those things were in there and their heads turned in my direction as though they can smell me, even though I’m cologne free. Their mouths split wide open. My eyes spread and I turned and ran for the stairs. When I opened it, there appeared to be a mass amount on the staircase. I turned around and ran in the direct that didn’t have any of them. Being chased at such a close distance gave me no room to breathe. I looked back and a few was even crawling on the roof. Their heads turned around to their back. I screamed and turned into the first opened room I saw. I shut the door and locked it then backed straight up against the wall. They started banging on the door causing it to crack with every hit. “Guys help me! What do I do?!”

“Emma he’s trapped! He’s on the 7th floor in a tiny medicine room.” Colebrook explained.

“Medicine room..! If he’s an Alpha we have to use his ability against them. The last time he used it subconsciously was by the elevator.” Steele stated.

“Yea but that’s because his heart rate was so high!”

“Then we’ll just have to raise it again.” She said with a smirk.

“Kid do exactly as I say! You don’t have much time!! I know it’s dark, but see if you can find a needle!” Steele requested. I looked around and immediately saw the needles scattered onto the floor.

“Okay I’ve got one. What now?!” I asked.

“Now look on the shelf in the A section and find a bottle of Adrenaline. When you find it suck it up into the needle!” She specified.

“This sounds crazy but okay!” The center of the door split open and I panicked looking for it. “C’mon A! A! Where the hell are you?! Found it!” I took the needle and drained the bottle of adrenaline into it. “Now what?! Do you want me stick them or something?!” I asked.

“No you imbecile!” She screamed annoyed. “Inject yourself with it!”

“What?! Are you crazy?! I’m not doing that!” I screamed.

“If you’re an Alpha you’ll most likely live because your ability will spiral out of control and anyone close to you will get hurt. Depending on what your ability is, they could die. But if we’re wrong and you’re a Beta, at least you die energetic. That needle is your only hope.”

“I... I still don’t know what the hell an Alpha or a Beta is but I’m sure I can trust them. They wouldn’t have helped me out this long just to kill me. But damn it I hate needles!” I heard the sound of the helicopter near. I think it just landed onto the roof. The door was on the verge of being destroyed and I only had split second decision. “If taking this needle means I get to see Kohl again then I’ll gladly do it!” I injected the needle into my thigh. Seconds later, a rush of energy began to come over me and I could feel my heart beat going faster and faster. Those things burst through the door and came running straight towards me. A multiple of them reached their claws out to me and my vision suddenly intensified as though my pupils had just widened. I closed my eyes putting my hand in front of my face and this sudden surge of energy released from my body along with a frightening crackling sound. My eyes burst open with life viewing what was happening and how... and how lightning was releasing from my entire body. Every single Shredder was shaking to the intensity of it. They were being electrocuted. Windows shattered across the building as this power spread to more than just this one floor. The energy running through me was so immense that it’s practically unreal! The lightning disappeared and my eyes grew heavy causing me to faint rather quickly.

“This is insane! I’ve never seen an Alpha radiate that much power before. His body is releasing waves of magnetic pulses as well as lightening. If we were still flying, our helicopter would’ve been grounded in seconds. He’s powerful. Who is this guy?!” Colebrook said shockingly.

“He’s humanities last hope for power again.” Steele responded.

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the building has power and that all of the lights are working. The bad news is that it’s completely dark. With this being the only building with light in the entire city, the mass amount of heat generating from it will draw a maximum amount of attention. The Shredders are climbing up the outside of the building already! We have less than two minutes before they come in contact with us!” Colebrook says.

“What of the Kid’s situation?” Steele asks.

“He’s unconscious on the floor below us. I’m calculating the floor area to bring up his exact location.” Colebrook assessed. “Got it! He’s over there!” He pointed to a spot on top of the roof. Steele got up out of the already grounded helicopter and heads over to the spot. She stood there and adjusted her finger out gloves then balled her fist tightly.

“This won’t even take 2 minutes.” She claimed. “Force of a lion!” Steele punched the floor and a massive hole opened up in the roof. Tyro laid right beneath it. She jumped in and placed his arm around her neck then she leaped right back out of the hole with ease. The leap is impossible even without a person on your shoulder. She walked him to the helicopter and rest him inside.

“Emma we have a problem. They’re here faster than I thought!” Colebrook shouted.

“Get her airborne. I’ll catch up.”

“But captain...!” The helicopter driver tries to say.

“That’s an order!” She shouted.

“Yes, I understand.” The helicopter started up and Shredders leaped onto the roof from all sides just as it did. Steele smirked, then dropped on all fours like an animal.

“Speed of the cheetah!” She flashed in front of one of them. “Strength of the lion!” She jumped and kicked it sending it flying off of the roof and sent it into another building across from it! She started flashing and kicking all from every direction.

“I’ve... I’ve never seen a human move that fast in my life, and her force of power is scarily unreal. How the hell is that possible?!” I looked over the edge staring down at her. I had woken up to the sound of the helicopter engine and the dicing propellers.

“She’s an Alpha, just like you. Her abilities never ceases to amaze me.” He said to me.

“You’re voice... You’re Colebrook aren’t you?!” His only response was a smile at me. “Which means her down there, is Steele.” I said looking down at her.

“Alright Steele we’re airborne and ready to go!” Colebrook reported to her through a radio. Down below she struck one last shredder.

“Leap of the Kangaroo!” She jump at least 33ft high and grabbed on to the helicopter. She then climbed in and I could only stare at her in amazement. It’s so incredible how my whole world can turn upside down in a matter of minutes. The helicopter flew away from the hospital building and looking back seemed like it was the only one with electricity in this dark of night. The light then cut off and the building was once again in darkness. “Good, you’re not unconscious anymore.” She said, noticing me. Her features aren’t what I was expecting. She looked Asian but not completely. She also speaks without an accent to me so she must be mixed.

“I’ve been asleep for far too long to stay unconscious.” I responded.

“So what’s your name? I’m getting a bit tired of calling you kid.” She said.

“My name is Tyro Asher.”

“Asher huh. My name is Emma Steele and the guy holding the laptop there is Gabriel Colebrook.”

“You can just call me Gabe or Colebrook.” He grinned. He seemed older than me but not too far off. Brown hair and eyes and bits of strands on his chin for a beard.

“Thank you guys so much. I owe you my life.” I looked at Emma and said. “You’re an amazing fighter. I guess that’s what to expect from a Japanese.” I made the statement to official find out.

“I’m not Japanese. Even if I were, my culture has nothing to do with my fighting capabilities! Hard training and determination.” She said. “What were you doing down there anyway?! You’d have to be crazy to even step foot on the city grounds.” I took a deep breath before responding.

“I didn’t know about them. I just woke up from a coma today.”

“You’re kidding. Do you remember when you went into that coma?” Gabe asked.

“It was September 27th, 2011.” I responded.

“It is now October 3rd 2014. You’ve been in a coma for 3 years.” My eyes spread due to the shocking information Emma just told me. “You’re one of the lucky ones. You weren’t here when the virus first struck. Having to watch the people you know and love be devoured is enough to make anyone want to not live on. Here’s a little history 101. A month after you went to sleep, a dark gas started to spread through some of the major states of America. I was only 18 when it began. Cities such as New York, Las Vegas, and Washington was the first to be hit with this deadly gas. First it turned people sick. Thousands and thousands were being admitted into the hospital but they were already dead. There was one problem though, they didn’t stay dead. Instead they mutated and attacked any and every living thing. Before the night was out America went into chaos and within a week, the world. That is what happened since you went to sleep.” She said to me.

“What about my family and my friends?! Didn’t the city evacuate anyone in time?!” I cried.

“No. Without a doubt they’re dead.” I sat their frozen in disbelief.

“No... That can’t be true.”

“Steele his heart-rate is rising again. We all know what’ll happen if it begins to beat too fast.” Gabe warned.

“Asher calm down! I’m not sure whether they’re dead or not. Maybe they’re in the colony. The only way to know for sure is if we make it there alive. The colony of survivors is Syracuse University. Just a few miles outside of the city. This is also a training center to survive in this world. Are you up for it?” She asks.

“I am up for anything!” I firmly stated. She smiled at me and told the pilot to take her home. I guess that’s what they consider their home. Soon, I know I will too.

At first I thought someone locked me in that room. I thought that they didn’t want me to get out but I was wrong. After what I’ve seen today, I think that person was trying to prevent anything from getting in. Whoever did that saved my life. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see them to thank them but I know one thing, I won’t throw my second chance away. I discovered abilities that I didn’t even know a human was capable of. Abilities that will help me on my journey ahead. From I awoken there was only one person on my mind, Kohl Keller. There are evidence that state he’s alive out there somewhere and I too believe it. Through his eyes I’m no more than a friend, but through mine he’s more than that. With feelings like mine, you can’t just ignore it. Also, the fact that he saved my life that night of the accident makes me even more attached to him. If anyone’s going to find him, it’s me. My name is Tyro Asher and this is my story.

End Of Chapter 1

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