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Butterflies wrestled in my tummy for dominance. Sudden tingling waves surge my body. My heart was pounding fast and the sense of nervousness vibrated my mind. Happiness guarded my body as it was my birthday night. Past midnight befall on Panaji. Everyone was sleeping in their warm homes and I was busy in thinking that what my lazy but wild fiance might have prepared for my birthday.

Paul has always been hyper active on my birthdays. Preparing childish surprises on seeing whom I have to feign surprise since they nothing short but cliché dates. Not that I am complaining.

As I neared my floor it was pretty dark and silent. Set at peace, our floor was always lacking social interaction. I opened the door of my flat waiting for someone to jump on me and wish me birthday. Unlikely, there was no one. I called for Paul but no one replied. It seems like the flat and the person in there has been set in deep sleep by some wizards. I entered my room and watched Paul snoring in his sleep. His wild snoring could witness the depth of his sleep. Just to check whether he was actually sleeping or just fooling me I called out his name taking the excuse of unlocked door.

"You forget to lock the door?" I asked. But none replied. Maybe he actually got tired by waiting for me that the weariness of waiting for love made his eyes swollen and the dryness of his eyes tucked him into bed so comfortably that he slept assuming that the problems in world has ended for him to sleep.

Shrugging at his laziness, I changed into pajamas and slipped in bed beside him. Pecking his pout, I too drifted off.

My beauty sleep was disturbed by the call of the only monster in my life, Mr. Nayan Singh. It was past 5:00 a.m when I received the call which said," Emergency blah blah blah...come fast blah blah blah."

I was in no mood to hear him chide me this early in morning so I hung up the call on him. Well, that's what you get if you disturbs innocent people's sleep!

Half in night attire and with full gloomy mood I went to police station. My sadness was reasonable as no one on planet earth has reminded me yet that it's my birthday, my 29th birthday. Yayy!

"Happy birthday," Mrs. Neena Gupta who was the head lady constable at Panaji police station greeted me. She is in her forties and might I add my only friend.

"Thanks for remembering it," I said passing a calm smile to her and walked away.

"Remember, the real estate case we were discussing yesterday?" Mr. Singh said.

"Yes, so?" I replied, annoyed. Well to say I am irritated and annoyed right now is such an understatement! Not that I am a tantrum throwing kid, so I won't lament that no one remembers that today I was born in this shit world!

"Mr. Ali sayyed was stabbed yesterday about 11:00 p.m. Although he survived but he is in a critical condition. His family claims that no other but his own blood brother Mr. Saif sayyed stabbed him after having a family quarrel," Mr. Singh informed me bitterly.

"So?" I replied with same hard-schooled tone.

"He fled away right after the incident and our sources suggest that he is in Mumbai," Mr. Singh added.

"So?" I replied with same zest and passion. Aka impossibly bored tone.

"So... We have to leave for Mumbai in 2 hours and it will be a matter of 3-4 days. So, pack your bags and no excuses," Ordering me makes him happy and right after completing his orders he fell deep into his study material.

I stood up from the chair and walked away.

"That will be treated as a yes!" He warned me. I rolled my eyes at him and soon after left the station grumbling and murmuring incoherent curses for him.

The dawn was about to end soon and sun was at its peak to rise. Clouds were greyish-blue and dark because of the retreating night and advancing day.

It was drizzling the whole time. The weather in Panaji is always dominated by clouds and rain. And that's the point of living in here. It serves a beautiful view for ones raging nerves and temperamental issues. On my way back I bought some buns and croissants for breakfast from local bakery. Paul loves hot chocolate and croissants!

Near our building a very unfamiliar car was parked. The typical signature way of Indians claiming their ownership by writing their nicknames on their vehicles was visible on this Red honda. The name read, Angel.

As I moved forward to it, I saw paul with a girl, whose long ravenous black hair was covering her face, having a light hearted and humourous—what its seems like from distance—conversation with Paul. Something scented fishy.

They were purposely standing behind the car avoiding the world to have a peaceful talk. The girl was tall, curvy and dusky totally complimenting my fiance who was tall, dark and masculine. Jealousy burnt every nerve in my body as I clench my fist tightly. Therr was nothing platonic in the way the girl was touching his arm. But then again I can be mistaken.

After some more moments of chit chatting, the girl finally sat back in her car and drove away. Paul waved her bye and made his way in the building m he haven't noticed my presence yet and I would to keep it that way only!

I followed paul closely and ended up at our flat. He went in first and I rest behind the door for a bit. After about twenty minutes I entered the flat and found paul pretending to be sleeping. Why is he pretending to sleep when he was wide awake just minutes ago? What kind of illusion is he trying to knit in my mind? Several questions check-in into my mind. But I ask him none. Instead I cooked myself breakfast had it on my own, packed my stuff and left for Mumbai.

We indian women are like this. Suspicion and doubt are our permanent guest, which are invited deliberately and never chased out.

If there was something in my mind regarding paul, I could have talked him about it and sort it out but no! Suspecting our man and imagining the worst scenario is in our bloodline.
We never talk about our doubts instead we want our man to notice our mood swing and guess it on their own and until they find it they has to face our anger and depressed behaviour. And I am no exception, I will wait for a thorough explanation of this little stunt that Paul just pulled by himself only.

We were boarding on aeroplane. Me, Mr. Singh and our investigating team.
After our plane landed in Mumbai. Switching on my phone the very first call I received was Paul's.

"Where are you?," He asked in one breath, nervously.

I was in a fit of anger which I have to exhibit to make him realise his mistake so I replied,"I left the sticky note on fridge informing that I was leaving for Mumbai. Don't tell me you didn't see it?"

"I am holding that silly note which says, "Off to mumbai. Will return in four days." Are you favouring me by informing me this? Come on I am your fiance, atleast I deserve to get informed personally?" He said angrily.

And to tickle his impulsive behaviour I added," Yes think it as a favor and be thankful for my kind gesture that atleast I informed. Fuck the method!"

And I hung up on him. Epic!
Don't call for the anger of your women on yourself it's the worst thing you will do!

Mumbai, the city where traffic never ends. Once we got struck in it it takes ages to reopen. With the busy schedule of Mumbains it became quite hectic for us to find Mr. Sayyed. We determined to start our search from the residents they (sayyed brothers) own in Mumbai.
Then in luxurious hotels and then in cheap guest houses.

Two days passed but we had almost no contact. I didn't call him neither he called me again. I shouldn't have hung the call on him. But he didn't wished me birthday. Not even once. Did I overreacted?

But this phase of our relationship made me rethink my decision of marriage. Is really paul someone who I love? Or is his love has moved to some other's heart?

The next evening, Mr. Singh was in the room talking with his wife on call. I was standing on the balcony. Beautiful Seaview, greenery, hubbub surrounded the place still I was alone.

In this hectic world there is no one I can rely on. I really miss my parents but they are someone who doesn't deserves my heart and it's love. They threw me out of their house and so I threw them out of my heart. Isn't it normal? Living alone with no one is peaceful. People who lives in the heart breaks it always.

Time to work. To talk precisely Mr. Saif is the person who is rich and extravagant so it's sure that cheap places ain't his cup of tea. If he has stabbed someone he must be too afraid to live near a police station or a chowki. He fled away right after stabbing his brother so he must not have time to pack his stuffs, he should be living in the clothes he was wearing on that day i.e black shirt and cream coloured pants. With all those clues I prepared a list of places that can be suspected and raided by our investigating team as I handed the list over to them.



And here starts the plot of the story. I am not talking about these mini cases. Nope, I am referring to Paul and Sara's relationship. Just a warning, Get ready to be drown in an emotional roller coaster!

Much love, Bailey.


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