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*RISE & RESIST* Sara George, a young and talented detective comes face to face to her past life traumas due to her work. Plus... Her personal life can be of no help to ease her escapes from her pains as it's totally filled with fouls and cheating, suspicions and doubts. What happens when her personal issues clashes with her chaotic profession? Will Sara be ever able to overcome her life hurdles? Or the layers of secrets are so dense that she will loose her own sanity whilst unwrapping them? Ever changing dynamics of relations along with criminal chaos in her life, Sara struggles to chase peace whilst it's busy running away from her. Come join the journey of Sara George through this book, TAME YOUR FEARS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRIGGER WARNING & IMPORTANT NOTES AHEAD: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRIGGER WARNINGS: my book contains explicit mature scenes. Mature language, Rape, violence and all. So, read on your own risk. NOTE : don't copy my work guys. I wont spare anyone who will try to betray me. I am sharing this story for my lovely readers and not for copycats who doesn't even have a penny of conscience and talent and who depends on feeding on other's work. Shame on such people! I seriously hold all rights to my story. I have written each and every word on my skills and talent so please respect it and don't be a dickhead to copy it!

Mystery / Thriller
Bailey Hibdon
Age Rating:

The Roller Coaster Begins.. [1]

Flashback: (when Sara was 23)

The last day of college. The last day of us being together as a perfect trio ie. Paul, Garry and me . The last day of my friendship with paul IN COLLEGE.

Our convocation.

Fortunately, we all are cleared our examination with good grades. And the university topper is one and only, usual and predictable, Garry. My love.

In our black gowns and graduation hats, we were handed over our degrees. I was happy but sad at the same time.

The feeling that I am no longer a student, no longer a girl is sweet. The feeling that now I am a grown up women who will be self dependent and her decisions won't be neglected for the sake of immaturity. I am happy.

But this world revolves around Give and Take. Each passing moment of this happiness is enlarging the painful hole in the my heart. A void of feelings. The fear that maybe after this day, surely our lives would be changed but...will we be changed too?

What if someone among us becomes so successful that he forgets about us?!

What if someone becomes so busy that our he has to postpone our get togethers?!

What if Paul changes?!

What if Garry forgets me?!

My trail of thoughts were broken when our batch photo was announced. We all gathered up for the one perfect picture. After the shot, we all dispersed. And so do Garry with his other friends. Paul remained with me and being the frank and sarcastic one in our group, he never pays heed to who stays and who lefts. All that matters to him is my and my sole presence.

He dragged me to a blissful spot under a fully blossomed tree and under its shade, he started clicking pictures.

The force smile for the pictures were easily readable on my face. Seeing my restlessness Paul asked," Is everything fine Sara?"

I half heartedly nodded at him. Faking a beam to him.

He shook his head and continued," no you are not. And I know why! Come let's find him!"

He roughly grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the direction where Garry left with his friends.

I tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he didn't allowed a single movement to occur.

Halting in a empty ground, which was surrounded by our campus buildings, he let my wrist go. I rubbed my wrist immediately after it was freed and glared at him.

The glare in my eyes was followed by my flaring nostrils when Paul started taking steps back. As I was about to close the distance between us and scold him for dragging me, something started flowing from the sky. I looked down and found rose petals amidst my figure. The petals were flowing, flying, covering my head and feets... everywhere.

I looked up and found some familiar faces drizzling those petals over me. I was stunned.

I immediately looked back at Paul and he grinned at me....sadly but with a happy heart.
Then he pointed something behind my back and I followed his actions just to meet with the amber eyes of my love......Garry.

I smiled at him and he beamed at me.

With in an instant, he was on his knees and grabbed my wrist to pull me closer. I came to stop and stand between his knees.

He gave me a rose.

My heart beat raised as I accepted that rose from his hands. Touching its soft petals I pulled it under my nose to smell it.

An inch away, that rose emitted anything but fragrance. I looked down to see it clearly and suddenly something splashed on my nose and cheeks.


Wait, what?

My eyes burnt with anger and cheeks flushed red as I felt immensely offended at his mischief.

I forget, the rose petals felt soft as rubber.

I backed off and turned to walk away. But before I could take another step two big arms grabbed me from behind, locking me in his grasp. I tried to wriggle out of his grasp but his hold only tightened.

God, what he is made up of?

He pulled my palm open in his hand and handed me a handkerchief.

"Wipe your cheeks and anger with this handkerchief, Star," he whispered in my ear and I shuddered at his sultry voice.

Unwantingly, I took it and started to wipe my cheeks and nose but not anger!

As I opened the handkerchief further more for wider access, something fell from it and thank God! Because of my athletic skills I catched it mid-way.

When the cool metalic body of something brushed my palm, I glanced down at it and saw....a ring. Not just an ordinary ring but one of diamond.

My eyes widened and mouth slightly agaped.

"Marry me my Star," he whispered intensely in my ear.

Tears filled my vision as I nodded my head . Happiness overwhelming my heart.

"Yes...yes...YES GARRY!"


Horrible experience shakened my body. Agonizing, my life was ever so cruel. Wishes and hopes turns fierce as moments fades and seconds passes. These desires when turned old, become resolutions and determination. These determination of never again an act should be repeated is the sole motive my body still breathes.......


Winters are always love. Am I the only one who loves rains and snow more than sun and it's sharp rays?

To say life is normal, is like mocking everyone, yourself and destiny. Life is everything but normal. But I am blessed with a decent partner who has my back always, Paul. My bestfriend, my love, my fiance and everything.


"Sara, I guess this a genuine suicide case," Mr Nayan Singh, head inspector at Panaji Police Station stated.

Right now we are at a crime scene. The cosy and girl-y room which hosted the dead body of it's resident hours ago. A 16 years old year girl committed suicide last night and me accompanied by our several officers are investigating the case.

" There were no assault marks on body. No visible injuries, medical report says that the girl died a virgin. Sure this was not a murder," I reasoned.

Malhotra, my subordinate detective assistant with a bump-y belly arrived," Ma'am as you asked, our officers have successfully hacked the laptop of deceased. I think there is alot you would like to check."

I nodded at him and left the rest of investigation at Mr singh. Mr singh is one muscline alpha male with black eyes and heart capturing thick black strands of silky hair. The warm pant desires of every girl or women. The heart throb of our station. It's really tough to keep your eyes off of such handsome hunk.

Leaving the scene in hurry, I arrived back at station where I could check all the personal data of the deceased. Her laptop.

Her apple laptop with a pink wallpaper. I shook my head at the usual cheesiness at todays generation and ordered," opened her inbox and emails."

Dinesh, sub Inspector nodded and followed my command opening her message box which was filled with customer service messages, school authority messages of low attendence and recharge offers. Ughhhh!

Moving forward to her emails which were strangely blank apart from several mails from photogram community. Getting the suggestion I requested my team to move to her photogram.

Opening her account there, lots of feed uploaded by celebrities showed up at desktop. Scrolling down, there were feeds and stories of her supposed friends stating, R. I. P Juhi, we will miss you, love you blah blah blah!

What's the use of all these fake shits and drama. Obviously, the deceased' won't rise from his coffin just to check who is mourning his death?!

Whatever, these new generation are... Weird and materialistic!

"Skip it and check her direct messages," I instructed.

Suman, sub-detective of our branch opened the girl's DMs and expectantly there were alot of conversations. Lot means around 50-60 which our team has to go through over night, vividly.

Leaving them to their work, I stepped out of the suffocation aura. Past days have been tough for me. I am always this tired, nauseous, feverish and.... craves for everything I like. I thought of consulting with a good doctor but all these cases entraps me quite badly that I hardly manages to sleep for 5 hours.

Out in the cool eve air, winter chills invaded my body and I shivered. Grabbing a glass of tea is always my priority in winters but right now every one is so busy that I am feeling like a meam bitch for skipping work.

Shrugging all feelings off, I decided to call my fiance, Paul. He received the call at first bell.

"Hello darling?" Paul's sweet voice engulfed my ears.

"Babe," I couldn't help the curve at my lips.

"What's up? Had lunch?" He enquired.

"Geez babe it's past lunch."

He chuckled, his heavy voice doing something to my body," darling, how about a date tonight?"

Paul is someone beyond immaturity. Always creative and effortless, trying his best to keep everything fine between us.

"By date you mean to say stargazing and watching hum dil de chuke sanam (bollywood movie) for the 1000th time?" I teased.

" Hell, you know me so well!"

" Hell, I know you since 10 years!" I proudly stated.

Paul and I were college chaddi-buddies (best friends). While I studied psychology, he used to bunk his Mass Communication classes to spend time with me and pull pranks on Garr— well. I never knew he had feelings for me but 3 years back when he proposed me, I just couldn't say no to him. At first we were courting because I respected him and was genuinely indebted to him and needed his support but now things have changed. Now I like being around him and who the hell doesn't wants a best friend as a life partner?

"You know what I have been so tired lately and there is this stupid case of a girl' suicide—” I was shortly followed by him ," hell Sara, are you fine? I never found you cussing and fussing over your cases?!" He inquired.

" Umm well no. I guess I have some weakness and fatigue. I guess sleep—” again, I was cut short by someone else then Paul.

"Ma'am we found something you must see," Malhotra informed me.

" Okay Paul, catch ya later. Gotta go," I quickly pecked him over phone and hung up.

Following Malhotra in the station. We stopped at the cyber cabin and I went in. Our cyber team had already gone through that Juhi 's all personal data and now they think they got something.

" So ma'am, there is a man at her photogram who was allegedly her boy friend. According to one statement given by one of her friends namely Sakshi they were dating for about half a year, Look" he maneuvered the monitor to my view and I leaned down over the counter to have a better look at the man.

In his posts, he was around 24-25. Petite and fair skinned man account name @_rocking_Vaibhav227700. Disgusting, he was dating a girl of his sister's age, if any. His photogram bio said; his actual name was Vaibhav Mathur. He was actually 24 and studies in a university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Whatever.

Going through their chats, It was clear that they once used to flirt with each other like hell. Late night chats and video calls. If we believe their chats, there were some conversations of Juhi sending her nudes to him or stripping during a video call. Miraculously, our team went through all their 6 months long conversation and they found that for past 2 months, they were having some hard time due to long distance relationship. Last time they chatted was 3 weeks ago. That's it!

What happened in these three week?

To get clear answers I decided to have a cup of tea with deceased's bestfriend, Sakshi.

" I wanna be quick. Tell me everything you know about Juhi and Vaibhav's relationship. And I doubt you know more than needed," I prompted her while she sat across from me on her chair in our investigation room.

Wiping her tears away, she looked up at me with those glossy blue eyes of her and nodded," Juhi was always one stubborn but pure hearted girl. This Vaibhav guy was on her mind always. She used to brag about him and his richness. But something was off. I tried to seek answers from her but she stalled my questions and stalk away."

" What answers?" I picked up her statement.

She huffed out a sigh and her head dropped along with her tears," her insecurities about his commitment."

What the shit? Seriously girls of her age could have insecurities?

"And?" I prompted her to continue.

"She was in severe depression for past two months. There was something fishy between them. I believe he was cheating her." She completed.

Ofcourse he would cheat her. Girl, you were merely a toddler!

Saraa..... See this. I have been irritated the whole week like this. I am annoyed and pissed and for what reason remains unknown yet.

" So you think she committed suicide because she was depressed—”

" And done with her life because of her shit boyfriend," she cut me off and completed for me. Followed by her river of tears and nodded at me confirming my conclusion.

"You are dismissed," I freed her and rose up on my feet to depart.

Meanwhile I received a call from Mr singh," Sara, we received her autopsy report which says, she died of lack of oxygen supply in her body. Supposedly by hanging for hours. No clear indications of desperate murder and fabrication."

"Even I concluded that it's a case of suicide. But the reason behind it has been unleashed. She was dating a man who was 8 years older than her. Since she was a minor whilst her boyfriend was mature, her parents could sue him for pedophile." I completed.

Without another word, Mr singh hung up the call but I have a hunch that he nodded first before hanging up. Never mind!

Somewhere deep down I am upset now. Such a young girl died at an early age just because she was frustrated?! She didn't even thought about her family, friends before giving up her life for the sake of an asshole boyfriend double of her age. Why are humans so selfish and foolish? Huh? She thought he will love her more knowing that she ended her life for him? Nonsense!

Since my work for today is completed, Its time for me to go back home to my.....man.


So guys how was the first chapter?
I hope you enjoyed it. See this isn't the whole plot, there is alot ahead. It was just a trailer of " my burdensome life feat. Sara George"

I know you might be having questions about PAUL, SARA AND GARRY ,ofcourse! So Don't worry lovelies. There will be alot ahead about their story about Sara's story. Hope you like and support them.

Secondly, my characters are a glimpse of my nature so don't expect them to be kind or compassionate. They will be bullcrap (nature wise) and I can bet on that. Please don't hate them and me either. It's just my way of showing the other side of humanity.

Thirdly, don't copy my work, ideas , characters, storyline. I spent hours and hours to come across with a perfect story of love and betrayal so don't betray me and copy my work. I won't let it slide. I have all the copyrights of what I write and I own it. MINE!!!!!! And I am one possessive girl when it comes to things I am obsessed with or I own.

Fourth, none of my characters or scene is reference to other material. If some how it depicts something similar to yours than it's a pure coincidence. That @rocking_vaibhav2277000 account does not exists. It was pure imaginary name. However if you have some similar account name then all sorry but its not yours.

Fifth, I know I am being too much now but photogram is a sort of social networking site which does not exist in real world, i hope ;).

Love , bailey!

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