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ALPHAS (Chapter 4: Attack on Syracuse.)

September 27, 2011. 10:01 p.m.

“The only difference is he’s got you to hurt with, and I have no one, Julie.” I continued walking until I reached to the other side of the street.

“So what do you want me to do Tyro?!” Julie shouted, following after me. “Break up with him?! If you think that’s going to change a thing you’re wrong! If you’re not going to tell him then I will!”

I span around to her on the side walk. “Julie if you do that I’ll hate you for the rest of your life! I’ll never forgive you!” I shouted. I hadn’t even notice that Kohl was coming right up behind us.

“Kohl is straight! He loves girls! But that doesn’t mean he’ll reject who you are!”

“J-J-Julie, shut up!” I stuttered out to her quickly before Kohl was close enough to hear.

“No I won’t shut up! What are you afraid of most Tyro?! That he’ll hate you because you’re gay or that he won’t feel the same way you do about him?!” She shouted not even knowing that Kohl was behind her. He froze when he heard everything. Tears built up in my eyes as I saw the way he looked at me. Julie looked back when she noticed me staring beyond her. “Oh my God, Tyro. I swear I... I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know...” She pleaded. I turned away from her, unable to look them in the eyes.

“Way to go Julie. From now on, I officially hate you#” I said as cold as possible.

October 4th, 2014. 1:07 p.m.

“Are you just going to stand there, mate?” Lucas asked.

“Or are you going to attack?!” Marcus continued.

“I told you. I’m not looking for a fight.” I said.

“Of course you’re not, lad.” Lucas said.

“The fight’s already found you.” Marcus began absorbing water particles from think air and forming them into spiky ice. Out of the blue, he sent them flying toward me.

“Oh, shit!” I jump over the table avoiding the attack, but Lucas was already flipping forward in the air with his feet engulfed in flames. I gasped leaping backwards just before he broke the table in half with his feet. Lucas and Marcus stood directly in front of me after I evaded both of their attempts to get me to use my powers.

“Hey Colebrook, analyze Tyro’s abilities and see what weapon it’ll be most compatible with. Quickly!” Emma rushed.

“I’m on it!” Gabe responded.

“Why the bloody hell don’t you just defend yourself?! You know you’re really starting to piss me off!” Lucas said.

“Really? And here I thought you were already pissed off. I guess your face always looks that way, huh?” I asked. His entire body became engulfed in flames as he got angry. “Uh-oh.”

“I am going to burn you to ashes!” Lucas screamed as Fire released from his lungs towards me. With no time to react I crossed my arms to protect my face.

“Tyro!” I heard Emma screamed my name, as I kept my eyes shut tightly.

“You guys have gone too far!” Gabe told them.

“On the contrary, I don’t think we’ve gone far enough mate.” Marcus said stated. I opened my eyes just as the flames had stopped and realizes that forks, spoon, knifed and every metal in the room had shielded me from the fire.

“Tyro...?” Emma gazed at me. The metal objects dropped on the floor, melting together. I looked up at the twins. “They’re not going to stop until I show them my true abilities. If they want to play dirty, we can’t do it in the place we eat.” I extended both hands to the floor trying to manipulate the metal once more. They fused together and began to cover both of my arms. I turned and started heading to the exit hoping they’d follow me.

“Let’s continue this elsewhere.” I said.

“Fine by us.” They both agreed.

When I exit I didn’t expect so many nosy ass people to be outside. Everyone just stood watching and moving aside as I walked, like a bunch of paparazzi. I walked until I reached the open area at the center of Syracuse.

Lucas and Marcus arrived and stood at a 25ft distance from me. Hundreds of people were gathered at a distance around us like this was a high school fight. The only difference is that we have abilities, and we’re way more dangerous. We just stood faced off staring at each other.

“Those two morons are always fighting!” The people around me started saying.

“Who’re they fighting this time?”

“It’s the new kid. I heard he’s strong!” A person said.

“With the intensity in the air at this moment, it’s obvious that this fight is going to leave a whole lot of damage on Syracuse.” Responded one of the civilians.

“Ice blades!” Marcus said as sharp blades of ice grew in both of his hands to the length of a sword.

“Fire whips!” A long steaming of orange flames extended from both of Lucas’ hands.

I clenched my fist and sparks of lightening began generating around it. “I can feel it. All of the energy flowing in my body just waiting to be released. I can feel every spark, every touch, everything!” I stood in a ready position with my two fist in front of my face like a boxer. “I promise you... I won’t hold back!” The lightning extended to my entire body.

First Person. Emma’s (POV)

While those two are about to go at it, Colebrook still sits on his laptop analyzing Tyro’s ability as I stood over him.

“Found It!” He shouts smiling.

“What weapon is it?!” I hurried.

“It’s...” He froze while looking at his laptop.

“Well... Hurry and tell me!”

“Emma! We have a serious problem!” He looked at me with a horrified expression.

“I don’t like that look! Colebrook what’s wrong!” I asked anxiously.

“With my laptop rigged to give me full range analysis on the outer area of Syracuse, It’s picking up rapid movements heading towards the colony.” I made wide-eyed expression. “And with the way my screen is blinking I’d say that there are at least 100 of them, maybe more.”

“But the barrier... around Syracuse is supposed to keep us undetected. This can’t be happening! If Shredders swarm this place a lot of people will die! What could be attracting them?!”

“Do you even have to ask? There’s literally a human torch outside about to fight Tyro. With all that heat radiating from his body I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the source of this!”

“How much time do we have until they arrive?” I asked him.

“Hold on!” Colebrook turned to his laptop and started bringing up information about the situation. “Emma we have just under 20 minutes! We have to warn everyone!”

“I... I won’t make it to the guards in time to get them to sound the alarm.” I froze up with a bleak look in my eyes. Colebrook got up and rest his hand on my cheek while staring into my eyes.

“Emma, you know there’s another way! Emily is the only person who can contact the guards in time. All you have to do is make the decision to talk to her. You only have a few seconds!” Colebrook explains paranoid.

“What part of she hates me and won’t talk to me don’t you get?!” I removed his hand from my cheek.”

“She doesn’t have to talk to you. All she has to do is listen. Would you rather her hate you or for everyone here including her to be dead?” I gained a cautious expression right away.

“Okay I’ll do it. I have to ignore my feelings.” I shut my eyes and concentrated. “Emily can you hear me? Please don’t ignore me. Syracuse is in danger!” I said.

First Person. Tyro’s (POV)

Marcus started running towards me in a curved angle. He then starts building up this giant ice wall thing that was curved like a skateboard rink. Sliding along the sides he starting forming it in my direction while Lucas just stood there and watched. I didn’t know how to react because I couldn’t predict what he was planning to do. Just before it came in contact with me it stopped as he boosted into the air and came flying towards me. His hands were flushed above his head preparing to swing his iced blades from upward. I raised my metal hands in the air and crossed it causing Marcus’ blades to shattered on contact. He landed on all fours then quickly moved out of the way as though he was expecting something to happen.

“Do it now!” Marcus shouted. Before I was able to react, Lucas’ fire whip wrapped around arms while they were still crossed. The chains started to melt through the metal on my hand. All I could do is spread my eyes. “You’ve lost!” Lucas said with a sneer on his face. Both of Marcus’ hands turned to ice as he balled his fist. He sprinted towards me with his hand in a striking position. I began to breathe heavily as I noticed the position I was in.

“No!” I shouted at the top of my Lungs. I ended up releasing lightning from my hands into the whip, and it went straight to Lucas who held the end of it. He received a massive electroshock which made him let go of the whip. I freed my hands and looked at Marcus who was forcefully coming at me. My eyes widened and everything around me slowed down. It’s like an energy surge is about to go off in my body. I ran straight at him but he was moving so slow... or maybe I’m moving fast. I dashed behind him and he kept running forward.

“Huh?” He paused when he no longer saw me.

“Behind you.” I said. He span around quickly holding onto his swords tightly.

“You’re fast, mate.”

“So I’ve come to realize. But that’s not all.” I raised my palm at him and blasted him in the chest with the lowest shock of lightning I can produce. He went down, just like his brother. “I guess I win, and I wasn’t even trying.” They were both fried... or so I thought. All of a sudden they got right back up.

“You guys are up already?!!! What the hell do you guys run on; Duracell or Energizer?!!” They both grew furious and started running side by side towards me. “Damn! Why did it have to be Energizer?!!” I became frustratingly angry and started to produce sparks of lightning around my entire body. “Let’s go. I ran at them. The three of us jumped into the air and were about to collide. All of sudden, we froze just before collision. I couldn’t move my body at all. My eyes and mouth were still able to move but the rest of my body was frozen. All the citizens in my sight backed away when this happened. “Who hell did this and what kind of Alpha ability do they have?” Is all that’s going through my head.

“Oh no. She’s here. Do you think she’s mad?” One of the twins asked while still stuck in midair.

“What do you think, brother? We wouldn’t be up here if she wasn’t.” The other replied. I’m wondering who the hell this person was that they spoke of.

“You idiots are fighting again! If it’s not each other it’s someone else!” Said a female voice coming from my far right. When I heard it my eyes widened as they began to trembling.

“H-Her voice sounds familiar.” I said to myself, trying my best to turn my head to look at her. Her footsteps grew louder in sound as she walked to us.

“I’m not angry because you’re fighting. I’m angry because you could’ve destroyed the center of Syracuse!!!” She shouted angrily as we all dropped to the ground. She must’ve stopped her ability. I got and turned to see who she was with a fast beating heart. Who I saw, I thought I was never going to see them again.

“Sorry, Julie.” They both said apologetically.

“J-Julie!” I stuttered out to her. She looked at me and her eyes widened just like mine.

“No.... No way!” Her eyes watered. “Tyro...” Before I could say anything else to her a loud ringing sound began to blast off from the main hall.

“What the hell is that?! I shouted. I looked up and Emma came falling down from high in the sky like she had just jumped to us from a faraway distance. She landed and the earth sunk beneath her feet.

“Guys... We have a massive problem!” Emma said walking towards us.

“What kind of problem?!” I asked, in an uneasy tone. Shrieks began to come from outside of the wall. They sounded to be far but got closer and closer by the second.

“There’s your answer.” Emma said. The five of us stood staring at the wall.

“Shredders are at the gates Syracuse... But why?” Lucas asked.

“Hmm... I don’t know. Why don’t you ask all the heat generating off of your body?!” Julie shouted. Her voice hasn’t changed one bit, but I still can’t help but be angry at her.

“I don’t understand. Are you trying to tell me I’m hot?” Lucas responded. Julie rolls her eyes irritatingly.

“Haha. Good one mate.” Marcus says give Lucas a high five.

“You guys need to stop playing around! This is serious!!” Emma shouted.

“I know. But my flames have never attracted them here before. Something else must be the matter, love.” Lucas said.

“I agree. Emma what if the barrier is weakened?!”

“Even if that’s the case, they shouldn’t have been attracted to us quickly. There had to have been some sort of indicator.” Emma eyed Lucas.

“Why don’t you relax a little Steele? The 5 of us are Alphas. We can totally take them.” Lucas smiled.

“Wait... The five of us?” I repeated.

“No we can’t! Not if we’re not organized.” Emma says. “Lucas, since your abilities attract too much attention I want you to escort the woman and children to the secure rooms in the basement. Marcus, gather all available fighters that you can. Head the southwest area of that gate. Colebrook stated that they will emerge in a 45-130 degree angle of a 360 degrees circle around Syracuse with the southeast gates being the zero degree start. Go! Now!” She shouted at them. They both ran off in separate directions, and I barely understood that. Always hated math. Two plus two... I’m single so I don’t know.

“Where is Gabe anyway?” I asked curiously.

“The Commander wanted to see him personally. But that doesn’t matter because what I want you two to do is essential to our survival. All of the soldiers; Alphas, Betas, and the few Omegas will be occupied at the southwest gates. If the other gates were to be attack we wouldn’t know and the school would be overran within minutes. That is why we’re assigning two Alphas to each of the other three gates. The southeast and the northwest have already been assigned. I’m assigning you two to the northeast gates.”

“T-The 2 of us?” I stuttered out. Being in the same place with her alone is like a dead zone itself. I’d literally rather talk to a Shredder. I’m sure that conversation would be way more interesting than the awkward situation between us. I pouted my mouth at the thought of Julie and me together.

“I’ll head down to assist Marcus and devise a plan. If you two haven’t met as yet then I guess you should hop to it.” I looked over at Julie and all she brings back is painful memories. I shrugged my shoulder and turned away. Emma leaped into the air leaving Julie and I alone. Julie walked over to me and tried to rest her hand on my shoulder.

“Tyro I-”

“-we don’t have time for small talk.” I interrupted and walked away from her. “We have to get to our posts don’t we?”

“I honestly thought you and everyone I loved was dead!” She shouted, causing me to stop walking. “I’m glad you’re alive. I’m glad you didn’t die in that accident. And I’m glad you survived the pandemic!!” She said with a trembling voice. I didn’t even look at her and I knew she was crying. I felt sad at her concern but I showed no emotions.

“Like I said, we don’t have time for small talk.” I continued walking.

“Is that all you’re going to say?! How can you be so heartless?!” She screamed. “I guess you were right about officially hating me. But it’s been three years and you act as though it happened just yesterday!”

“Because to me it does feel like it was just yesterday, Julie!” I turned shouting to her. “You might have had three years to forgive yourself but I’ve only had one day. For the past three years I was in a coma and when I woke up, I woke up to nothing! No one was there and you had no idea how afraid I was!! hmph! Here we are three years later and nothing’s change. Because in actuality, I am still walking away from you.” I turned to walk off.

“Just so you know you’re going the wrong way.” I froze. I’m such an idiot. “The gates are in that direction.” She said pointing. I sighed and started walking in that direction while Julie follow behind. I guess after three years my sense of directions have dimmed down.

First Person Gabe’s (POV)

The commander, Emily and me walked up the staircase of the Syracuse tower.

“Commander if I may, why are we heading up here when the school will be swarmed in approximately 13 minutes?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough. You may be a Beta but your mind has the capabilities of an Alpha. I’ve been studying you and I’ve decided that you too will be a part of the list.” The Commander said to me.

“The list... What list are you talking about?” I asked in a curious yet confused tone.

“That’s another thing you will find out soon enough.” We arrived to the entrance and the Commander turned the knob slowly opening the tower door to a small round area. It had three computers curved on a desk. The tower had four windows in each direction. This is my first time ever bothering to even venture up here.

“W-What is this place? Well of course it’s the tower but I mean what’s it use for?” I stuttered out with an awed expression.

“You’re amazed I can see. We were able to salvage the only supply of government official computers in the area. From now on this is yours.”

“M-Mine? But sir the technology in them are advanced and would be a model of this year. You don’t just give people gifts like that!” I Stuttered out staring at them. The Commander smiled at me

“Impressive. You can tell all of that by just looking at them. Your vast amount of knowledge in technology have rendered you the perfect candidate to monitor Syracuse. There’s no one else here that can do what you can. Are you up for the task?” The Commander asked.

“Of course sir!” I smiled walking over to the computer. I set them up and before long I was inside the system. “With a system set up like this and this being a former secret service monitoring system, I’m sure I’d have no sweat hacking the satellite system in space.”

“His capabilities are far beyond my expectations. Remarkable!” The Commander stared at me with an amazed expression. The computers are amazing but I’d rather something more mobile. I think I’ll transfer all of the information here to my laptop. But first...

“I’m calculating the exact estimation we have until the Shredder breach the wall. We have at least seven minutes before they come in contact with it. By now Emma should’ve gathered a few dozen fighters at the point of entry. Many people went on missions today leaving only few men to fight. Even so our chance of winning is 93%. If there are Alpha-Shredders amongst the calculated Shredders then out chance is at 87%. Which isn’t bad but we will suffer lost. People will die, commander.” I looked at him with concern.

“Lost is understandable when it comes to surviving. Emily I want you to stay here while I go to the front lines.”

“You don’t have to go!” She pleaded. “Let them fight for you! I don’t want to stay here!!” She glance at me. “I don’t want to be by myself!”

“You won’t be. Colebrook is here with you. I need you with him in case of emergency contacting.” The Commander said to her with his hand on her shoulder. He pulled her in and hugged her. “The tower is the safest spot in the school. Always remember that if the Shredder situation gets too hectic, protect yourself. No one else matters.” He said to her and exits the tower. Why does she act like that? Like she’s so important? I wish I was the mind reader so I know what’s going on in her head.

“I heard that!” She looked at me with dropped eyelids.

“Do yourself a favor and stay out of my head.” I deepened my tone. “You just may hear something that you’re not supposed to. Then I just may have to end you.” She stared with widened eyes and trembling lips.

“Wha... what?” She stuttered. I burst into laughter at her frightened face.

“I’m just kidding! Be seriously. Stay out of my head, Emily.”

First Person Tyro’s (POV)

Upon arrival to the iron gates, the wall seemed to be bigger and longer than it appears to be when you’re not at a close distance. The width in thickness of the wall was the size of a sidewalk. It was big enough for guards to walk on the top of it. It extended straight around the school. And the height of the wall was about 30ft.

There were ladders along the walls, at least 10ft apart from each other. I climbed up one of them and when I reached the top I felt as my heart stopped for a second. Seeing the aftermath and destruction of what earth had become. Everything seemed old and broken down. vines and grass had grown on nearly every building. The thought of this aftermath brought on so many questions. Like how did they even fine time to build this when those Shredder things attack at every chance they get? But I couldn’t ask Julie. No... I didn’t even want to talk to her.

“Tyro...” She said to me, sitting on the edge of the wall at a distance. I ignored her and kept my eyes set on the outside of the wall as I watched for Shredders. “You don’t have to answer me, just listen. You may be mad at me for what I did, I was even mad at myself. What made it even worse is that you and Kohl; the two people that mean the world to me got into a serious accident. The way I felt... The thoughts that were going through my mind when I found out...” It was hard not to acknowledge the sadness in Julie’s voice. She just knew how to draw people into her pain. “All I could think was if you had died stilling hating me then a part of me would’ve died along with you.” All it took was that one tear drop to fall from Julie’s eyes and millions fell with her. It’s too much of a cloudy day for someone to be sad. “When you was in that coma I was always there and always looking out for you.” My eyes finally decided to glance in her direction as her sorrow had reached the gates to my heart. She stood to her feet a looked straight at me as the tears continue to fall from the sky. “No matter what, you’ll always be my friend.”

I stood there as all the fresh memories came rushing back. All of the fun we all had in high school. I couldn’t take it anymore, before I knew it I was in tears. “I just... I want to hate you so bad Julie but I can’t! I really am happy that you’re alive. I’m happy to say that I forgive you because if I didn’t, I would’ve felt the same way you did if you died.” In a split second her hands were on the back of my neck and my face was sunk into her shoulders. Why was she comforting me when we were both in pain? “I honestly never truly meant what I said 3 years ago. I just...”

“...was in the heat of the moment. I know.” Julie finished. I lifted my head off of her shoulder.

“...actually I was jealous of you and Kohl.” We looked at each other for a few seconds then burst into laughter. Seems like my hatred for Julie has finally been extinguished. Believe it or not I had forgiven her a long time ago but the thought of losing Kohl made me angry and I focused all of that onto her.

“Thank you by the way.” I said to Julie. From the moment I saw her earlier I knew it was because of her.

“Don’t worry about it. He would’ve found out sooner or later.” She replied.

“No not for that. It’s for looking after me for the past 3 years I was in that coma. Gabe thinks the person who took care of me should be here inside Syracuse, I guess he’s always right huh?” I saw as her face became confused when I said that.

“Tyro I wasn’t the one who was looking after you.”

“Then... then who was it?” I wondered. “It has to be someone I know. Someone who’d risk their life for me. Julie what if it’s Kohl?!” I said in excitement. Julie gave a wide-eyed expression that turned into a depressed one in less than a second.

“Tyro... there’s something I need to tell you about Kohl. After the accident Kohl-” Before she finished the wall started trembling beneath our feet. My was in shocked when I looked over the wall. Something that appeared to be a giant 9ft Shredder banged against the wall with it’s fist. It was like an earthquake with every hit, causing us to lose our balance. Before I knew it Julie and I tumbled off of the wall and began to fall on the inside. I gripped her and turned turn to my back so I can take the all the pressure of the impact. Suddenly we stopped just before I hit. Using her abilities she lowered is down softly.

“You know I keep forgetting we have powers.” I said, as she got up off of me. The banging against the wall was continuous and quite annoying. “We have a gate you know! It’s like, right over there!” I screamed. I looked up and nearly panicked. Multiple of shredders began leaping up over the wall and into Syracuse. “Well Julie, that’s our cue to leave!” I gripped her arm to run.

“Wait!” She looked up at falling Shredders. About five of them were coming down off the wall. She clamp her hands causing all of them to slide together like they were magnetically attracted. She then raised her hand up, lifting them into the air and immediately after, she threw them back of the wall.

“Telekinetic abilities! That’s what you have! So awesome!” I shouted laughing.

“There’s no time for excitement.” I looked and dozens more leaped over the wall. They just stood there like they were waiting on something. Julie and I ended up stepping back until we were braced against the wall. Honestly their pale grey skin with black veins running through their bodies and tier piercing yellow eyes still gives me the creeps. But what’s even creepier is that they’re just waiting, and the banging on the outside has ceased.

“Why are they just standing there Julie?” I whispered.

“That’s because we’re not making any sudden movements. The Shredders do see us but we could also be mistaken as a light or a car engine which also generates heat. So if we move or make a sound they’ll swarm us.”

“This is really bad... It’s like all of the Shredders that were predicted to appear at the southwest gate, ended up on the northeast side.”

“If so, then more of them will be here shortly and two Alphas can’t ever hope to defeat such a large horde. You do know how to kill a Shredder, right?” Julie asked looking at me.

“Julie... You know I’ve watched 28 days later and the walking dead like a million times!” I shouted.

“That’s good to hear. Because the way you just snapped at me attracted all of their attentions.” I looked up as all of them began opening their mouths and the skin on their cheeks tore in half. Their like the creepier version of the joker, who seriously needs a makeover by the way.

“Oh and Tyro... be wary of the leaping Shredders. The zombies you’ve been watching has nothing on them.”

“Leaping?” I repeated confused. A few of the Shredders dropped on all fours. That seemed normal until their knees started bending to the opposite direction and their heads twisted around to their backs. “Oh fuck...”

“I hope you can fight.” She smirked at me.

“No... But I can run and Julie I swear to God if you happen to trip over nothing, I’m leaving your ass behind!” I told her. It’s like people in horror movies have a ‘tripping on air’ disorder. Maybe that’s because they look back too much. The Shredders started to sprint towards us suddenly

“Shit! Julie we have to run!” I said panicking.

“Don’t worry about me. The longer you live in this world, the more you learn to survive it.” Julie’s hair started to float up like she was about to go super sayian. The gravity around us had shifted as all the rocks on the ground began to float up. They closed in on us moving faster than cheetah. I just felt like running and leaving her here. “Tyro don’t move from beside me or you will get hurt!” The tone in her voice sounded serious but not threatening.

“Julie’s planning something and if it backfires, we’re both dead.” I said to myself staring at Horde of Shredders, and those four legged freaks jumping into the air towards us. “We... are so dead.”

End of Chapter 4

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