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ALPHAS (Chapter 5: Alphas vs. Shredders.)

First Person. Gabe’s (POV)

Seconds after the commander left the tower, I discovered an occurrence while using the advanced satellite system.

“No... That’s impossible!!! My calculations and theories are always on point!” I shouted at the computer. Fear struck into my heart when I realized the mistake I had made.

“What’s the matter?!” Emily asked me as emotionless as usual.

“The Shredders are diverting from their original breach of entry. That sounds to be normal but these readings bring up a lot of superstition. All of them turned off by the exact point of entry and circulate the outer walls. It’d make sense for them to attack where a lot of heat is gathered, but they seem to be avoiding the Southwest gates. Are the Shredders becoming more intelligent? My guess, they’re headed in the opposite direction. They’ll emerge in full force at the Northeast gates!” I explained.

“I’ll notify someone by the southwest gates immediately!” Emily hurried putting her hand on her temple.

First Person. Tyro’s (POV)

The horde of Shredders swarmed at us. Their speed was inhuman and their lust for blood was far beyond cannibalism, which is illegal in New York if I may add. We were braced against the wall and I was ready to run until Julie told me not to move. Her hair and everything around her started to float up as her fists were tightly clenched. Only 10 seconds before they reach and sink their claws and teeth into our flesh.

“Julie whatever you’re going to do, do it now!!” I panicked. The leaping Shredders leaped forward towards us. It was like a 3D screen but way more real. Julie put her hand forward with her fist still balled tightly. She didn’t even seem scared, while me... I don’t even know how to describe it. Just as a leaping Shedder was a second away from Julie’s hand that pointed forward, she opened it.

“Zero.” She said. All of the Shredders floated up into the air suddenly. She then put her palm in the air and started balling her fist slowly. All of their heads twisted around then they severed. Their bodies and severed head were then thrown to the outside of the gates. Dozens of Shredders killed in a mere second. Julie had turned into a total badass. Though I couldn’t help but think that she was way scarier than the Shredders.

“Julie... That was so awesome just now! By the way, I wasn’t scared at all.” I lied with a fake smile.

“Sure you weren’t.” She mocked, smirking back at me. I hope she didn’t notice, but I had a seriously embarrassed blush on my face. Though something seemed to be wrong with Julie even though she was smiling. I couldn’t make out what it was until the blood drained from her nose.

“Julie... y-your nose. It’s...” She rest her index finger on her top lip then looked at the blood. She looked at me as her smile fade and her eyes began to roll back. Her legs weakened and she started to faint. “Julie!” I caught her. I put her hand around my neck and struggled to my feet. “Don’t worry. I’ll get help, I promise!” I struggled away from the wall carry both our weight.

In about seven steps everything went to hell when a giant blast exploded outside of the wall. All I knew is that we were sent flying forward with all the rubles at our back. While flying forward through the air I wrapped my arms around Julie and landed on my back while she laid on top of me. Looking up... I was barely conscious. There was a giant hole in the wall and my ears were ringing like a TV had just turned on. I couldn’t focus on what I had to do... I couldn’t remember what was going on. All I wanted to do was rest. My eyelids closed shut and all I saw was darkness beneath them... darkness everywhere.

September 27, 2011. 11:17 p.m.

The Central Park in New York was where I walked to after Julie ‘accidentally’ told Kohl. I sat on the swing watching a couple having a midnight dinner while listening to music on my iPod. All I thought to myself was that I could never have what they have. I could never be happy in this world.

“I don’t belong here, and if I go missing no one would even notice.” My voice was filled with sorrow.

“I would.” Said a familiar voice behind me. I looked back quickly and Kohl stood at a distance. Normally this’ll be the time I would make up an excuse to leave, but what’s the point in running anymore. Everyone has to face their demons sometime. I turned my head ignoring him and swung slightly back and forward. His footsteps grew louder behind me and so did the beat of my heart. He sat on the swing beside me and looked at my iPod before I hid it.

“Linkin Park- leave out all the rest. Having suicidal thoughts and listening to that song is not good for your heart bro.” He said in a bit of a concerned tone. He then sighed. “I guess I should feel like we’re getting somewhere. This is the closest I’ve been to you in months without you running off saying that you forgot to change your underwear or something.”

“Now that I think about it. That was the lamest excuse and quite embarrassing I’ve ever thought of. What the hell was I thinking?!” I shouted to myself in my head.

“At first I thought you were avoiding me because my 18th birthday was coming up and you had some kind of surprise. But you didn’t and I didn’t even get a happy birthday from you.

“Is there a point to all of this?!!” I shouted as it became too awkward to bare. “Right, of course there is. There’s always a point. Let me guess; you’re not my friend anymore, stay away from me you faggot, God doesn’t love-”

“-Tyro shut up!” He shouted interrupting angrily. I was kind of shocked. He stood up from the swing and stood in front of me. “I’m so angry right now! Not because you’re gay, but because you never told me!”

“You think I didn’t want to!” I stood from the swing aggressively in front of him. “I wanted to so bad but I was scared! It’s not like you’re the first straight guy to find out. When you got transferred in junior high, I made another friend since you were miles away. At the end of the semester I came out to him and he punched me in the face and called me a faggot! After that he got transferred and you came back. That was around the same time my parents found out so that was another rejection. Those few months you came back I was all about you because you were always there for me. That was when I realized...” I paused.

“That was when you realized... what?” He asked as I gulped.

“...that was when I realized that I liked you more than... more than I should.” I looked down at the ground still refusing to look him into his eyes.

“I... I never knew that.” Kohl stuttered out still in shock.

“Now you know. Now you can judge-” Without warning Kohl’s arms were wrapped around my body and he was hugging me. “What... What are you doing?!” I struggled but he wouldn’t let me go. His body was so warm and his hug, so sympathetic. Eventually, I stopped and I embraced it. I literally sunk into the smell of his cologne. But why? What was this for?

“I will never judge you, Tyro. To be honest I’d rather you be gay, than for me to live with the thought of you hating me. It hurts more than you know it. There’s nothing you can do that’ll ever make me stop loving you.” His voice trembled. I was in shock before tears began to build into my eyes. I didn’t want to cry, but I just couldn’t control it. I was accepted for the first time and I felt all the pain and anger that had built up inside of me released.

“You’re crying.” He says separating his body from mine.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“No. Don’t ever apologize for being yourself. Always remember that you don’t have to change. It’s the world around you that needs to do the changing.” I felt like crying and smiling at the same time. I thought people were stupid for crying because they’re happy, now I know better. Because of people like Kohl, living in this world is bearable. “Tyro, don’t you ever leave me.”

I know what he meant by that, but my suicidal thoughts were no more. “I promise that I won’t.” I said to him. He smiled at me and began to walk away. “Kohl is such an idiot for making me like him even more.” I said to myself smiling. “Julie... I have to tell her that I’m sorry.”

“Oh and Tyro...” Kohl said about 10ft away. He had stopped walking and without looking back he spoke. “...when you stopped talking to me and began avoiding me, it hurt more than you know. I had no idea why I was so desperate to figure out why you hated me. I had no idea why I wanted you as a friend again so bad, but then I realized.” I could hear my own heart beat as he spoke. What was he going to say? “...I realized that I might like you more than a friend too... So the feelings you have for me, they’re mutual.” Everything just went silent around me. All I could do was stare at him wondering if this is another one of my day dreams. He looked back at me with a smile on his face. “I’m not sure yet but if our friendship continues the way it is now, I just might fall for you.” He said to me. This... this definitely not a dream. He turned and continued walking off. I had no reaction to any of that. It was just too much to take in at once.

“Why did he… How do I even cope with this situation? What’s worse, he’s Julie’s boyfriend.” I stood, talking to myself.

“Tyro the movie’s over so as soon as I get back we’re leaving!” He shouted to me. I guess I better go. I hope he drops me home first because it’ll be so awkward with only us two in the car.”

Though that seemed to end up exactly the way I didn’t want it to. I was supposed to tell Julie that I’m sorry but I couldn’t in this awkward car. Trevor and Michelle was dropped off first, then Julie. Now it’s only Kohl and me. What’s worse is that I’m in the passenger seat right beside him. I just sat in the car evading his eyes, shocked by what he had told me earlier. I was praying and praying for the car to move faster so that I can reach home and quickly get out of it. Feels like the air’s diminishing as the silence in the car becomes unbearable. Who’d ever thought that driving home from a late night movie would be so awkward? Five of us went to the movies tonight and out of all, I’m the last to get dropped off.

“What’s the matter? You still seem distant.” He said in a curious tone. I looked beside me and it’s like his eyes is projecting into my soul. I turned my head away from him quickly.

“N-no. I’m okay.” I stuttered out.

“C’mon Tyro we were friends from kindergarten. I know you. I know when you’re lying.” He stated.

Can you believe my parents named me Tyro? I mean sure I was a rookie at birth, but how does that name suit me now? “Okay, maybe I was a bit dishonest just now. I just can’t wrap my head around what you said to me earlier. I just can’t believe--”

“Tyro!” He interrupted me with a stern tone. The car slowed as we coincidently stopped to a red light. I looked back at him and my heart started pounding when he leered at me. “I’m just really glad you don’t hate me. This whole time I thought you did and now I know the truth. Now I know the reason you were trying to evade me. I’m still trying to understand this but it doesn’t matter because whatever happens I’ll always be here bro, always.” He seemed completely sure himself. I don’t think he understands how impossible it’ll be to be friends with him. In a situation like this you can’t just be friends, it’s too hard.

“I’m glad I have someone like you to count on. Hey Kohl the light’s green!” I said quickly changing the topic. He looked away from me and onto the road. When the car started moving all I can think to myself is thank goodness. The sound of a loud engine surfaced nearly instantly. I turned my head hastily but only caught the two eyes of the vehicle shining on me before everything went black.

October 4th, 2014. 2:19 p.m.

“Tyro get up!” That voice... Who’s calling me? Who’s calling my name? I stared at darkness all around me. “Tyro if you don’t get up you’ll die!” Her voice shouted at me. I feel so comfortable sleeping. I’m not going to die. I’m only resting my eyes. “Tyro think about what you’re fighting for! Think about why you’re living!”

“Not now Julie... Julie? That voice is Julie’s voice!!” I opened up my blurry eyes staring up into the overcast sky. “...But Julie’s supposed to be unconscious after the wall exploded...” My eyes spread when everything came rushing back. “Julie!” I screamed sitting up and snapping out of my daze.

Shredders had surrounded us and hundreds of them passed through the gates. Julie was on her feet with both hands forward. Some kind of transparent field was protection us but they became restless when the leaping shredders jumped at it and bounced off with every try. We were completely surrounded. To make it even worse Julie’s power was a strain on her because both of her nose were bleeding worse than before.

“Julie what hell are you doing?! If you continue this you will die!” I shouted standing to my feet.

“And if I don’t, we both die!”

“I have to do something! I have to use my abilities. Please work... I know I can do it. Ah, um, Wave thingy!” I shouted. A blast of energy released from my body and push all of the nearby Shredders back. It didn’t kill them so I had no time to rejoice that it worked. Julie stopped her ability almost immediately after I released the wave. She fainted to the ground and I knelt by her side right away. I lifted her head up while she was barely conscious. The Shredders recovered from my wave quicker than anticipated. Some were even already running towards us. With their agility and this large horde, running away with Julie would be suicide.

“Run... Tyro. Save yourself!” She struggled to say. Tears drained from her eyes in desperation then they closed as she lost complete consciousness.

“Why is everyone always trying to protect me?! What did I ever do to deserve all of this?! I won’t be a coward and run away Julie! Thank you for everything, but now it’s my turn to fight!” I rest Julie’s head down and stood up prepared to run into the horde but all of a sudden a giant fire wall went across those that ran toward me. I looked back and Lucas stood there with his fists on fire as usual.

“Sorry mate, I just couldn’t stay down there with all those crying children and whining mothers. I’d rather take my chances with these glorious beasts. I’ll fight with you.” Honestly I never thought I’d be so happy to see him. But the fire shield didn’t do anything to the Shredders. They just started walking through it as all the meat on their bodies melted off and their eyes became a hallow nothingness.

“Holy shit!” I shouted, looking at them. They started sprinting again then all of a sudden ice grew on their bodies and they froze like cave men. “Wha... what?” I said to myself. Out of nowhere Emma dropped from the sky with Marcus on her back. He got off and dropped to his knees throwing up.

“Steele’s back... is the worse transportation ever. I’m never doing that again, mate.” Marcus says bending over.

“Emma! Marcus! You guys are here too!” I said, super relieved.

“Colebrook and Emily filled us in on the situation. I was only capable of bringing one person with me. The others are on their way but by the looks of things they won’t make it in time.” Emma folded her arms.

“Like I said before, the five of us are Alphas, we can take them.” Lucas explained.

“Julie’s down for the count. So there only remains four. We need to hurry and get her help!” I pleaded.

“Then why don’t we make this a quick battle shall we?” All of us stood to our feet facing the direction of the Shredders. “I was looking for somewhere to blow off steam.” Lucas smiled. The Shredders bodies started to move as they broke free from the ice and more started coming through the broken wall.

“I have a plan. I want you guys to do exactly as I say because all four of us have a part to play in it. Am I clear?!” Steele asked. The three of us agreed. Steele leaped up into the air at a 90 degree angle. “Strength of the blue whale!” she shouted while falling from the air in the same upright position. She landed causing a massive quake at her feet. The earth beneath the Shredders began to crumble as they were all trapped in a trench.

“What raw power!” I screamed.

“Marcus! Ice Spikes now!” Steele commanded.

“I’m on it!” Marcus Slammed his palm on the ground and spikes came up from beneath the Shredders piercing all within the trench. The spikes were huge and grew everywhere.

“Haha. I guess it’s my turn.” Lucas ran and released flames from his hands which boosted him into the air. His feet became engulfed in fire as he flipped forward. “Fire Blazer!!!” He shouted, releasing a huge fire ball from his feet and sending it into the trench. The ice melted creating a vast amount of water and mud. He landed on his feet smiling. It was pretty amazing, but he’s such a show off.

“Tyro your turn.” Emma looked at me fiercely.

“Me...? Wha-what do you want me to do?” I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re the anchor to this entire strategy. Electrocute them and malfunction their brain cells causing them to become permanently brain dead.” Emma explain quickly.

“Okay. Understood.” I walked slowly over to the trench as lightening generated around my fingers. I was so angry that Julie did all of that and nearly lost her life. I stood by the edge of the trench and those things struggled in my direction. “All because of these thing!” I yelled, plunging my hand into the water. Everything within it had succumb my lightning power. I stood to my feet when I was done and everything in the muddy water had gone still.

“Emma more are coming through the walls!” Lucas shouted. There were a whole lot more there but they didn’t seem to be moving. They just stood there staring through the walls then turned and started walking away as though they didn’t see us. I stood to my feet and looked at Emma confused.

“The barrier must have started working again. Tyro there’s a barrier around the school that makes Syracuse undetectable by Shredders. It weakened earlier, that is why we were attacked.” I began walking over to her thinking how cool it was that there’s an Alpha with a defense ability like that. Out of nowhere a large shadow appeared behind me. I turned around fast and it was the huge Shredder that was banging on the wall earlier. It came out of the electrified water. I wasn’t scared at all. In fact I was hyped to electrocute this son of a bitch. It stood a few feet away from me.

“Asher be careful!” Emma shouted to me.

“Don’t worry I’ve got this!” The 8 Shredder started to grow larger and larger. It’s already grown around 15ft and still growing. My eyes spread and my mouth drop as I began to step back. “Okay... Maybe I don’t have this.” The Shredder grew to at least twenty something feet high. “Steele we have a massive problem!” I screamed running in her direction.

“I was wondering why it wasn’t being rendered motionless from the power of the barrier. That’s because this is an Alphas-Shredder!” She scream. This is one of those holy shit moments I would usually have. Its mouth split back and it roared at us. All the wind gush from its mouth and into our direct.

“Whoa!! That is some serious morning breathe, lad!” Marcus laughed.

“Yea! Haha. Ever heard of a mint, mate?!” It’s like these guys don’t take anything serious. “Hey Marcus, you think this is a Titan-Shredder that we heard about?”

“Hmmm. Nope, too small, brother.” I ran beside them.

“T...too small!!! How could you two be so obliviously carefree to our situation!!!?” I pointed back at the Shredder. That thing started sprinting towards us. Each step was like five of ours. We were about to be devoured whole by that thing... or so I thought. Both of its legs were sliced off in a split second by a flying gush of wind. The Shredder almost immediately m dropped flat onto its stomach.

“Huh...? What just happened?!” I asked myself. The Shredder used its hands and started crawling forward towards us as we stepped back.

“You still struggle even after your legs are severed. You pathetic creatures never know when to give up.” A voice said from the direction of the Shredder. A person appeared on top of its back while it laid on its stomach. It was a guy with plain black hair. He wore a black scarf around his neck a mask that covered the lower half of his face. He seemed like he was Goth because everything he wore was black including his biker’s jacket and finger out gloves. This guy has a long sword, at least 4 1/2 ft. in length laying across his neck as the Shredder’s black blood dripped from it. He began walking forward until he reached its neck. “Double barrel... shot gun!” He said, pointing his sword forward. The sword scattered from hand like snowflakes and a shotgun appeared the same way. Without hesitation, he blew the Shredder’s brains out.

“Snow’s back, and just when I needed him too be.” Emma smirked while looking at him. He jumped off of the Shredder and started walking towards us as his gun scattered into snowflakes and vanished.

“I’ve had a long and crappy ass mission, and now I return to my colony being under siege. Can someone please explain to me what the fuck is going on?! Julie’s unconscious so that only leaves you four. Marcus, Lucas, Emma, and...” He froze staring straight into my eyes. “T...Tyro...”

“Excuse me?” It almost sounded like he said my name. Am I going crazy does this guy know me?

“I can do that. But first you have to get Valentine to the infirmary immediately! When she awakens, I will explain everything to you all.” The Commander interrupted.

He reverted his eyes away from me and onto the Commander. I still stared at him confused about why he was looking at me like that and it sounded like he said my name. Who is he? Who’s beneath that mask?

I snapped out of it realizing that I had to take Julie to the infirmary. Lots of damage had been inflicted to the northeast walls of Syracuse. The ground by the wall had been opened up and the remains of dead Shredders still lingered there. There was a lot of cleaning to be done but no lives were lost, so a celebration was in order. A feast had been held in the dining halls of Syracuse that night. I really wanted to talk to that guy who killed that giant Shredder. I didn’t know him but he seemed like he knew me, and his presence felt so familiar. Sadly he never showed and I didn’t see him in the school again since that day. I learned his full name from Emma, Zac Snow.

Nearly 4 weeks has passed since the attack on Syracuse. The wall has been completely rebuilt. I became roomies with Gabe in the boys’ dorm. I’ve been training with Emma the whole time and I must admit that I’ve gotten better at using my powers. Emma said that the weapon most compatible with my abilities is a sword. I’d probably have to go all the way back to the Middle Ages to find one of those. I haven’t had any luck finding the person who took care of me while I was in that coma. I still want to believe that it’s Kohl but Julie was trying to tell me something about him just before we fell off the wall, and it didn’t seem like it was good news. The Commander had prohibited that any of us who had fought in the battle at the northeast gates to go on any missions. Even so, Zac still appeared to be a ghost that was nowhere to be found. Julie is still in a coma but it isn’t permanent. Marcus and Lucas are still carefree idiots that fight each other, but at least they bring life to the school. Everything seemed to be normal and Syracuse was secured once again, or so we thought. It is now October 29th 2014, two days before Halloween, and the day it all Started.

End of Chapter 5

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