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“She’s just so sweet, you know. I can park Jane in front of that show for hours and get like so much cleaning done, you know? It’s one of those shows that doesn’t make me feel guilty, like I’m rotting my kid’s brain or something. She’s got good values, and I’d rather her be teaching my kid than one of those stupid cartoons like with those dogs or whatever.”

“I grew up watching Joy Daisy, man, even before she had her own show when she was on that ensemble thing. What was it called...yeah, yeah, Bonky Wonky or something? I didn’t really follow her shit—can I say shit? Yeah, okay, cool, man. I didn’t really follow her shit after I hit my teens but now that I have kids, dude, it’s so cool that they can watch the same chick I watched. And I mean, she grew up with us, too, if y’know what I mean.”

“What’s Joy Daisy? Oh, it’s a person? I don’t know, dude, I don’t watch kids tv. I’m not a fuckin’ kid.”

“I got to take my son to see her the last time she was in Vancouver. I mean, I guess the only time she was in Vancouver. She only toured the west coast that one time, but anyway, he was so excited to get to see her. And she was so amazing with all the kids. It must be so exhausting to have that many young fans! But she made each one feel so special, my sweet Aiden was talking about it for weeks afterward. It was worth every penny to take him.”

“That’s what you get with kids tv. I mean, the songs aren’t as bad as some other shows, I guess. When your toddler figures out how to use the remote it’s game over. You’re watching things a hundred times now, twenty-four seven. You want me to recite Frozen? How about backwards? I can even act out every scene with perfect body movements. Anyway Joy’s show isn’t as bad to have to listen to eight hundred times in a row. At least there are lots of episodes to break the monotony.”

“Hasn’t she been acting for like thirty years? Somebody get this woman a beer, man. How’d she survive being a child actress and come out the other side without any scandals or anything? Damn, girl!”

“Are you kidding me? I don’t let my child near any screens. She’s four and she’s never even seen a television. I keep my cell phone up on a shelf and I don’t point it in her direction ever. She likes playing with tactile, real things, and that’s how it’s going to stay.”

“We love Joy Daisy in our house. All my kids, my husband, me. We watch her show every day. She’s so wholesome.”

“-saw her back in ’02-”

“-just wish she’d take off that pink wig, man, I bet she’s so hot under all that costume makeup-”

“-such a wonderful role model for my daughter-“

“-a household staple-“

“-a gem amongst Canadian kids shows-“

“-so great to her fans-“

“Y’know, I bet it’s hard being in the spotlight for so long, eh? I bet that’s why she never got married. Takes a lot of work to produce so much content and still have time to do live stuff. I wonder what she does in her off time?”

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