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You are now private messaging with Nlastic.

BrainWa$hed: Hey man, I’m looking for old DeliciousDelilah vids, are there any kicking around?

Nlastic: Dude you don’t just ask a guy for his personal vids.

BrainWa$hed: Personal? Sorry, I was just looking around and saw you mentioned on the sub that you used to watch her streams all the time. I thought you might know where I can find them.

Nlastic: You can’t just find old cam streams.

BrainWa$hed: But you have some.

Nlastic: No. I don’t.

This user has blocked you. You can no longer private message Nlastic.

You are now private messaging with Pr0nMasta.

BrainWa$hed: Hey I saw you talking about DeliciousDelilah on the sub, man whatever happened to her? I used to love her vids.

Pr0nMasta: Oh fuck yeah man, she was one of my favourites. She just disappeared, haven’t seen her online in years.

BrainWa$hed: Did you watch her a lot?

Pr0nMasta: Every day, man, I probably paid for that chick’s college or whatever. So fucking sexy. I even saw her first stream, cuz I used to watch LABabe all the time and she brought her in. I always wished she’d take off that mask tho.

BrainWa$hed: Ugh I’m so jealous you saw that first stream. Everyone talked about it so much. Would have been so awesome to see her first time.

Pr0nMasta: She was so fucking good man.

BrainWa$hed: I would pay so much money just for one of those streams. It’s too bad she never sold her stuff.

Pr0nMasta: How much would you pay?

You have received a private message from Fetish4Life.

Fetish4Life: Heard your looking for DD vids $500 per clip

BrainWa$hed: How long is a clip?

Fetish4Life: 1 min

BrainWa$hed: How do I know it’s really her?

Fetish4Life: Idgaf whether u buy or not its up to you to take the risk.

BrainWa$hed: Okay. You take paypal?

Fetish4Life: Bitcoin.

“So I now have in my possession a severely expensive one-minute clip of Joy DeVries. It’s definitely her. I have transcripts of chats with some of her old viewers online, and I managed to buy a clip to see if she was, in fact, DeliciousDelilah. It took a lot of internet sleuthing to get potential usernames from four years ago to figure out what her screen name was, but this is definitely her.

I can’t show the clip in its entirety because I don’t want this documentary to have an NC-17 rating, but here are a few stills blurred out. The shape of her face below the mask, the pitch of her voice in the video. It’s Joy Daisy. Or, Joy DeVries. I’m going to have a profiler I know take a closer look at it, but I am ninety-nine percent sure that it’s her. It’s got to be.

I’m probably going to grab a few more clips from this guy if I can, to try to learn more about her. It’s amazing to see this side of her, this sensual side. She went from child acting in a wholesome kids show, to being excited about sex work, then back to a kids show. It’s a strange juxtaposition, and very jarring for those of us that know her so well as Joy Daisy.

The question is, does she enjoy this as much as her mentor into camming made it out to be? Or is she just that good of an actress? It’s not over-the-top like most porn. She’s very subtle, and sure of herself. She seems to really want to make her viewers feel special. In all of the research I’ve been doing on these cam sites the last while, I can say with certainty that it’s rare to see this kind of dedication, devotion.

Or, you know, Joy DeVries was just a really amazing actress.”

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