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“Thank you for speaking with me, Detective Strauss.”

“Yeah, make it quick, kid, I’ve got work coming out of my fucking eyeballs.”

“Lots to do with Detective Rooker on leave?”

“Yeah, now ask your questions, we’re not talking about my workload here.”

“It’s become common knowledge due to a certain journalist that Detective Rooker and Joy DeVries were close before he apprehended her. Most of it is rumour and hearsay. I was hoping to get the real story from you.”

“I don’t know if I have the real story, kid, Rook and I didn’t much talk about our personal lives. I know he was seeing someone for a bit, and he seemed happy about it, but I didn’t know who it was until after he arrested her.”

“So you think they were actually dating, and that he wasn’t trying to get close to her because she was a suspect?”

“Hard to say. I’d hope that if he was doing some kinda sting that he would have clued me in, being my partner and all, but sometimes Rook would get all wrapped up in his own shit and stay there. I don’t know how long he suspected her, but it was literally right after I sent him the fingerprint we found at the first victim’s house that he called it in that he had her.”

“The press release says that he had witnessed her with that first victim before he died.”

“Yeah, wish he’d have made the connection sooner before she went on her big killing spree, but woulda-coulda-shoulda don’t get us nowhere.”

“There seems to be conflicting information as to whether Detective Rooker is under investigation himself.”

“There was a formal inquiry that I can’t disclose details about. He’s taken a leave of absence.”

“He wouldn’t talk to me.”

“Don’t bother him again.”

“I don’t want to bother anyone. I’m just trying to understand Joy.”

“Well why don’t you just go talk to her, then? What good is a documentary about a living person if you don’t get their testimony?”

“I’ve been trying for weeks to get an interview at the prison.”

“Let me make a call. Then you can stop trying to talk to the police.”

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