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It took me a sleepless night and a restless day to overcome the grief. Paul literally ruined me in the worst way. But duty calls! Sometimes work gets so much demanding that no matter in what tornado of emotions you are stuck in, you have to come running back to work!

It was a bright day yet dull for me. I was sitting in my cabin with my all time best friend, Neena.

She has always been that shelves for me where I can store, hide all my secrets, all my worries without giving a damn to space. Pouring my heart infront of her, I enlighten her with all the bumps of my life. She always listens to me, without judging me. I told her that I think paul is cheating on me. After hearing this, being a divorcee she fell into deep lake of thinking. I too remained quiet.

Suddenly, she spoke breaking the awkward silence between us. Which I was grateful for.

"It's okay! You can fight this", she reassured me but then her gaze fell to her coffee mug and she bit her lip," But the thing is that you don't have any relatives by you, do you?"
I shook my head in a big no.

She sighed, " No property, no house, right?"

I nodded hesitantly. Frustrated at my pathetic self.

"What if he kicks you out of his house after break up?" She passed me a worried look.

I shrugged my shoulder to represent the helplessness of my ownself, I sighed, defeated.

"Anyways, my heart and my house doors are always opened for you, darling" she said passing me a sweet smile and squeezing my shoulder reminding me that she is there always.

I passed a lifeless smile to her, faking to accept her offer. Deep down in my heart, I knew that she is no Bill Gates. She is a single mother and hardly runs her house, all her salary drains out in her daughter's studies, Misha. That's her name. A beautiful, talented and autistic teenager.

Despite of her mental incapablities, she is smart and wise enough to sense right and wrong on her own. And she sketches so well!

Well I am not going to double her troubles with my burdensome self.

"I need to find a nest to my ass soon before he kicks me out!" I chuckled, an empty one and changed the topic to nail enamels and beautiful flowers and anything which can divert our minds to a peaceful world.


" What's your fucking plan?" Mr. Singh said as he walk passed me.
" Uhh.. We will—I will interrogate them personally!" I said in a hesitant flow.

His feet jammed at the place they were. He motioned his head towards me, rubbing his forehead with his thumb," Great! And?"

My lips formed a thin line, I instantly diverted my attention to my feet. Silence.

Annoyed at my reply, he took his steps to me, slow yet hard ones. He placed his both palms on the wall with me caged in between his arms, almost locking my motions, he leaned into me. My eyes widened at our closeness that his nose almost touched my soft cheeks. My cheeks reddened with heat.
Heat emerged from my stomach, his closeness made my core clench.

His voice took a low, warning note, "Don't you ever mess with my cases! I am trusting with this one but if you fails, this will be the last word of authority you will get from here," he motioned to his chest.

I cocked my brows, extremely annoyed that how easily did he aroused sexual desires in me. Me, even after being engaged, how can I feel overly aroused by this close proximity between us? What's wrong with me? As if on cue, sharp stomach pangs invaded my lower abdomen. Subconsciously, I rubbed my belly.
I slightly kicked on his shin, strong and lame enough to make him stumble back.

"Don't worry I will do my best. But you have to threaten me with it," I rolled my eyes haughty. Mostly to cover up the blush that creeped up to my cheeks after the wave of pleasure I felt when his hot breathe brushed my cheeks.

He step back, providing a much needed distance between us. Maybe he too have noticed my aroused response? Great! Now I just wants to die!

He rubbed his chin in deep musing, " Any plan B?" He arched his brow at me.

Uh-ohh ! Nothing in certain. I just want to examine their expressions as they give their testimonies personally. Afterwards, I will come up to a plan.

I clenched me knuckles, licking my lips as I stretched them in a large grin. I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened it ," I have. Well, that's a secret between me and my ass" I winked and walked passed him. Not ready to answer him anymore!

"Language, Madame," I caught him speaking after I bolted away.

The deep baritone of his authoritative voice had me squeezing my thigh together in anticipation. I wish if I could ever feel your bulky muscles over my soft skin!

Oh my goodness! What I am thinking about? He is married. I slapped my soft lips, to beat the shit out of me. Can't believe I was imagining it already.


Determined to prove myself to Mr. Singh, I called one by one all the pawns of this case in the interrogation room

"So when did he attacked you?" I asked Mr. Ali who claims to be the victim.

" Umm..around 11:00 pm" he replied after thinking hard.

"And where was your family, your wife or your children if any at that time?"

"Annie, my 18 years old daughter was in bathroom and farah my wife was with me" he replied.

" If she was with you then why didn't she stopped him immediately?" I asked suspiciously


" I was shocked at first when he (saif) took out the dagger from his socks and in a blink he stabbed my husband. I was startled. I was shocked. I was shaking. Nothing made sense at that time. I was jammed!" Mrs. Farah , victim's wife replied.

" After your ride with shock, what was the first thing you did?"

"I- I locked his arms and push him to the corner of the sofa, then I grabbed the limp body of my husband in my arms and tried to compress the wound to stop bleeding as Annie called the ambulance." she replied with teary eyes.

" And your daughter? I mean who takes a bath at 11:00 pm? I think thats quite late," I asked almost making her troubled with the question.

"I don't know. She has been like this lately. She doesn't eats well neither she sleeps nor she goes out" she shrugged her shoulders and sighed at her daughter's condition.

"Why is she like this?" I asked irrelevantly.


" Shy... I am shy" she dragged her feet together and stared at it continuously, like she is avoiding eye contact intentionally.

"Annie," I lifted up her chin so her black orbs could meet my grey ones," what was the first thing you did when you saw your father's almost dead body?"


" She called the ambulance, brought me some bandages and antiseptic for first aid" Mrs.farah replied me.

I looked at the floor, almost hopeless. Their answers were relatable and reasonable. Nothing worth suspicion.

But what's perfect, hides the most scars!

"What about Mr. Saif's family?" I asked.


" We left earlier, right after finishing our dinner," Mrs. Yasmeen (accused's wife) replied.

" A family gathering after a long time, after a long era of rivalry and betrayal..wasn't you supposed to spend more time with them? Why were you in so much haste to leave the place?" I asked , knotting my brows.

" We were tired!" She simply answered.


I sighed, exhaling almost all the energy off of my body. I slouched at my chair throwing my head back, closing my eyes. It feels like someone has drained the blood out of me. No clues were found from interrogation. All I found were two different rivers of stories, wich flows from the same mountain but then splits in different directions.

"Ms. George?" One of my investigator called me from behind.

I was still in the Interrogation room.. I maneuver in my seat slightly to face him," Yes?" I asked.

He came closer, his fragrance enlightened the entire room. Urgh! My favourite perfume, Arabian oudh!

"I found something useful!" He shook my arm to make me attentive.

I jumped on my chair. My eyes widened and my heart raced fast. Yes! I mentally gave myself a high five.

"What?" I asked restlessly, like a child craving for candies.

He handed me a plastic bag, in that bag there was a dagger and on that bag there was a chit which read, "EVIDENCE."

"What's this?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

" Murder weapon!" He replied and pursed his lips.

"What the bloody fuck! You must suicidal to come to me and tell me that you have find some earth shattering clues and that clue is this 'obvious' murder weapon!" I yelled at him.

I pursed my lips in a thin line, my nostrils flared, I clenched my palms into fist, my grey orbs glared into his eyes. Almost ready to dig my nails in his cheeks and torn his face apart. He woke me up, especially at lunch time to show me this murder weapon?

His eyes widened at my reply. He pouted his lips and crossed him arms on his chest. Annoyed. Irked.

I raised my eyebrow gesturing what?

He looked away for a second and then glared at me, his eyes glued on me, he took the plastic bag from my hand.

Holding the dagger's handle in his palm through plastic, he showed me something engraved on the metal.

As I glanced closely, I found the place of it's origin written on it;




Well my hometown is in Uttar Pradesh so yeah!

Lots of love and appreciation for those reading it. Bailey!

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