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I see you. I want. I'll have you. I'd give it all up to keep you in my arms. The only way out is to die. Call me crazy all you want, it won't change a thing.

Mystery / Thriller
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I watched her as she trudged up the stone steps to her house. Fumbling with her keys, she was finally able to open the door and step inside.

I quickly and quietly made my way around the back of the house and peeked through the bedroom window. She had already taken off her shoes and left them at the door. She slowly made her way towards her bedroom. I followed on the outside, watching her every move with utter excitement.

She took off her clothes and threw them in her laundry basket that sat in the far-left corner of her room. A smile appeared on my face as I saw her slender hourglass frame in the red thong and red mesh bra. I loved the sight. Lived and breathed it.

I wanted to touch her. Hold her. Fuck her. Love her. Pleasure her and cherish her. She was the main reason why I am alive. I was pulled from my thoughts as I heard the water run. She closed the door, but I got a glimpse of her in the mirror before she closed the door. She had taken her bra off. Her round, glorious breasts were free. Oh, how it would feel to hold them, lick them, and stroke them.

I had taken out my tablet to watch her in the bathroom but then remembered that that was the one place in the house where I did not put cameras. I wanted to give her some sort of privacy. I sighed and sat down on the grass relishing the view I had of her before she disappeared inside the lavatory.

She looked perfect. Like she was handcrafted by God himself. A slender black beauty with a long mane of curly black hair. Cat-like eyes that were hazel in color. And full plump lips that always seem to stick out in a pout. This was the woman that captured my heart. The one person that never seemed to exit my thoughts. Leigh Johnson. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. No one could deny that.

My eyes snapped open as I heard the turning of a doorknob. I got up, a peeked over the windowsill to find her wrapped in her fluffy purple robe. Her hair was thrown over her shoulder as she walked out of the steam-filled bathroom. She undid the knot at the front of her robe and gracefully slid it off her shoulders and let it slide down to the floor. She walked to her drawer and pulled out a shirt two sizes too big, my eyes followed her every move. Slide the shirt over her head and closed the drawer with her hips. Every move she made she made with grace. Even when she walked over to her bed and lazily fell on it. After lying there for a few seconds, she crawled to the top of the bed and slid under the covers and turned off the lamp that illuminated the room. This was my chance. I slipped to the back of the house and took out my tablet and key. I disabled the alarm system and slid the key into the lock and turned it. I was in.

I quickly and quietly walked through the house to the stairs that would lead me to her room. Even in utter darkness I still knew where everything was. I have been in this house countless times.

I walked up the stairs and opened her door careful enough to where she would not wake up. I tiptoed over to her and softly stroked her cheek. I bent down and smelled the lavender scent that she was emitting. I loved being close to her. I loved feeling her. It was the best feeling in the world.

I simply stared at the beauty below sleeping peacefully. Her lips were slightly parted, and her hair was spread out on the pillow, while strays were laid out on her face. I moved them behind her ear so I could see her clearly.

“Beautiful”, I whispered.

I know I say it a lot but that was what she was. Beautiful. Beautiful and all mines. Well soon. Soon I would have her in the palms of my hand. She would be craving for my touch and my love. There would be no escape from me.

I sighed and took one last look at my beauty before turning around and exiting the room. I made my way downstairs and out the back door, locked it, and turned the alarm system back on. With that walked to the front of the house and looked around to see if anyone was looking. Satisfied after seeing no one, I walked to my car that was across the street and started the engine. As I pulled off into the night, I could not help but think about Leigh.

Leigh Johnson. Her name and body echoed in my head like an unending alarm. She would be mine. One way or another. I would have her. The beautiful Leigh Johnson.

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