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ALPHAS (Chapter 3: Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.)

First Person. Tyro's (POV)

Present Time. October 4th, 2014. 11:56 p.m.

A colony located in a university huh? Most idiots what have chosen a gun store or grocery store, but can you eat guns? And can you survive on food alone with no defense? A colony at this school is genius and most of all there are hundreds of rooms. Which means survivors can keep coming in.

As we walked down the hallway leaving the councilor room, I noticed how fast Emma was walking.

“Emma what’s the matter?! Are you still mad at me for...?” She stopped all of a sudden.

“I’m not mad at you Tyro. I’m mad at Emily!” She spoke of the girl who just tried to get in my head. “Emily is my younger sister, being only 11 months apart.” She confessed. I know I should have been a whole lot more shocked than I am but their resemblance is uncanny. “She and I used to be close once. Seeing as we never knew our father and our mother was a drunk, we had to stick together. Our mom never told us anything about him and she burned all of his photos so we had no way of searching for him. All we knew was that he was American. Usually war brings people together but that wasn’t the case for Emily and me. She blames me because I wasn’t there when mom was infected. Our own mother almost killed her, and she had no choice but to take her life. Killing our mother changed her. After we found this colony she stopped talking to me and closed everyone out entirely. She changed. Now she just sticks by the Commander’s side like his shadow and she hates me. Now you know my past.” She turned away and continued walking.

“Like I said, Emma only pretends to be strong-willed.” Gabe told me then followed behind her.

She cares a whole lot about her family. But me, I haven’t cried once since I found out how much the world has changed, and the fact that mine might be dead. The reason I haven’t is because they didn’t love me, and I don’t miss them one bit. We might have seem perfect on the outside but on the inside, not even a rope could hold us together. My dad hated me so much that he left my mom. I bet blamed her for me being the way that I am. If only he understood that it’s hard to be anyone other who I am. If I could change who I am I would. But I am who I am and he should’ve loved me for me. How do I expect the world to accept me if my own family doesn’t? What her sister is doing, closing everyone out. I may know a thing or two about how that feels.

September 27, 2011. 9:54 p.m.

I sighed looking at the time on my watch. So far I’ve sat forty minutes through this movie. Five of us sat in a row with me being at the end. Michelle and Trevor are dating, Julie and Kohl have a thing, but me... I was... alone. Worse of all the person who I wanted to be with sat next to me holding hands with someone.

“You want some bro?” Kohl asked passing me popcorn. I denied shaking my head. My heart is already in pain, yet I decided to see one of the saddest movies of all time, ‘The notebook.’ It’s like when they kissed everyone in the entire movie began locking lips, including my friends.

“I can’t take this anymore! I think I’m going to be sick!” I got up and ran out of the movie. I dashed passed the front desk and exit the theater. Breathing in the fresh cold air started to ease the tension surrounding me. I already set my mind on walking home tonight so that’s what I’m going to do. Half way across the street Julie called out to me.

“Tyro!” She shouted out to me. I turned and looked at her while in the middle of a busy New York street.

“What! What do you want Julie?!” I shouted at her. She walked angrily to me.

“You can’t keep doing this!” She shouted.

“I can keep doing whatever I want! You and I both know that it’s better this way! Just... just leave me alone.” I said in saddened tone turning away. She gripped my shoulder and turned me back around.

“No it’s not better off! Do you know what everyone’s been thinking for the past few weeks? They think that you hate them or don’t want to be friends with them anymore. And Kohl, your best friend. He thinks that he did something to make you avoid him and turn in a different direction at first glance of him!” I became surprised at what she told me, and also sad because I’d never intentionally hurt anyone. Especially not Kohl. The cars on the New York streets became restless as we held up traffic. She continues, “The only reason we’re here tonight is because he wants you to forgive him for whatever he did wrong, even though he didn’t do anything, it’s you! So get this through your dense skull now Tyro! He’s hurting just as much as you!” She claimed. I turned away from her once more with my head held down.

“The only difference is he’s got you to hurt with, and I have no one Julie.” I continued walking until I reached to the other side of the street.

Present Time. October 4th, 2014. 12:07 p.m.

I ran to catch up to Emma and Gabe. I hadn’t even realized that I was still standing in that one spot. Gabe was right, I do faze out a lot! I ran down all the stairs heading to the ground floor to catch them up. I caught up to them just as they were to exit the building.

“Hey guys where are we going now?” I asked barely catching my breath.

“It’s lunch time and I haven’t even had breakfast as yet. I’m going to the dining halls.” Emma said.

“Me too.” Gabe agreed.

“Yea I’m starving as well. Dining hall here we come!” We exit the building and I finally got to see how it looked. It was bigger than I thought it would be. It’s like all the buildings were built in a circle and at the center leads a walk way to every building, connecting them all like a spider web. The most astonishing building was the one that looked like a castle. This school had to have been around from the 1800′s or something.

“Speaking of you being starving.” Gabe started to speak. “Why didn’t you tell us that there were nails on your door when you woke up?

“I didn’t think I had to.” I responded.

“Well you should have. The story about you being in a coma wasn’t adding up at all. Even if you were able to keep electricity in the machine to keep it running, you still should’ve been dead by now.” Gabe explains.

“What’re you trying to say?” I urged for him to get to the point.

“What we’re trying to say is that we thought you were lying.” Emma said.

“Even in a coma, one must still survive off of food and water. Now that we know that you were nailed inside that room, we think the person who did that has been helping you survive for the past 3 years.” I was taken aback by what he had said. “In order to do so they’d have to keep refilling whatever was feeding you at least every 2 to 3 days. That person must have really wanted you to stay alive to risk their lives and keep coming back to you.” Gabe explain.

“Kohl!” I said to myself. “We have to go back there! We have to go back to the city!” I shouted eagerly.

“Sorry we can’t, kiddo. My helicopter flying has apparently been suspended and even if we wanted to we couldn’t. That stunt we pulled in the hospital last night was like a giant beam of light. It attracted every Shredder within at least 100 miles of the city. Right now that place is about as infested as an ant’s patch. There’s no getting in or out.” Emma explained

“We have to at least try! Can’t we just walk?!” I cried.

“By my calculations, New York city is just over 200 miles away. Walking would take up to 70 hours and that’s not even calculation avoiding the Shredders. The mission would fail before it even began.” Gabe explained. “I do have news that’ll ease your worries for this person though. No human can survive in one place for a long period of time. The Shredders don’t see the same way we do. They see heat waves and they hear sounds. That’s how they track you down.”

“How is that easing my worries?” I asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Because the person knows they can’t stay in one place for too long so I doubt that they’re in New York City. The reason you weren’t sensed by a Shredder while in that coma is because you made no sound while you were unconscious and because being in a coma is like being in a hibernating state. Your body temperature was so low that they couldn’t detect your presence. The only place that you can survive in for a long period of time is here. If you wanted access to the city and also be able to keep watch of it from a not too far distance, this’ll be the perfect place. So without a doubt, the person who’s been taking care of you resides here in Syracuse.” Gabe explained.

What Gabe said did make me feel better. But how do I know if the person is Kohl? It could be someone else entirely. I have to stay level headed and try not to make rash decisions, but at least now I know the reason my hair wasn’t as long as I thought it would be.

“OK. Which means if that person sees me they’ll know that I’m alright. Thanks Gabe.”

We arrived at the dining halls building just as we had finished talking. But something was strange the entire time we spoke.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” I asked curiously just before we entered the building.

“They’re not staring at US. They’re staring at YOU.” Emma said opening the doors to the dining halls. All heads turned in our direction like Katy Perry had just walked through the door. Emma was right, they were all staring at me. But why... I had no idea. The place was huge and the tables were all clamped together to make long rows. It was like that first Harry Potter movie. I decided to ignore everyone and walk straight to where they were serving food in what appeared to be Styrofoam plates with covers. But it became unbearable when the whispering began.

“Isn’t that the guy who tried to kill the head councilors?” Someone whispered.

“Yea, I heard he has some really powerful Alpha ability.” Another responded whispering.

“This is just ridiculous guys!” I whispered to them.

“That’s what you get for being famous!” Gabe says as him and Emma began laughing.”

“Not funny!” I felt like a new kid walking into a classroom for the first time. We received our food and when I turned around to find a seat all eyes were on me.

“I heard that not even the Commander’s assistant could get in his head.”

“No way! What kind of Alpha power does he have?” The whispers continued.

“Will you people just shut up?!” I shouted gripping my plate tightly. The lights in that room flickered off and on for about a second. Everyone became frightened and turned their heads back to their food. My power is kind of cool I thought to myself. Gabe, Emma and I sat down at one of those long tables. I sat on one side and they sat across from me.

“You know everyone here is wearing uniforms like we’re inside some sort of army. So far I’ve seen three different uniforms with three different symbols on it. A, B, and O. What’s the deal with that? Where do they even find the time to make uniforms?”

“Everyone here has to be useful one way or another. The elder ones that aren’t capable of fighting or providing handles the cooking, the sewing, and the teaching of the young children.” Emma explain.

“You still didn’t tell me what the symbols are for.” I restated.

“The symbol signifies what you are, mate.” A voice said on the right side of me.

“Like whether you’re an Alpha, Beta, or Omega.” Said another voice from my left, sounding the same and with the same accent. I looked at them both and they were like the same person. They just appeared out of nowhere on both sides of me.

“Twins?” I said giving a spectacle look.

“Well even a baby can see that.” The one sitting on the right side of me said. “I’m Lucas Stone, 17, and as you can see...” He turned and showed me his jacket with a Red A on the back of it. “I’m an Alpha.”

“I’m Marcus, 17, and I too am an Alpha.” The one on the left said showing me his Jacket with a light blue A on it.

“So what are you, Australians?” I asked with a slight smile.

“No mate! Do we really sound like those Aussies? We’re British.” Marcus Said.

“Actually brother we did spend the summer in Australia in 2011 just before the virus struck.” Lucas Said to him.

“Indeed we did.” Marcus agreed.

“Guys! You’re moving off topic! How did I become an Alpha?”

“Oh that’s simple mate, you’re infected.” Lucas said. My hand started to tremble and my heart started to beat faster.

“You mean I’m going to turn into one of those things?!” I shouted confused about the situation.

“Of course not, if you were you’d already be one.” Marcus told me.

“Why didn’t you just say that instead of pausing?! I was literally just about to lose my mind here.”

“A, B, and O doesn’t just stand for Alpha, Beta, and Omega. They also signifies your blood type; A, B, O.” Lucas said. Now that he’s mentioned it, it kind of make sense.

“Those that have blood type O are considered Omegas. They died at the first sign of infection, and within minutes they rose up. Mutated in every way, they developed a thirst for blood and began wiping out people from city to city. They devoured everyone in their path. We gave them the name Shredders because they devoured and moved just as fast as the machine. Be careful though. There are two types of Shredders, lad. Some you never want to face off.” Marcus explained.

“The only ones that were infected by the gas were those who were blood type O and blood type A-B. People with the blood type A-B, body malfunctioned when they were infected by the gas, so they all just simply died out. O being the most common in the world mutated millions of people causing the earth to be overran quickly.” Lucas said.

“You said that there are 2 types of Shredders. What’s the difference between them?” I asked.

“The Omegas turn into normal Shredders when they get infected.” Marcus said.

“But for us, Alphas, we turn into the most advanced species known to man. Alpha-Shredders.” Even the name struck fair into my heart when Lucas said it. “They turn into Shredders with Alpha based abilities.”

“Not all of us though. Some of the Alpha abilities aren’t adaptive to Shredder form so they just remain normal.”

“I heard from this lad that when the mutated body can’t adapt properly to the body, they become larger versions of Shredders. They grow like 60ft big. Marcus and I want to see one so bad!”

“That’s nothing more than a myth you fools.” Emma said to them.

“No it’s not, love. It is real. Can you imagine creatures that are as huge as the biblical Nephilim and the Titans of Greek mythology? Amazing.” My eyes were widened just imagining a larger version of these things. Do these two not have a sense of fear? That’s frightening. “That’s it! We’ll call them Titan-Shredders.”

“If they’re real.” I added, just to give me a sense of security that they’re not. “So did we get our abilities immediately when the virus struck?”

“No. Even though only Omegas and Alphas were capable on bonding or mutating with the infection, O mutated faster within an estimate of 1 to 3 minutes while ‘A’ took about a month to completely bond with the virus. By then the earth was barely alive, mate.” Marcus said in an affectionate yet wistful tone.

“There’s no separating the negative and the positive of A. So long as you’re blood type A you’re automatically an Alpha.” Lucas continued. “B are the Betas, the normal humans and the ones that weren’t infected at all by the virus. Both positive and negative remain stabilized in human vitals. The only way for them to be infected is physically (scraped or bitten). If a normal human A.K.A a Beta, gets infected they turn into the Shredders. If a human with abilities A.K.A an Alpha, gets infected they turn into the Alpha-Shredders.” Lucas described.

“The virus is inside of all of us that existed on earth in 2011. So either way when we die we still turn into a bad-ass Shredder, mate!” Marcus said smiling then high-fives his brother.

“There is a huge downside to all of this though.” Gabe said.

“As if there wasn’t already.” I said, sighing beneath my breath.

“The gas that was released is no longer in the air so new born Omegas won’t get infected and neither will the Alphas. So basically from now on there’s a new generation of humans and they’ll be normal again. Things will go back to the way they were before 2011. There’s just one problem, infants born with blood type AB die within 3 minutes of their birth. Even the top scientists here hasn’t figured out why.”

“What does that mean?! Is the air still contagious to those with the AB Gene?” I asked.

“Apparently so. That is another reason we wear theses uniforms. AB is a gene resulting from the intermingling of type A and type B. In other words, Alphas and Betas cannot reproduce together. It mostly chooses a side but there are rare few that comes along with the blood type.” Gabe’s voice became sorrowed. I knew exactly what he was feeling. At first I thought those two were dating but now I’ve figured out that he has a massive crush on Emma. But he’s afraid that it’ll never work because she’s an Alpha and he’s a Beta. It’s funny that even in a world of war & chaos, love still strives to survive. Marcus yawns next to me.

“Well this is quite a bore. Don’t you agree brother?”

“Indeed I do.” Lucas responded. “Let’s get down to the real reason we’re here.” He said as he and his brother stared down at me while I ate. It was strange because tons of people started leaving the room. Even Gabe and Emma got up from the table and moved aside. What was the deal with these two? It’s like everyone knew what was going to happen except me.

“Well it’s obvious that you’re not going to stop staring at me.” I tried to play it cool. “What do you double trouble want?”

“We want to see your abilities mate! Apparently we’re no longer the talk of the school, you are.” Marcus said.

“We heard that your power is quite impressive, not even the commander stood a chance. Why don’t we test that ability? Shall we?” They turned and walked at a distance behind me. I stood up from my seat and turned to them. They took off their jackets leaving on a black vest. A red yin symbol was on Lucas arm and a blue Yang one was on Marcus own.

“Look Guys, I don’t even know how to use my abilities as yet. I don’t want to fight.” I tried reasoning.

“We’re not asking you to.” Lucas hand became engulfed in flames and Marcus’s fist turned as cold as ice. “Just defend you’re self, or die!”

“These guys are fucking insane!” I said to myself nervous as shit. “Emma a little help over here!” I shouted.

“Aren’t you going to help him?” Gabe asked Emma.

“No. Tyro’s weak. This’ll be the perfect time for him to hone his skills. Fire and Ice vs. Lightning. Let the battle begin!" Emma said with a sinister smirk on her face. I’m not liking this one bit.

End of Chapter 3

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