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“I don’t want anyone to know who I am. I mean, like, I guess Joy would know who I am, but I just… this needs to be anonymous, yeah?”

“Everything is perfectly anonymous, and I’ll allow you to go over the footage when we’re done to make sure you’re okay with everything that was said, okay?”

“... okay.”

“So why don’t you start by telling me how you and Joy met?”

“There’s no easy way to start this, I guess. We were so fuckin’ young, god. She was like, eighteen, I think, when she came down to LA? Didn’t talk about her family much, but I kinda felt like she left as soon as she could get away. She was so cute with her little Canadian accent. I remember thinking, that girl’s gonna get eaten alive down here. I thought she was just another one of those young naive girls, trying to get famous in the big city, and ohmygod is she ever gonna be embarrassed when she realizes she’s just walked into a whorehouse. But she walked right up to me and asked me where the money was.”

“She knew where she was?”

“Oh yeah, I don’t know how she made her way to us, but she knew what she was getting into. I mean we’re not exactly a well-kept secret, by any means, but our place is one of the safer places for women like us. It’s run by a woman, and she’s really good at taking care of us.”

“You think that Joy knew that, and that’s why she approached you?”

“Yeah, she wasn’t just some dumb girl, y’know? She knew what she was doing. I still don’t know, to this day, why she picked me to talk to, but, like, I’m glad she did. We had some good times. I… miss her.”

“Take your time. She asked you where the money was. She wanted to work with you, then?”

“Yeah. She was so, like, confident. Most girls do sex work as a last resort but she just walked in all sure of herself. I invited her up to my room to talk. She was so nice, so interested in what I had to say. When I showed her all my cam stuff she was really into it, asking all these questions. She asked if it would still make money to do something like that anonymously, like wearing a mask. She never wanted anyone to ever know who she was, y’know? Keep the business brand separate from personal life and all that.”

“So you mentored her into online webcams?”

“Yeah, I told her we could easily see if she could still get paid wearing a mask, and logged onto my computer. I asked my followers if they wanted to meet a friend of mine, and told them to be ready in an hour. Joy was so fuckin’ excited, man, like, I let her go through my closet and she was like a kid at Christmas. Told me how acting was her life, her everything, and being able to dress up and perform for the camera would be so much fun. It was wild. I asked her what she was in LA for, if there was some agency she was trying to get into. But she said she was just here to make bank, and then eventually go back to Canada and start her own show. She just needed money. And to get away for a while. We spent a lot of time at the beach, her and I. I think she wanted a vaycay, you know?”

“So how did that first session go?”

“My viewers loved her, I mean, who wouldn’t? She was so charming. She… how dirty am I allowed to get? I guess I already said fuck a bunch of times, huh?”

“You can tell me what happened, this is all just preliminary footage.”

“Well, we did a striptease together, and asked my viewers what they thought of her. Even with the mask on, they loved her. She made her voice all soft and breathy, really hammed up the fact she was eighteen. We got so many requests for private cam that I had to set up a group pay session, charging a fee to get in. They would come in knowing that they didn’t get to tell us what to do, but would pay five bucks per minute to stay in as long as they wanted to watch the show. So, like, you can imagine how much money that was. But, y’know, I didn’t much care about that. I was making a ton already. What was so awesome about that day was just Joy. Once we started going at it, I forgot the camera was even there. She was so soft, so like, I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve never had an experience like that, before or since, she was just… she made me feel so good. Special. She took care of me, y’know?”

“So you two had a relationship?”

“No, not really. We were friends afterwards, and sometimes we’d hook up, but it was never like that first time. She started camming but she got her own apartment. Every once in a while I’d jump on her stream, see what she was up to, y’know? Sometimes she’d have others on there with her, sometimes solo. Her and I never cammed together again after that, but we hung out a lot.”

“And she always wore the mask?”

“Yeah, it was like a legend. Everyone wanted to know who she was. But she never slipped, never revealed anything, never took it off. I always wonder what happened to that thing. Did she throw it into the ocean when she left LA? Is it in a box somewhere? I know some guys that would pay a shit ton of money for that thing.”

“And when she left, that was it, no more camming?”

“No. I mean, not that I know of. She disappeared one day, out of LA and off of the internet. I was worried, kept checking the newspaper to see if anyone matching her description had been found in a dumpster somewhere. Cops don’t really take girls like me serious, y’know, so I couldn’t really do much. But then a few years later, my kid’s watching Saturday morning TV, and there’s Joy. She’s got pink hair and crazy makeup and clothes and an exaggerated voice, but I knew straight away that it was her.”

“And you never told anyone who she was? Never outed her to her regular viewers? Even after she left without saying goodbye?”

“Fuck, no, I would never do that. We’ve got to take care of each other, y’know. Joy took care of me when she was here. And I was hurt for a while, that she didn’t say goodbye and made me worry all that time… but then I think back to all the time we spent together and I’m just glad we got to have that, y’know? And I’m happy for her. Look at what she did with herself. She brings joy to kids all over the world, even a kid like mine with no dad and a high school dropout mom. I guess she got to live her dream after all, right?”

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