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"Mr. Saif was spotted at a brothel last night by one of our informers. " Said one of our investigators.

"How? A brothel is unlike to his taste!" I replied in confusion.

After asking a ton of questions I got to know that the list which I concluded, which contains the whereabouts of Mr. Saif sayyed, our investigators handed over that list to Mumbai police. It was on the same day the police raided 'Paradise hotel' which was allegedly running an illegal brothel in the hotel.

They found Mr. Sayyed in one of the room however, no sex worker was spotted with him. He was alone. Right now he is under arrest of Mumbai police. And we are 'invited' to interrogate him.

I followed Mr. Singh to Mumbai Police Station and just like other governmental buildings this one too looked like a century old haveli.

"Now with your permission can we ask you why you stabbed your own blood?," Mr. Singh took his seat opposite a hand cuffed Said Sayyed. He rolled up his sleeves as condescending words left his mouth.

Saif Sayyed flinched at the accusations, "S-Sahab I swear on my only child I n-never stabbed him!" He cried.

Here the man calls devil to dine on himself. As he lied, he received Mr. Singh's precious blows. Twice. I cringed.

"Sahab believe me! I never stabbed him," He pleaded.

This is the worst part of being a detective. For some you are a savior and for some you become a live devil.
Mr. Singh was about to slap him again when I stopped him," Let's hear his side?"

Mr. Singh eyed me incredulously before he threw a disgusting snarl in Saif's direction. He took his seat opposite the table and spat, "Start your tape recorder! But I fix it for forever."

"It was around 9:00 p.m when my brother invited me for dinner. I thought he was about to end our rivalry on land. Me and my wife along with our daughter, Annie went to 'Ali's Mansion'. We had dinner, it was all nice. After an hour we were all set to leave but Ali insisted me to stay a bit longer. Yasmeen, my wife was tired and Annie was also feeling constipated as she spend most of our time in that house in restroom. So I asked them to go back to home in our car and I will come after in bhai's car. They left. We both are very fond of chess. We started playing it. While we were playing he uttered some shit about bait, trap, king- queen, betrayal etc. So I asked to say him words in a clear flow so that I can too understand his river flow. He told me that he wants our family land at any cost and if I resist him any more then he will kill me. I asked him to stop with his rubbish. That moment someone locked my arms from behind. I was unable to move. Ali took out a dagger from his backside and stabbed himself. Soon blood was all over his kurta and on his hands. He then very carefully rubbed his fingerprints from the dagger. He slowly took his steps towards me. Hold my palm and spread my fingers forcefully and put the dagger in my palm, wrapped my fingers until I was holding the dagger in my fist. I was unable to move as someone had locked my arms from behind. Then he took that dagger from me and threw it behind the sofa. And asked me to leave the city immediately or he will report me into a honour-killer. So I ran from there. It was all so sudden that I was hardly able to fetch my belongings. With all the money I had I could only afford that foul place. I am not a murderer Sahab!," He confessed.

At his testimony, Mr. Singh raised his palm in air, all set to strike his palm against that man's cheek but he wasn't able to accomplish his will as I stopped his hand mid way. I gave him an assured look and whispered into his ears, "Let's taste the pudding with both spoons! "

We came out from the room. Mr. Saif was taken back to his cell as he was spotted at an illegal place, so he was under Mumbai Police's custody unless someone bails him out.

"Look, let's pretend we never met him! " I instructed Mr. Singh, with a nice dish cooking in my mind. I am going to use my superficial detective skills to crack this case and a point to be noted is I don't trust anyone. Not even at my own reflection in mirror. I guess we look more beautiful in mirror than in reality.

He passed me an unsure look,"But why?"

"Just trust me." I brushed him off and moved back to my hotel room to pack my stuffs as tomorrow we are leaving to Panaji.

'Not-trusting anyone' isn't something that followed me since my birth I initially developed this mechanism to deal with 'the monsters of my life'. They are so many and my parents are one of them. Hilarious! Unbelievable !


Physically I was normal, calm, silent but mentally, there was a tsunami in my head battling with famine. My mind was constantly thinking about what tactics can be used to crack Mr. Ali whereas my heart was set at a pointed knife. I was thinking about Paul. The new Paul who really doesn't cares about me. We were college-buddies and he has always supported me, always shielded me, and always taken my back. And when world abandoned me he recognised me as a human. He gave me a ray of new hope. He walked into my life as a saviour, 'My Man'.

It's been four days but he haven't contacted me yet. I am actually missing him. Maybe he is angry because I hung up that call on him but does it make any difference? Someone has to end the call if I did it first, how does it matter?

Maybe I annihilated his ego? Fuck his male ego. He priorities his ego over me. That's heart breaking. I am actually waiting for his call, waiting for him to apologize and trust me I will forgive him right after. I won't throw any tantrum I will just forgive him. But he has to call me atleast.

After a stressful boarding, I ran to my house. Eager to cuddle with paul.
As I opened the door I noticed it was lock from outside. Thankfully I have my spare keys which can let me in.

Paul is a photographer in the fashion world. One of the most respectable, highly talented, and demanded by both companies and models. Most of the time he is out of country for his campaigns and the days which he spent in our home, he has hoes around him which he call his 'colleagues' but I actually doubt that word. It's not like I doubt Paul. Quite contrary I suspects those colleagues who fishes for chances just to throw themselves at him. C'mon let's be practical, who doesn't wants to be in the good books of a celebrity photographer. Not that Paul pays them any heed. It feela like I am the only one always on his mind. But these past few days made me question my blind faith in him. During his breaks ,he spends his time in our home cuddling with me, embracing me in his arms, eyeing me, comforting me and literally loving me.

Him not being at home at this time actually worries me. It's his break and he was supposed to be at home. Where he is off to?

I immediately went to second floor of our bing. It was the resident of my beloved Shanta Tai. She is in her 60s and old enough to rest at home. As she is present in the bing all the time and the only one whom I can trust , I ask her to look after my fiance in my absence. Look! It's not like 'a detective hired another detective to spy on her man' I ask her so that I can get information about my fiance like what he does when I am not around? Most importantly whom he meets?
I am not doubting him but—Okay! I doubts him but isn't it beautiful. I fear to lose him. I have lost my whole family, friends once and I can't risk losing my only buddy-cum-fiance. Doubts are just a respectable word given to our 'fear of losing him' like hello! We women too have our female ego and we cannot afford to say things like fear so easily. And to satisfy our ego we renamed our fears as ego. Never think that if your girl doubts you then she is wrong and being overprotective. The more we love, the more we gets jealoused of our man. And dude! If your girl doesn't suspects you then trust me she is not the one!

"Where is Paul?.. I remember I saw him leaving with dusky girl yesterday. He hasn't returned yet? " Shanta Tai asked me and informed me as well.
If she say 'a dusky girl' then it must be the girl from that day.

He left yesterday with her and he hasn't come back yet? He stayed with her overnight?!

Multiple questions knocked into my mind. Should I ask paul about it? But there is no use. He will simply turn things by calling her a 'business colleague' or 'just friends' but to be honest I don't believe both the words.
Is he cheating on me?




Stay safe, stay home!


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