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Last chance

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There was a bright light which was distrating me from my sleep " Who is there at these time? " I whispered to myself And started to walk closer to it

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" Claira "
I heard my mom yelling at me
So I looked up to met her eyes glaring at me...
She haven't scared me I don't scare when someone just show up from anywhere..
I am always alert..
Thinking about all the worst things that could happen like anything
When I was in my room
I always got scared that if that fan will fall on me
Because that have happened in my class
But luckily no one had died
Except a boy who got injured a little bit on his nose
Man that hurts
.. " What are you doing..? "
My mom's voice bring me back to the presnt..
" Well I am just finding something? "
I said which sounded like a stupid question...
" You have created such a mess and look at your dress oh my.... My that coast so much DID YOU KNOW THAT?? "
She yelled again
My my ears..

" Mom I am so much busy right now please "
I said before getting ready to dig the ground of garden again...

" Maria "mom called
Ughh not again

" Yess your highness " She bowed down and said..
I rolled my eyes

" Help princess getting up and clean the MESS we have to met someone and get her ready "
She said and left my room behind her closing the door shut..

" She said t- "
I cutted maria
" I know "
I said getting up from the floor and trying to clean up...

I'm princess Yess you heard right
We are living in 2021 but queens and kingdom exist..
There's nothing more I do have schools and all ...

I am surrounded with selfish jelles everywhere...

After I closed the door of my balcony garden I entered into my room ..
After a fresh shower I got out of my bathroom...

Maria was my personal maid who was always cleaning my room and all
" You really don't need to do that "
I said looking at her she was dusting my cupboards books and other dusty things
" Queen wel- hey what's that? "
She said surprised

" What? "
I asked walking from my bed towards her direction

" Look wow "
She said

" Ooh yeah here it's I'm was looking for it I thought I have hided it under that garden.. "
I said laughing taking the beautiful pearl white book in my hands and putting it in the shelf
That book is beautiful decorated as heaven
It screms beautiful precious things..
'Segreta' that's all written on it with gold
Maria and I were friends I know it's awkward being friends with workers but that's how I am...

She smiled at me
And handed the book to me..

" Queen said we I mean you have to be ready and -"

" I know I know well what's wrong with these ? "
I asked her she was giving me a look like are you serious..
I was wearing a jumpsuit of jeans and my brown hairs were open and falling with the wind...

" Princess you know queen would not be pleased with it "
She said and I know she's right
My mom is stubborn...

" Ok "
I surrender

She smiled at me and gived me a blue eye catching dress
It was a long dress top was sparky and fit at waist and then the lower part was a perfect blue dark blue gems attached work..
It was perfect
Maria deed a fish tail of my hairs and attached many shiny things into that hairstyle...
So I'm ready perform- check
Lip gloss- check
Mascara- check
Cool enugh....

I admired the view of the mirror
My reflection..

My earrings where greenish blue diamonds...

" Your ready "
She chirped
Giving her hand to me to get up which I took gracefully
" Thanks maria "
I smiled at her...

And she smiled and nodded..

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