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It was past mid day and I was a little drowsy even after a nap. I threw my head into cushion, closed my eyes to put them at rest. My head was aching due to overthinking. Really? Was I overthinking? Should I stop thinking about it and leave things to destiny? Oh! Fuck that destiny. It has ditched me multiple times in multiple faces.

My train of thought were noisily interrupted by the twisting of the entrance door knob. I rolled my eyes as Paul's figure came in my view.
I quickly sobered up, ready to be verbally lashed by him as the fact that I left without informing him genuinely infuriated him. I was aware of his disliking towards me leaving him without a prior information. No doubt he must be fuming and I braced myself for his sweet words the moment his eyes met my grey ones.

He hold my eyes for a moment or two, before he started whistling to himself as he made himself comfortable in the house. Quite contrary to my presumptions, he seems to be in a good mood instead.

Shanta Tai's words resonated in my ears. He left with that girl yesterday and this is the first time he is coming home since yesterday, especially in a good mood. Not that I am doubting! I am just burning in rage and.. jealousy.

"I am home! " He hollered as he picked up a red ripe apple from the fruit basket on dining table, tossed it in air before catching it and biting on it. its juices flowing down from the corner of his lips.

I narrowed my eyes at him, " And exactly where were you off to?"

His eyes widened at the accusations but nonetheless he was prepared, "How does that concerns you?"

I rolled my eyes at him, " Because I am your fiancé!"

"And you are tye one who started the tradition of vanishing into thin air without any prior notice. I am just keeping up with the trends!" His tone condescending, unlike my liking.

" I was off to work, unlike you." Although I don't want him to know that I am doubting him, still I can't scratch the itch to patronize him.

"Oh, really," His eyes lit up with annoyance,"And where do you thinks I was if it was not work."

"You should know better. I don't follow puppies around," I retorted.

With each passing second, his good mood was twisting into anger. "Weren't you the one who insisted to know where I went because you claimed that you are my fiancé and you have every right to have the knowledge of where I goes? Oh right! You don't follow puppies around but sure engages them!" He snapped.

His retort when mixed with my raw jealousy fueled my anger further. Throwing the cushion, I was resting my head on earlier, at him I stormed to my room.

After a very needed cold shower, I chamged into an oversized green sweat shirt with black leggings. Combing my hair, I let the air dry it as I made my way to the kitchen. Paul was sprawled over the couch, his head resting back as the television played in the background. He looked rather exhausted.

Nonetheless, I did wrong by flying away to Mumbai in impulse, without notifying him. He must be worried for me. Rather than burning in jealousy I should initiate to ment things between us. We have known each other for ten years, C'mon a mere girl cannot severe our bond.

Determined to do something for him, I made Alfredo Pasta with his favourite white wine. Although I am good at cooking Indian cuisines however continental cuisine is not my forté. I just pray that whatever crap I cooked is edible.

A bite of the pasta, and Paul spat the next words, "Eww! " He pouted as he spat that pasta out of his mouth. "It taste worse than moss! Don't do those things which you can't handle and please take some cooking classes I cannot cook for you my entire life!" He rolled his eyes as his words stung deep in my heart. He sounded like he was exasperated with me and handling my shit.

"It's okay! Not all working women can cook well!" I tried to defend myself. I cannot let him bruise my ego and efforts that easily," Moreover I am good at cooking desi food!" I reasoned.

"Oh please! Don't do "Not all women can cook" shit with me." He was purposely taunting me. I can feel his forced efforts at patronizing me,"I mean just look at veena she cooks so we—" His words faltered as he trailed off at the end. Pursing his lips in a tight line he avoided my eyes. As if he realised that he uttered something he shouldn't.

But what?

Wait! What? Veena?

He said veena. Who is she? Sounds so unfamiliar. Is it that bitch name. Yeah! Veena suits her.

However, he finished his pasta without uttering a single word after his pretty much dangerous tongue slip.


It was an hour before midnight, I was in my silk night robe whereas Paul was in bathroom, pretty much busy in his business. However what intrigue my interest was he left his phone on the night stand. I eyed the newly launched hand set of apple, currently plunged in with a charger resting on night stand. Contrary to its appearance, it is atomic bomb for me. All the answes to my doubts, unhealthy suspicions on his faithfulness can be found if only I can get my hands on it.

Without sparing another moment of wisdom on the random thought that popped in my mind, I fetched the iphone from the night stand and switched the device on.

The device demanded passcode. Easy for me, it my full name. Nope, not Sara George but Sara Mathews. He told me once the backstory of his idiotic password. He said his surname as my surname gaves him a sense of entitlement and pleasure towards me. Don't ask me how is that even acceptable!

But what horrified me was that he has changed his password! As whenever I typed my name, it showed 'wrong password'.

I throw the phone hard on bed and it bounced in the air twice before going still on the soft mattress. Now I am seriously pissed off!

Do you know what's the worst thing a person can do in his life?
Testing his partner's spying skills especially when she is a detective!
The detective in me woke up and started hustling in my mind.

With a swift move I got on my two feet, almost ready with an idea that can potentially ruin a nation! Not literally.

I went to my make-up kit and grabbed a hand mirror. It was my palm size and clean and expensive. I usually don't risk my personal belongings but anything to know what I wants to know!

We have a king size bed with beautiful iron designs at the head of the bed. There were circles, encircled with metal leafs. I fixed the mirror in between a circle in the direction of Paul's pillow so it can give me a clear view of his phone screen. I laid my pillow at the foot of the bed and was ready to sleep on that side. Just for one night. Well that depends! Paul came out of the bathroom, his hair wet, water glistening on his muscled chest as his black boxer did a horrible job at hiding any amount of his skin. Then he turned off the room lights and made his way to the bed.

He rested his back on the soft mattress as he adjusted his pillow beneath his neck, sighed and grabbed the phone almost ignoring me, without even asking the reason for the sudden change in my sleeping position. Now that something which Paul don't do. Either he is deliberately keeping me on edge and in anticipation or he is really avoiding and cheating and thinking of getting rid of me asap!

But trust me fuck you pillow! You are just fucking blocking my view to his phone. I internally groaned as Paul picked up his phone, typed his password, unlocked it and started tapping on the screen whilst I was trying to catch a glimpse of his password in which I failed miserably as clearly his pillow blocked my entire view to his phone screen. I should have never sought after this crappy idea.

Okay! So it's official now, this plan is a failure. Maybe I can try something else. Maybe I can seduced him into revealing his password to me?

Determination shining in my eyes, I trailed my index finger invitingly on his thighs. The phone in his hands dropped on his face as he groaned. A moment after he kept the phone at side as his eye brows rose in my direction. My hands grew bolder as I tentatively trailed the outlining of his buldge from over his boxers. He coosed his eyes to controlled his breathing.

"What are you doing?" His gritted his words with a moan as I palmed his sudden arousal before caressing it gently.

"Can't you see?" I trailed my hands up to his abs. He inhaled and exhaled, a failed attempt to distract his arousal as he finally cave in to his temptations and pulled me on his lap.

I squealed in surprise as he buried his face in my neck. He left wet open mouth kisses on my windpipe, collar bone. His lips trailed to my jaw as he nibbled and sucked on the skin. Tilting my head to the side I captured his lips in a deep passionate, aggressive kiss. Both fighting for dominance and gasping for air.

But before I could ask him and get any answers out of him, his phone buzzed with a message notification. His lips retreated from my lock as he checked his phone. Smiling to himself he started tapping on the screen again. Probably replying the sender. I waited there on his lap for him to finish replying so that we can focus on what we were initially doing.

But I never got his attention back as he indulge in his phone. Probably forgetting about what we were at. His arm that was snaked around my waist, loosened its grasp as he retreated his hand back.

I groaned in sexual frustration and a second failed attempt to my answers. Slipping off his lap I coldly announced," I an going to have a cup of coffee for me. You want?" I proposed as another earth shattering idea knocked at my brain.

"Yup! He replied as his lips balled into his mouth.

I rolled my eyes at him and walked out of the room. Sure you will have coffee babe!


I sighed as I leaned against the door with my back. Holding two big hot coffee mugs in my hands as I looked at the dreadful fumes of hot coffee. My eyes triggered at the mugs. Thousands of thoughts driving in and out of my mind. Should I stop here? Or not maybe if not then I will end up meeting or coming across some bitter truth that can destroy my mental peace, ruining my lovelife!
Okay! Just go for it. Atleast know, Are my doubts even authentic?!

I entered my room, opening the door with my back. I moved to the bed, where he was still laying, tapping on his phone screen, recklessly. ''Coffee—" I hollered, but my voice dropped at the end as I deliberately spilled the coffee out of the mug and on his thigh, feigning innocence.

"Fuck!" He cried as he got on his feets, almost pained by the burning sensation .

"I am so-sorry! I didn't mean to—I swear! It just slipped out of my grip," I slapped my palms on my lips in fake horror, suppressing a smirk.

I proceeded with the plan as I took the phone from his grip, careful with it so that I won't turn off. " Just go and rinse it off with some cold water! I will fetch some burn ointment for you," I instructed him as I guided him to the bathroom.

He left for bathroom, whining, groaning in pain.

I felt bad for him, "Bad detective tactics!" I sighed to myself as I sat down on the puffy couch.

I looked at the phone screen whivh was still brightly lit. Thank goodness now it won't ask for password since it's already unlocked. A wide grin takes over my sad sighs.

Without wasting much time, I started investigating it. I started witb opening his Messenger inbox and was surprised to find Veena's at the top of the chat list. The second was mine.

Veena. (With a red heart) I scowled. Who gives heart to unknown person? If only the person is not unknown.

He had sent her a big heart as a reply to her big heart!

Then some more!

She sent red-red oversized hearts to which he imitated and sent the same.
She sent him two emojis of wink and heart kiss, with same love he replied her.

My heart sank as I dig deeper in their chatting. My hands shook a little. I scroll upwards for more;
Veena -"Don't tell your wife!"

Paul -"Yeah! And please...She is not my wife. Not yet".

As I scroll upwards a bit more;

Veena -"How's the idea? You
like it? "

Paul- "Sounds great!"

Veena -"Just like me? "

Paul- "Come on! You are way prettier".

Veena -"Really? "
Paul - "Trust me! You looks like Greek goddess. I haven't seen anybody as beautiful as you. You are perfect for
our magazine's cover. "

And my heart drown in it's own world. My mind denied to accept this betrayal. All the time I was fooled. I am not that dumbass to not notice it earlier. I scroll some more;

Veena -"Let's catch up tomorrow?"
Paul -"Yeah. Wear your red dress. It suits you! "

I closed my eyes tightly, my grip on the phone tightened. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My notrils flared as I soft sobs left my lips. " Not again!"I mumbled to myself, " never again!" I cried at the second heart break my petite heart has to face. Suddenly, I started feeling suffocated.

I can't stand to these chatting anymore. I shut the phone and throw it at the couch.

"Bitch! Were going to meet him tomorrow, in red dress! Good thing I burnt his cock! Now he won't be able to slid his dick in someone's hard core any sooner! " I smiled to myself at my little victory. But again slipped in my doomed mental state.


Much love, Bailey.

As for Paul, it's not always what it looks like!

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