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A New Day

The sun slipped through the cracks of the lavender curtains and showed the early morning breaking through. The room was illuminated with the first few lights of dawn starting to break.

Leigh slowly opened her eyes and looked toward the left to check the time. It was 6:30. She had 2 hours and 30 minutes left before she had to be at work. She grunted and rolled out of bed to take a nice long shower, dreading going to work this morning. Leigh walked to the bathroom and stared into the mirror. She had disheveled hair, bags under her eyes, dried drool on the side of her mouth, and imprints of the pillow on her cheek.

“I look horrible,” she said as she looked away.

She turned the shower water on and let it heat up while she grabbed her work clothes from the closet and laid them on her bed. She walked to the bathroom close the door and took a nice 30-minute shower.

**Time Skip**

Leigh had just finished putting on her work clothes. She looked at her phone and saw that it was 7:15. She had time. She walked downstairs into the kitchen to make her some breakfast. She made an egg, cheese, and tomato omelet with a glass of orange juice. She scrolled Instagram, tik tok, Twitter, and other social media sights as she finished her breakfast. By the time she was done, it was 7:45. She washed the dishes and went back upstairs to brush her teeth. Leigh brought her shoes and purse down and set them on the table by the front door. She walked back to the kitchen and made her lunch. After packing lunch, she went to the front door grabbed her coat and shoes, and proceeded to put them on. She slid her purse over her shoulder before checking the time one more time. 8:15. She set the alarm system, opened the door, and stepped out into the stone steps ready to start a new day.

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