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By the time february arrives, the weather becomes peaceful. I love the retreating chills of winter and the arrival of baby spring but hates the workload in february.

This month has the least number of holidays. Seems like God become miser in terms of days in february so the work that should be completed in 30 days has to be wrapped up in 28 days mostly.

Paul knows my addiction to february so he always do his best to make my evenings perfect.
So one evening, after a stressful and work loaded day I returned to my house. My back was chopped by sitting all day on a stiff chair. As I opened the door, it was all dark.

I knew it was paul.

"Paul come out I am not in the mood!" I whined.

But no one answered.

I started inspecting here and there and all over the house for paul but he was not there.
" Then who darkened the house?" I drowned in my own imagination.

Being a detective is not always cool. Sometimes it introduces you to your enemy and sometimes it gives air to your criminal fears.

(Landline rings)

I look back and it was my landline ringing. I took baby steps towards the phone. I couldn't decide whether It was my blood which run cold or it was because of winters that the marble floor was frozen.
With one feet over other I received the phone.

"Hello?" I inquired. But no one replied.

Suddenly, some soft footsteps could be heard from behind. My senses got alert.

My hands were numb. I couldn't gather the courage to look back.

Who is he?

I grabbed the phone tightly and swing it back with blinded eyes. I swirl my body all around with my out-stretched forearm and with the phone clutched in my palm . Accidentally yet successfully hitting this bastard who tried to scare me and was in my house for God knows whatever reason earning a painful hiss from whoever this stranger was.

I mentally praised myself!

"Epic!" I exclaimed.

Suddenly, some gentle fingers wrapped around my waist,"okay okay my dancing girl. Stop!"

I opened my eyes and met the lovable black eyes of my Paul.

"Sur-pri-se!" He said with cracked voice.

The dark lightless apartment brightened with dimly lit candles, their scent pooling all over the hall. Widening my shocked gazes I saw a cart resting behind him with rose petals spread on it, at the center there was his "surprise" a chocolate cake and aged red wine.

It was his trick to lighten my mood but what I returned him was horrible! Beyond that if any word exists. I just hit him like hell!

"Sorry!" I genuinely apologize in a whisper.

"It's okay," he was always so forgiving that I can't help but fall in love with him more . He never complains. He has strong control over his nerves and is the MOST non- aggressive person I have ever met.

That's my choice, my man.

He turned on the light music, holding me against his broad chest and started dancing slowly. Leading our steps, guiding me the right way of swaying with every beat of music. Flushed, I rested my head on his shoulder.

All this workload sucks, seriously!

We were so close that our noses were hugging each other. Eyes boring in each others warm orbs. He held my waist firmly against his crotch. Possessive yet gentle enough to respect my personal space. Loving yet friendly. Strong yet understanding. My soft hearted kind love.

"I love you" He mumbled in my ear. My heart warmed at his words. He don't need words to express his feelings, his love shimmers in his eyes.

I smiled as those words literally drained out all my stress. Then he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. Brushing his lips ever so delicately on mine that my heart purely melted in his pure bliss. My heart could feel his heart beats. They were fast still it was so peaceful.

And.....my mobile rang, spoiling my mood totally. I picked up the call. It was Inspector Nayan Singh.

"Emergency! Come fast" He said without a 'hello' and ...hung up?

He has always been this "all business". When first I joined, he was a bit understanding but then something happened actually not something mentionable but suddenly his demeanor towards me totally changed. He became rude and cynical. Sometimes, it hurts to have some non-directly bullies as superiors but work you see! I guess our tough and entangling work changes everyone. We have to bury our kind sides and flaunt our coldness to everyone so no one can use us or anything against us since we have to deal with tonnes of crazy psychopaths in our work.

"Fuck! I need to go"I cussed at my new phone and peered back at Paul. I tossed some apologizing looks at him and left my house. And trust me, if it wasn't my new phone, I would have catapulted it or anything and everything which ruined my sweet moment with my man.


Me and Mr. singh got out of car and started walking with same pace and with same steps. He was a step ahead of me and I was following him. Meanwhile, he told me about the case.
A 26 year old married woman namely Mrs. Sarita Garg was burnt alive in her room. Her in laws claims that she committed suicide but the crime branch suspects that it's a case of domestic violence and a deep investigation is regarded.

"What about witnesses? Have you talked to neighbours?" I asked.

"They aren't opening their mouths!" He replied and took three steps ahead.

"Why are you walking so hastily? No matter how sooner or slower we reach there, the crime scene will remain same!" I said jokingly. But he never pays any head to what I say. But this is how girls are, we like rude boys......"Knock it off!" I murmured to myself.

Being a detective, it was my right to investigate the crime scene first. When I entered the room it was my fault to use the door. It almost fell on me but fortunately I was rescued by the victim's husband, Mr. Dayal Garg.

He was thin but have quite strong muscles. I wonder if he can come to rescue me from far behind the corner than where was he during the accident?

The room was devastated. Walls had turned dark due to smoke. All the wooden furniture was burnt. Curtains were hanging down from the rods, all burnt. There were glass windows which were closed.

As I neared to windows I noticed that one of the window's glass was broken. There was a hole in the glass likely caused by a heavy small matter pass through it. On seeing it I immediately collected that it was a murder. And the victim tried to escape the place by the windows but she couldn't.

"It's a murder!" I announced confidentially and Mr. Singh raised his eye brows, directly his undivided confused attention solely on me. I nodded at him and continued," Have you collected the testimonies of the family members? What about the statements of neighbors?"

After some moments of hesitation, he replied,"Mr. Garg claims that he was not at his home when his wife committed suicide. He was at his work. There was no one at home. His mother who is Half-paralyzed was at first storey of the house. His sister was in college and his younger brother was out with his friends. She locked herself in her room which happens to be on second storey and set herself on fire. When the smoke emitted from the windows the neighbours came in for help and evacuated the victim's fully burnt body. But none of them saw what happened. Still they claim that Mr. Garg was nowhere when they came in her rescue."

"They claim that they don't saw the snake but rescued his prey? How can they be so sure that Mr. Garg was not at home?" I suspected.

Deep inside I am a feminist and if I got to know that there is something done wrong with any women, I cut the ass off of the criminal!

I can feel the pain of domestic violence. It's a kind of drug which was poured into my circulation years ago..


"Mr. Ramjeevan chaudhary? You were one of those who evacuated the body, right?" I asked from one of the witness.

"Right!" He replied. With his salt-pepper beard and thick moustaches, he appeared a man of honour and words. So I decided to interrogate him first. And trust me I expect some solid answers from him.

"Who was present at the crime scene at that moment? I asked.

" Amma jii was at the first storey. She was sleeping. There was no one else. We went upstairs and saw sarita behanji on fire. We broke the door extinguished the fire and took her out" He replied.

"Okay! How did you extinguished the fire. It must be high at flame I am sure you didn't used a blanket, did you?" I asked.

"Yeah yeah, we didn't. It was a big one. What help could a blanket do? We used submersible pipe and extinguished the fire by water",he replied.

" Did you saw Mr. Garg near the crime scene? I asked.

"No. He wasn't there," He replied.

"Why? Did you search for him when the upper house was on fire?" I asked.

"No," He replied.

"Then how can be so sure? Maybe he didn't let you see him" I concluded. Sensing that he couldn't help me anymore, I asked him to leave.

Soon Mr. Singh arrived and I asked him whether had he checked the CCTV footages or not. To which he reply was so not positive. I just internally groaned as my mood dimmed.

"He broke it on purpose. Whosoever set her on fire broke the only CCTV of the street. Check the one installed at his (Mr. Dayal garg) workplace," I informed Mr.singh.

And we left.


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Love, bailey

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