Bantering With Herself (Book 4)

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Banter, an ex-gun-for-hire, now works for the police force. Her uncanny ability to solve cases has made her in high demand. But not all of the attention is good. Someone is stealing from the evidence room, and the goods keep showing up in her office. Locks are getting picked. Files are getting lost. Evidence is pointing at her, but Corey and her group don’t believe she’s the one doing this, but others are talking. She’s supposed to be just a consultant, helping people with cases, but she finds herself back out in the field. When she has to go rummaging through garbage cans, she makes a find of a lifetime. A find that alters her life, her marriage, and her relationship with Corey and his sons.

Mystery / Thriller
4.9 18 reviews
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Chapter 1

Banter grumbled under her breath. Ray promised she wouldn’t be out in the field, especially after Corey had a talk with him. Yet, here she was prowling down an alley doing some reconn...

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