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Joy. Meaning? A great pleasure or happiness. For Joy DeVries, her great pleasure comes hand-wrapped with secrets and murder. Joy DeVries grew up a childhood star, and it came with as much baggage and scars as one would imagine. Nowadays, she's known as Joy Daisy, a kids show TV legend, and that's all she'd prefer people to see. If they look any closer, they might get a glimpse of the lust-driven, alcohol-consuming, unhinged woman she really is. However, Detective Colin Rooker is determined to get to know the woman behind the make-up and frills. He's taken with her, and she's intrigued by him. The only catch to this whirlwind romance? Detective Rooker is chasing a serial killer. And she's closer than he thinks.

Mystery / Horror
Emily S Hurricane
Age Rating:


Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Daisy chains all around!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Flowers on the ground!

Come dance and sing and play and learn,

With Joy Daisy and her flowers!

Ring around the rosy now,

And come up to her tower!

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