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The Haunted House

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The “Haunted House” has not been visited for over 2,000 years. Now, 2,000 years later, it gets opened... Milly and her friends are playing truth or dare and Milly received a date to visit the haunted house that is a rumour that everyone in town knows about. But when Milly does get the wits to go, will she ever see her friends again after she sets foot into the house?

Mystery / Fantasy
Millie Clarke
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - The Dare

It was 6p.m., the moon a ghostly galleon tossed into the clear skies. The trees were whispering to each other, all bunched up together.

I skipped towards the woods. I was trembling with anticipation and excitement. My friends (Ellie, Lara, Charlotte and Izzie) and I had got together the day before to organise a get-together in the “Forbidden Forest.” The “Forbidden Forest” is a place no-one has ever visited in a thousand years and it is rumoured that is extremely haunted. I call it “The Forbidden Forest” because I am a huge Harry Potter fan! There is even another rumour that there is a haunted house but not many people believe that. I believe it.

As I neared my group of friends in the forest, I smiled. I always liked my friends; they were my friends for life. Oh, I forgot, apart from Ellie. She is always mean to me.

“Millie! Come quick, cos we’re about to start a game of Truth or Dare!” exclaimed Charlotte.

“Yay, Truth or Dare is the best game to play in a scary forest!” I replied happily. I sprinted towards them, the wind in my face, not a care in the world about how mysterious this place was. I have never ever hated that game.

I sat down heavily on the soft, mossy floor to join the ends of the circle as I said, “Youngest goes first. That’s me!”

“No fair, you always go first, Millie. Let someone else take a turn,” complained Ellie.

“That’s not true, last time we were together you were the first to choose a game. And you chose where we should go for lunch yesterday, Ellie,” explained Izzie, quietly.

Ellie blushed a deep scarlet and said that Izzie had a fair point. In the end I dared Lara to lick the any tree in sight of us.

“What?! Millie, I can’t do that. It’s ghastly and unladylike!” said Lara.

“Come on Lara, you have to do it,” persuaded Charlotte.

Lara sighed and got up to do her dare. I giggled. Lara made a disgusted face but licked the tree. She scurried back to us and Charlotte gave her a wet wipe to clean her tongue.

“That was a wicked dare, Millie,” Lara said, “Ellie, truth or dare?”


“Ok,do you sing in the shower?” Lara asked.

“Um, well… I do sing when I have really long showers,” Ellie answered, “but what’s the problem with that?” she added hastily, after we all started sniggering.

“Nothing, I just asked you a question, that’s all,” Lara replied.

“Anyway, Millie, truth or dare?” challenged Ellie.

“Um, can I have a dare?” I queried, nervously.

A mischievous smile spread across Ellie’s face. “Sure, I dare you to go and see whether the rumour about the haunted house is true. If so, I want you to have a look round the haunted house,” explained Ellie.

Charlotte stood up immediately. “ELLIE, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT ASK THAT TYPE OF DARE. IT’S – IT’S – IT’S NOT ALOWED. YOU COULD GET MILLIE KILLED!!” bellowed Charlotte in Ellie’s ears. Charlotte panted, trying to get her breath back, while Ellie looked taken aback.

“Calm down Charlotte, don’t shout in my ears, you could deafen me. Besides who says the dare’s not allowed, it is a perfectly normal dare,” clarified Ellie, trying to quiet Charlotte down.

“It isn’t a “perfectly normal dare” thank you very much. No one’s been in that haun-”

“Charlotte stop, it’s not worth it. Ellie’s right, Millie has to do the dare,” Lara said, “And you’re over-exaggerating, Millie definitely won’t die!”

“She might, you have to take precautions” sighed Charlotte very quietly, seating herself back down.

“Go on then Millie, do my dare, you don’t want to be notorious for being a coward. Or do you?” Ellie questioned.

“She really shouldn’t do it,” said Izzie, timidly.

I sighed. What shall I do? I don’t want to be known as a coward but Mum certainly won’t want me going into the haunted house no-one has ever set foot into for a thousand years. I don’t think I’ll do it.

I waited a moment and took a deep breath. No, I am going to do it. I went into this “Forbidden Forest” so I can go to this house. Surely it won’t be too bad.

“Everyone, I’m doing the dare.”
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