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SEVEN gODS ONE MAN is a piece that sheds light on the essence of human nature. It consciously asserts the credential of human being the godhead in the masterplan of creation. He who has found this piece has found himself...

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Human; all the most useful, that is disused.

Imole Latona (Sasani Eldis)



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This book is dedicated to you as human.


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About The Author


Do you still answer human?

You must have been looking for a book that delves into ‘human’ and all his abilities; here it is, you have just mined one!

All in your hand, is a book on your identity. Dare to consume it!

Do not read the lines in isolation, imbibe every detail and posit imagery; dwell therein till you know who you are.

Evaluate if you are a super-human after digesting the content of this book; therein lies the secrets of sacred human power and ‘godfulness’.

Have this in mind; this book will not essentially help to achieve any material craving for super power nor to attain any special abilities; that is too cheap and elementary. There’s no need to fly in the sky, perform miracles or do wonders of any fashion, you know having read this book. In fact, it contains no mantra or any evocative power of such nature. The miracle is existent already, and all that is in this book is a telescope, that which is enabling in view, for all of the miracle which is already existent, ever-abiding, in the place of you! If you were looking for magic, this book identifies the wand and the magic; just say ‘abracadabra’ and the magic appears, which is all that you are!


What is human?

The first name given to man was ‘human’ and afterwards; by tradition, there became several other names. By virtue, we lost the essence for which we were so named. We call him who is yet unborn (or yet to walk), a ‘baby’, boy and girl do we call him apart, male and female, a gender of which we call them disparate. Man has a name from christening rites, to fill a gap created for him, an erroneous opinion, fallacious intent of his begotten background. His innateness is supervised by the mind and cognition. He grows from a ‘child’ to an ‘adult’. Howbeit! We have made distinction among his members! Man does not necessarily have to be different from another; in fact, there is no other. We have seen the differences, we have made our mind after them, and from our base mindset rather than mindfulness, we worship the moon, the stars, the sun, the trees, the earth, time and some vain materials, things so cheap as common, as separate gods. We have arrogated unto ourselves the praises of different images, foolishly. Alas, these things do not exist. We act aside the consciousness and we are consumed up, so that the creative force that birthed life gave us up to our base doctrines and blind appreciation.

We can break this spell off our necks; calling good riddance to the god of ignorance! He has been hallowed for too long; and is as well passed down the generations of the earth. His blindfolds are everywhere over our acute eyes. He is a marionette whose cords of taut strings are set over limp beddraggled puppets! Yet, man knows the truth, he seeks it, he speaks it, but until it is made manifest, he is

yet to be free.-(for the kingdom does not consist in talk or wisdom, but the demonstration of power).

Someone would ask; “Is there a truth?” Yes, there is an absolute truth, from which all truths derive, which is it that; ‘everything is consciouness’, beleive me, believe you, it is. The demonstration of the truth in itself is power!

SEVEN gODS ONE MAN is one of the truths that pin-points the truth that; “Everything seen, heard, felt, known, thought, unseen, spoken, among others, are all a Consciousness.“- Pure Consciousness is the virtue that everything consists of everything, everything is one piece and all the same, there is a puzzle in which the pieces appear separate; however, when all these pieces fall into place, the puzzle becomes one!. Man consists of the trees, waters, rocks; and they all consist as well of man.

Read SEVEN gODS ONE MAN, it will turn around your perception of human.

My advice is that you read each line slowly, like you are just learning words and how to read them into meaning. It will help your appreciation of every good that is in store for you.

By: Latona Samuel



There is a wind at the market square, and as it rises, the air is strewn with pure dust. The sun goes down the horizon set, the

rim of the earth beams with the golden retreating sun in dark grey tuft. But assiduous merchants seem less persuaded by this, they would rather keep a hand on their merchandise, and the other, to

draw a customer by; and by dint of no regard for disruption would any trade-lord react.

My presence at the scene is unannounced. A dealer in fabrics calls out to me; “Sir! You should come for this, the best clothing material for noblemen trousers, thank me later.”

It is placid, I can’t make out my thoughts. So, I amble around like a lost stranger in wonderland.

“Sir! You would pick this up for your child who cries for toys every now and then”

“Man! This is but the choicest flour for your pudding.” On and on, the blares and clatters in the market arena drone on.

By a bend in the passage, tracking the length of stalls, and tents, I come across an apothecary. It is isolated and sacredly situated, in extremity to the axis of assembled merchants and their stocked space.

There, the air is a bit dank, plus there is a sweet and moreish cocktail aroma of potent herbs, some cures from which smell gives away flavoured mixtures, aromatic concoctions, tonics, elixirs, apozem; distinguished antidotes, potent cures for which few creditable drugstores in the hood can barely afford. A thick aromatic smell wraps me up as a breeze sets in motion about me.

I can feel my muscles relax, my air-bags dilate and allow for more pure lungful breath. My chest-beat registers a reserved rhythm, not having to take any of the perceived preparations for whatever therapy they were made for.

There is a stillness in the atmosphere over this space of the market square, a bit of noise counts as a sacrilege.

I observe a gaunt-looking old man in the workshop on what appears to be a vocational apparel with two sizeable breast pockets. Age weighs on his wrinkled skin. He doles out salient instructions to the apprentices and stewards of the noble drug-firm with short

stuttering calls. The brevity of his long-drawn commands evokes the memory of my father in the late world.

Soon afterwards, there appears a majesty, with a preceeding envoy down the passage to the drugstore. His look is that of an eminent lord, with his retinue of sentinels skirting the ample passage to the peaceful drugstore, as they approach, the ground makes a noisy protest from its trodden sand with meticulously built tiny bricks, by the grace of porosity from aeration and soil particle growth, in a matrix from the soil that no man treads.

The bulk of the liege’s weight harnesses the strong arms of four brawny figures -all built like a shithouse. They appear in braced arms and plump chest that berates a common man, puny in figure. I do not know what the regal household has to do with a low-class, howbeit, an appraised custodian of medicine in the land of Ymuritir - maybe the health of the royal parson is at a dire stake. I learnt that it is an offense to refer to any drug dealing health personnel as a conventional or rather presumptive ‘healer’, after all has been said and done to keep any fortean aptitude in healing and divining practices censored from public admittance, by clandestine relief.

In Ymuritir, execution was brought to the doorstep of any stranger in possession of black magic, divining power, witchcraft or any form of special abilities, not licensed for use by the Seven Customary Tenets for the Prcatice of the Paranormal- the questions is, what delimits the normal?

The old apothecary is seen receding into an inner chamber with a short retarded plod on a disorderly and less coordinated steps. You can see the curse under his breath as he goes. Apparently, to him, the minion of ill-fate has taken on a bidding, visiting at the wrong hour on an unwholesome score to settle.

With a snap of the finger, from the regal personage, guardian knights assail the store. A number of workmanship of the drug firm lay off,

messengers and loyal apprentices to the apothecary scurry off in all directions, safeguarding dearly precious lives.

There, in the middle of the turmoil from ransack, is a faithful and brave member of the apothecary whose calling bear higher attestation to the fortitude of his standstill and unflinching steadfastness! In spite of dane guns, dirks and blades that have laid many souls bare of their bodies. Gruesome guards overturn vials, pots and jars, containing the bodies of laboriously synthesized concoctions and priceless cures that offer their life-saving, second-to-none potency to the whole clan of Ymuritir and tons of beneficiaries innumerable from timbuktu, as far afield as miles could count for.

Dr. Highwater lost the permit of his practice in Ymuritir by the order of the council of traditional medical practitioners. The council had to revoke the charter that had allowed men like Highwater in practice.

Many, in the company of noble drug lords have created factions on their esoteric interests; spilling water over the dry powder of trust and companionship. There are reports of how in history, constituted authorities came against native doctors, in a bid to protect the masses whom their service was administered. Leverage was placed on the balance of trust and professionalism; trying the codes and common ethics, and by so doing, taxing the norms of their practice. But this vicious trial exerted on Highwater is to be regarded as an obsolete needless indulgence, convincing for the past practices but unwholesomely adoptive for such a prime time of furtherance in practice of medicine.

Doctor Highwater had sneered at what he called a docile threat put forward by the referendum from docible associates, polling that he be exempted from the profession and relieved of his duties in the clan. He sure has his guns, having studied and gotten the required certification, so he rather sticks to his loud guns than surrender to less versed members of his associate practice.

Here is the comeuppance as a result of his incorrigible displeasure to the penalties and retributive measures taken against him on a number of occasions. Now the outcome is quite

unpalatable, his own life is sought after by his own assembly. Even the seat of throne has a wage of penalty to pay him. Highwater trespassed the code of a ruling that; “none but from the auspices of the king shall execute judgement on (on behalf of) another. ”

Zamiri’s daughter is nuts.

Some folks unraveled it, their sanctioned culprit placed a spell on the daughter of Zamiri. Zamiri’s daughter had earlier testified against Highwater’s son on a case of murder. His only son was requited of his evil communication, his head was called off!

Highwater got crazy in his mind from emotions. The grievances of pain from his loss outweighed his commitment, virtue, zeal and patriotism to all that he would live for, serving the land with full loyalty and care.

His time is up, by virtue of the numbered days. By now, he should be in exile. He would have done all that is in legendary service to suffice for an indelible memory of himself for all and sundry who inhabit the land and neighbourhoods; but much more is in offense, his own life is sought after.

Zamiri is in relation to the chief who is in charge of the king’s court affairs. He had conspired with a number of notable folks in their offices to put Highwater away and ruin his fame in the land and his plaudits in the minds of many folks. They seek to stop his breath too.

Now that the king has come visiting, he would not know what it is to unfold for his plight sake.

″Where is your master?” A gruff voice pours on a still member of the drugstore, still looking as if it was all an event beyond the palpable. He stares around blankly, turning in short steps into the chamber where his master churned out his masterly orders, more so, formulations that quickened a count of souls.

″He was just there, you shall see him if you would search closely, perhaps in the cell where you’ve refused to touch.″

Four guards move towards the cubicle where the attendant has pointed, they find a barely open half-door to let them in in a procession. Each was gentle and careful of what step to take and to what sideway -they believed the report about Highwater, that which affirmed his characteristic eccentricity as a human.

One of them tosses a boll of cotton on the side-bench into the chamber, expecting a retreat or rather an impulsive movement from their stalked prey; for a stunned-to-numb capture- like a decoy into bringing their frigging wanted fellow into submission or a total stun from fret, so they contrived. But Highwater has refused to be smoked out of hide-out- what a shame of their sophisticated contrivance. A grim expression on the sweat-adorned face of a guard on assignment feigns a duty-bound lord, a taskmaster that never goes back on.

Pretty time is spent in search for the subject of their worries. A snap of finger from the personage and the knights retreat, to receive fresh orders, implicitly.

The master feels there is much ado in trifles, in the effort to turn him in. So they confer, like an attorney with the fore-front man on a battle-front at a temporal retreat point.

In no time, the wreckage and remnants of the drugstore bustle the air in reckless flames. Out of the flame rises a blur figure, like a phoenix with drooping arms and eyelids almost closed in death, but ready to quicken from the morose premonition.

It’s a new day...

In the king’s court, an elderly man in long apparel approaches the seat of throne with an artifice in his wiry trembling hands- the custom duty of a courier who has brought a tiding in the guise of what seems like a Yoruba’s hieroglyphs- ′aroko’. There, in the fore-

room to the court, the flautist rend the air with encomium in praise of the king.

The king feels disgusted at the sight of his message, he looks so provoked:

“What sort of defiance art this? Utter dishonour from a common man to the lord whom the whole of Ymuritir kingdom adore!”

“What kinship has an outlawed commoner to a more-than-original citizen of the land?”- the stratum of the pasture where the cattle graze has become the sod and not the greener side.

It is the time for the Festival of Mirth, ’Dimanka′ (in the parlance of the antique Ymuritir festive tradition). The people of Ymuritir celebrate, in a tradition, the life of their youthfulness. Young and old folks with agile and ageless body, not weak to bone, summon their souls to join in tradition as well. However, Highwater, who they all wish no lot in the business of a new day has just become a day older. He is a day older than his soul consigned to Hades. He walks graciously in his silky off-white garment into the square where the whole clan has to gather and observe the rites for the ceremony.

Dr. Highwater, even after being outlawed as a citizen of Ymiritir, has ever kept the dark forces from propelling with its evil arms. He made a business of keeping the evil at bay. He vowed to life to continue in his power to keep evil at bay.

The devout with his placid mind would go into a utter silence in his habitual meditational divination, for peace, countless hours,

continually for days, and years. He has been busy discarding deeply planted roots of insalubrity and infirmness on earth.

The ceremony has just begun and the whole Ndala square is becoming occupied with folks who have forever been devoted to the culture of causing the air a stir. I will not give a count for the populace on such a cause, numbers will count and still fail.

The colours of ribbons around attributive maypoles are in a blend with the colours on their beautiful apparels; and other items of the regalia do bask in the identity for a plumage of an arched rainbow in winter firmament.

Dignified elders are seated around a set-apart place from the common ground, raised of puffy sacks impregnated with god-knows-what cluster of rubbish- this seems to be in vogue of the custom as well. Fully braided lasses are dressed in chipmunk-striped skin attire and laced with peacock feathers.

Into a distant length of the ceremony; the elders, observing the ordinances of their momentous celebration gulp and topple countless wine cans till their eyes become embittered with redness, and their senses imbue with nasty fancies. Dr. Highwater appears like a naughty community agent, the one who hitherto has been fully in service until the grant for a furlough. He bears sulky sharp eyeballs, a pair that when you see them, you think you have seen a dreadful wolf at night. He seems to dichotomize the souls of folks who all observe their human ritual, in every bit of the ceremonial moments.

The projenitors of Dimanka and the novel initiates of its institution never meet over a conference, to iron out the opinion for which the ceremony holds- to the young cohorts who are called to it, culture is always full of esteem. It should be embraced without a concern whatsoever.

Woe to the unbegotten son of whom shall query its validity! -there are fishes in the river of Dimanka, all you need is a hook, line and its sinker, so you can catch one!

It is soon enough on time, as if a stage were prepared purposefully, for the uninvited one. The one has come visiting on a clear mission, to take off the swing of the storms they all celebrate. With a languid deftness, his trudges find their way towards the centre of the Ndala Square, he is seen making periodic curses with his foggy and heavy-lasting breath. As the whole crowd watch a saintly figure approach the stardom of the occasion, a relapsing hesitance upbraids their abandon to the mirth they all enjoy, with the merriment and revelry.

The grass along his field path at the square seem to flourish under his sandaled feet. Leaves flourish as if they have just sprouted out of a new order of growth. His way leads to the centre of the arena, with somewhat imaginary kind of magical gleaming lamps railing his sideways, to adorn his gracious path. The air seems to be still, only making a motion after the lanky saintly figure that tarries in every of his step. He is wrapped in a costly breeze-filled buff robe which billows as much in worth- of such a worth as a sizeable ‘ndirigi’ (a fat cow). As the splendour of his presence emerges before the sight of the populace gathered around, a mute silence imprints the air in the premise. For a long moment, muscles of reaction relapse and the whole world awaits a speech from an arrogated chief speaker.

An ill-natured look on the face of Highwater is unnerving. He begins;

"I have come at the mercy of a good will and I will say what my mind shall bear me speak. I have come to make a proof of all the years that I have spent with you in shades of what you have known me for. This festival ought to be a most celebrated substantiation, but in a more profound way than this."

He adjusts to comfort with a short stillness of breath, whereupon he continues; ”There is no intention to blemish something or someone, we are all learning in the imperfection of a flesh, to be revealed to us. I became this way, by every eyes that saw my birth. But none shall tell of my death, I shall not be demised. I am so alive! This is that which is worthy of celebration."

His facial expression drops as he glances across the square with a facile visage.

“We shall be undermined by every caution from cultures and dogmas. And many among us call it profanity; to live beyond the culture, the significance of which Indianas are different from Caribbeans. But I find no offence to talk about what is true.”

“The nature we have chosen, we have made an utter mess of it, with sincerity, that is quite offensive on our human behalf.”

“We walk the earth, we drink and eat of it; but none of it belongs to us. We do not belong to a place nor a time. The taboo is that we have made possession of everything in touch to us; howbeit, we have never been separate. We associate with events and things; however, we should not become unequally mismated with the world.”

At this moment, a definite silence rips the air. Accordingly, whispers from side-talks surge the columns and rows of the Ndala square. Sooner, their expression is going to hush his drowsy voice.

With a public signal made from an attendant of the regal personage, silence falls once again.

“In all my attempts to tell somebody something, I fail to convey the message, the distraction, the noise amplifies louder than said. But I’m not afraid, the truth which I struggle to speak is resounding from within you and its forthrightness is in us all. By yielding totally inward, to this truth, we shall get us to ‘Nirvana’ -a state where all is at one." /at-one-ment/

Seemingly, consciousness, in the flesh and blood, does not get through life easily; but flesh and blood have nothing to inherit in life. We are like a mas of dross (remnant from metallic refinement), in the flesh, and having passed through a furnace of pain from learning, the Self, carves out his own image, maybe a hundred times

before the elected is gotten from it, whence we are born again of the incorruptible nature. Only then shall pain be known no longer.

You might have discovered that the knowledge of a thing gives us more concern about it. It is not so easy to say, but it is more difficult to know. We are confined to certain cultures, ethics, beliefs; and while we think that we make decisions in ingenuity, we have only been persuaded to take a decision from the things we have learnt. /indoctrination/

The illustration of pain was well developed by an eminent philosopher who gave this allegory;

Consider a simple and palpable man with tabula rasa, whose hands are shackled and legs fettered to a wall, in a dull cavern, for years. His face is straight-laced on a wall abreast, he can only fix his gaze on the field before him, he can’t turn sideways or even cast a look sidelong. Behind him is a fairly high ground with burning logs, on a distant patch. There are people, humans, or some other life creatures like him; perhaps, burdened and walking along the high ground, along it, so that the shadow images of the transitory creatures are portrayed, by the influence of the flame from the burning logs, on the wall before the shackled man. His simple but hidebound mind can work on a little thing; ‘this might be this or that,’ and if for a long time his mind works on the shadows before him, and later he is able to give a slight turn, in some other direction, maybe to even catch a view of the passage behind him, therefrom, he derives a combative pain, in his whole body, for this change and the inflammatory influence of the fiery flame on his eyes.

This describes a typical human life. Right from infant, the mind is at a copious peace and tranquillity, until events come by and place their figure to be observed, and a man is predisposed to always turn in a new direction to appreciate novel things. That is the mind that tags with pain.

Through these pangs, if he bears, he learns and the pain is dispelled after a while- he can get used to it. Pain is recurring because a man may not watch a passage for ever, he has to turn, change happens

while trying to catch the sight of every moment. In due course, he learns from the prospects in life, he also learns pain and he is never afraid to turn, he is never upset by pain to learn.

Reposeful in the look on his face, dr. Highwater fades away in all his discourse, he falls into a cloying relapse;

“Well, we are one, yet we walk the earth in various human clothing. This is painful.”

He repositions himself witha a slight turn to his right side. He faces a novel side of his audience;

“However, these are my words in a dumb-silence of heart; all that is given is taken. In this, many of us revel, we often feel as the giver, and then, the taker. In reality, we never do give and we never do take, just like I speak to you, I do not; there is no action, no subject and neither is there a receiver of action, it is all obsessive as in a drama. Like you see, not all days are the same, such are the times which we have created, in a way, to bring forth our thoughts, ideas, imaginations and vibes, like costumes fit into a character play, making a use of them to suit our plot. We ought to live, day by day, leading a perfect life. It is not that we do not have a significant control over the affairs of time and chance, that we are caught in it, experiencing; we have to choose our reality and that changes everything about our world. Choose to know who you are and do wisely; in this wise, we shall fall in love with the drama in the most entrancing incarnation.”

In the message from Highwater to the regal personage and his associates, he expresses his abhorrence for the action taken by the king in a bid to ruin him and his undertaking and put his back down. What a seedy corruption from the conspiracy of racketeers who have for long besieged his domain as a traditional healer, in their vast company. His good service has been vyed for, to be written off. No thing is as bad as an ego that feels enmity and malice.

Apart from the acuity in his practice, Highwater is a sage whose touch on everything is divine. I tell you, so is yours as well. Your touch is divine!

Dear one, your touch has the divine imprint on it, that which the universe has been waiting for. Use your touch on everything and let’s unlock the secrets to our universe, together as human!

The unruly system weighs down heavily on forces like us, to repress whatever it is that protrudes from the treasures within towards our space- the system trades a threat for a soft heart. If all men could be in their godly nature, walking the earth as a spirit; then, the face of the system that is re-sculpted by masquerades, by shameful cowards who fumbled and cringed from the human identity, would be trampled upon. Consequently, human can become really human again.

...Read more about Dr. Highwater in the book; ’Too much to be Human?′




What if we let go of light and life, immeasurably? What can’t we lose if we hold on too tight unto quantifiable affairs, and we nurture the fret of losing every state we relish, every safe period, every straight path, every brilliant smile and every entrancing drama.

Forget it! There is a freedom of walking into every state and out of it; that no attachment in the first place makes your life free from

the dictates of fate, and chances that this incarnation is full of. I tell you, every modicum of fear is evil set in place.

I’m just writing to you brother, so you could know and do better. I’m not saying you should be all too relaxed to give it what it takes to weave your dreams, to set your goals and hit it as men choose to do. But as sons of God, dear, we have no destiny, no purpose, and no dream separate from God’s and we do not toil as mere men. We do not get entangled, as soldiers, with our ordinary exuberances and pitful affairs of the civilian. He has given birth to us to do His work.

“He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens”

Carl Jung

A host of us are here making a great upheaval to God. We simply ask God to deliver us from His will, that our corrupt interests and civilian desires may be done. Some folks suppose that God does not listen, and a few others; that God does not even exist. Yet, who beats a drum and expects a thorough silence save a deaf man? He that gave the hearing, shall He not hear?

Say this; ’O lord, let your will always be done on earth through me as it is done in heaven. Amen.′

Whatsoever a man sows, so he shall reap. You do know that your heart is heaven and the rest alludes to the earth, the inferior netherworld that speaks less of your nature. So, you should not live like your conduct is whole on earth when your fullness is in your father’s house, full of light. The realities, expressions and love infinite, that which I speak of, are resident in your heart, be wise! Out of the heart proceeds the issues of life.

God is busy making things happen, be calm and immovable. He has spun you, and so you should dance to it effortlessly, in absolute surrender, from your ever wandering mind. He watches everything as it dances to the spin from His own. God can not contradict his own nature. He is not bipolar. So if we would as well, surrender, we could spin according to Him.

However, God bestowed man with a sole tool to wield on earth, the body (a carnal contraption with integrated fabric of biological molecular codes). These codes are God’s inscription, written as a template on the soul, so as to be read -God is the author and every book is man in His form, waiting to wake up (such that we read from its lines into consciuosness).

Man has a carnal body with so large a number of members in it, all fleshed up in an art of awe; the head, arms, chest, bowel, gonads, legs, the innards and other internal details, and peripheries of the systems too. How wonderful!

Break Ends



Wondrous things happen to a kid, a young fellow whose cognitive and intuitive ability is just learning familiarity with kinesis, the movements of the body (tongue, eyes, head, et al. in order to communicate and respond to stimuli)- among all others in conditioning.

I remember, whereupon a time I stamped my feet before a blobbing little fellow; seemingly nonplussed, the poor kid ceased to cry, bemused at the sight of my kinetic action, the artistic movement, began to giggle. Most likely got challenged by this novel behaviour, a behaviour which caught the attention of a learning mind.

Many a men, in the manner of a young fellow, fancy growth in this wise, as increase in dimensions of various aspects; mental, physical, spiritual, etc. Mentally, you learn new possible things as you go aging in time. You learn to speak a kind of language, write, walk on your limbs all by your own, learn to drive, paint, to even profess in one thing or the other; so that we all could count how much a man has grown by measuring all these adds. However, growth is beyond the garnered skills or acquired characters with the appraisals that come with age and process. By this appreciation of mind capacity, it might seem that you created more space to crest the knowledge of that which is attained. It is possibly truthful, but the truth remains; you have always been commodious for such a content to fill in.

Howbeit, the essence of growth is a touch on your ability to unlearn all these things, get filled up and become empty again. That sounds ridiculous? Yes, it is ridiculous that somehow we depreciate in effort and mind quality as age falls; our mutual attendant of growth, from the start of age till the close of it. The essence of growth is unbecoming, with all that we have made of ourselves. I am not permitted to say more. If you care to know how you grow, find out in your best wish.

The nadir of growth is where you learn and earn new things, get the adds and think that you become of age a grown man, full in stature from every information and communication which you have been subjected to it.

Consider a body, I mean a physical flesh, it gets nurtured by certain values from nutritional diet and we see it in its stature and the tone of its skin; howbeit, the bones weaken with age, the skin sags and falls away from the aged bones, the eyes dim and every member of the body can not build up from nutrient no more. This is the growth that I speak of.

Of extant death, straddling a mortal body; I blindfold the eyes with which I see, I deafen the ears with which I hear, I silence all of my voices and I am still, so that I may grow. O poor self, how can you be quiet in fear of death when the Grim Reaper trails in silence? Death is growth, it is rebirth.

When you feel your life is strapped by a sturdy safe belt that is strong enough to keep you from falling under intense gravity, you start to take a count of loss it would be if the feeling is gone at once from a doubt, a fear from ominous threats and macabre. That is not atypical of the fear of death, as we age from birth, but only few do know that death from the body is rebirth!

A stone thrown from the mountain top might just take its trajectory and fall back to the mountain. The course matters as long as the force takes a decision to throw it into space, it attains a peak, and it drops. The force returns to a force, the stone returns to a stone, when their impact is separate agains.

Much depravity has been displayed from roles played out by the mind. A perpetrator, man whose heart knows no authority over the mind basks under the depravity of the mind, this is an everyday evil. Rescind this evil, every day, take no concession for the dawning of a new day on the grim dark of false growth which instruments as adds in all measure of its macabre ventures. Become this, become that... It’s not growth.

A Hermit

If you have a vast ocean of knowledge from which you draw, your afflictions tends to be more, howbeit your joy tends to be immovable

Who do people say a ‘hermit’ are?

As a hermit, you are an adept, you sit aplomb on a three-spike star, you bleed as flow, you stop not, you become faint as smoke and fade out into thin air, and where these events happen, is in your best intents; in writings, in words which are written in regard of you; because every line read about you to me, is perpetually affirming in perfect esteem of a n elite, an enlightened one who you are- a hermit!

Where we live is within borders, yet the space is infinite and bounds are unwinding. Our coastline is not found and so is everything lost!

It is yet indefinite; man is insane; he goes a’ fetching where they go a’ disposing, he goes a’ stalking where they go a’ receding. He does not feel to be part of the world. He holds the weight of the world, and waits for a rescue. But the virtue of God is upon you, so authority follows you as a shadow. You are complete, even in that you subsist as human.


The story told about Highwater belabours the awareness that human is a special string of paranormal forces, the character of which is to be held in this writing as an extraordinary medicinal healer with natural frailty too. The system in which we operate despises us very much. That is the virtue of every sleazy defense from an egotistic trait, the gene that works enmity, betrayal, conspiracy and division among men who have not been made to stand on equal ground of abilities. But every man is allowed to grow as much as he would into the Self, that human, a god-being that is sacred and anointed over the whole of God’s creation. A man may not live beyond the divination and communication of his mind, while on earth. Out of the mind proceeds every issue of living. Envy and

malice is what a reprobate mind would resolve in when he can no longer be at companionship with his own parties that subsist as human. He feels insecure and left behind, so he launches into ruts that have no way to take him into that which he sincerely desires, which he has seen in another. Such was the disrupt from the communication of associates with Highwater.

SILENCE -The Miracle-Worker

Silence Heals

The principle of healing and restoration is a prevailing salutary force that is resident in the creature of human. It rules the birth, death and rebirth of every substance and non-substance. This

principle of vitality is wielded by mindfulness, through meditation (prayer) and sincere desire. Silence (as well) is a touch on the

countless energy channels in the flesh- such as the body rivulets in the body are bathed by the pool of life- the blood. Silence is blood to energy channels, a sure access to the vibrational frequencies of the energy locked up in the atoms of our human whole character. We renew the mind by allowing the mind (energy port) to resonate (be reinformed) with the locked up frequency information within every cell of ours.

When I talk of silence, I do not refer to a state, where you seem to have swallowed a demon that does not make you talk- a dumb-monger! Silence is a conscious resistance to your every reaction, whether good or bad, unpractical or expressive; silence from every thought, inquisition and worry that each moment prompts, why and how things happen, silence from what to be done and what not to be done, how and how not to do them. This is the sacred silence that God spoke of when He said; “Be still and know that I am God.” Silence is a stillness which is so gracious on earth as it is in heaven. The body is in alliance with all of the energy port (mind), in silence. You gain a practical control of all the so called fortean abilities which you inwardly possess, that which is as well human.

Let me inform you, there will be no monster made of you as you become pure consciousness. With all of you informed, that you can feel every atom of your body, you become as gracious as ever and you never die, because all you have become is consciousness and not a flesh anymore. Consciouness is ever-present, it does not go away and neither does it draw nigh. Consciousness is neither dead nor alive.

A magician (not a trickster) or a miracle-worker would just have to conjure a thing up by performing a science of translating an energy into a particle, so you, an audience, could see, touch, hear and feel it for yourself. As crude and primary as your thoughts may seem to you, they are like a little disturbance from a droplet of water to the rest of a static water body, and ripples come dancing all along the face of the water. This brings our awareness to the fact that any little thought in the sense of it initiates a shift in energy and vibration, and this may transcend a physical definition. The knowledge and

truth of energy bands and quantization will guide us into this reality. Science is not altogether a notion anyways, The principle of partcle-wave duality is never a phenomenon, it is reality boiled down to science.

“As tiny as a seed of faith, fallen unto the perfect ground, its death is a magical silence to fall upon all our heart cries, its growth is response to the mindful things we command and answers to questions we care to ask and fruition for things which we care to sow as seed!”


How can man be without a mind, or a quiet one, in the light

of this?

The infallible mind (brain) is delimited by virtue of knowledge. Knowledge derives from the cardinal pieces of information we are exposed to, by the senses. There is a kind of feeling that is poignantly avowed in all that we do. It puts us in an opinion that we are privy in foreknowledge about anything, ahead of time. This feeling is referred to, in some custom language as de javu.

A centrally placed pineal gland, superior and anterior in the anatomical structure of the brain shows how a third eye impales from the frontal lobe of the brain. Our practical eyesight is for vision of objects in characterized dimensions- say in 2D and 3D. But the pineal gland, when indorsed by decalcification, is open to the blessed lot of our wide and seamless imaginations, the land from where all the impossible is seen, felt and touched through the hands of ingenuity- (John 14:2- “In my father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”)...culled from the Holy Scriptures...

Why you find difficulty to live; your cells reject the kind of existence that is here around you, it is so disparaging! All you are

surrounded by in space; the people, the empty ambitions, the noise, the aura is indiscriminately squalid and that tempers all about you.

But you have to transcend all of that, earlier than time. You are pure awareness and the things you count to live are teaching you to stop counting.

Space and time is the illusion that blindfolds human. You have not seen all that you have to see and know yet, so you can’t stop counting things. Things appear, they disappear, but they are not real. However, you do not have to shun the gathering of things, that does not make them non-existent. You only have to wake up, open your eyes and see that there are no things. Consciousness is all of the energy playing in different froms. It is quite unbearable for our state, but the identity that you bear is from God, so you are not less whatsoever.

Love is fast winding up in time, a good place for the heart of man to be, ‘Eden’, the abode of Love (God). The enemy of Love appeared, he brandished the power to be the mind, a weak mind that did not thirst for the Creator was compelled by the impostor of the mind, that the truth could be a lie, that reality could be a sham.

If only a man could sort the place of the mind in learning to act upon; he would know a right not to budge at every craving desire, every pleasant attempt to lure him into the abominable which would stop at nothing in playing the mind against the heart.


The Seven apparitions that appear in a flesh

When we see the gods apart, we call them separate, and that’s the major reason that we have a major dysfunction in the human carnal system.

“Even if human was dark as night, his ghosts would light him up; that there should rather be one night but seven days”

Even if as a human in the flesh, we should walk the earth as a wired bot, we need not be conditioned by the rot system, the invention of a lost human grace, where the energy is but a damn negativity. We have not so learnt of our source, to be a corruption. So, there is a need to re-wire your human system, attune yourself with the source. This is the singular power and hope for the human bots on earth, once a robot is open to receive the right command, he can function

appropriately automatically, effortlessly; where everything falls into place.

The good news is that these ghosts (gods) work harmoniously together as human. The one who has found a god has found another. That connection, that place of joint in the pantheon of the gods unlocks the powers of the carnal senses and provides the key to the magical senses beyond!

All the gods spoken of need one or more worshippers to nourish and keep them in shape, the worship is in a form of offering to them; in the way that food worships the belly, the sound worships the hearing, and so on..

It is in the Scriptures, in the book written by John the apostle, the 10th chapter, in the verse of 34. It speaks about how the first human regarded human as ‘gods’.

Jn10 vs34...Jesus answered them: “Is it not written in your law, I said; ye are gods?” -

You are gods, I am gods, we are gods.

Deeper than the veins in our flesh, livelier than the blood in them, are these seven witnesses to our human life on earth. The seven, for the sake of a count, reside in a pantheon.

This pantheon is the carnal body of human that we carry through the whole earth journey. In this form of a flesh, the gods are in constant conversation, and the effectual communication of these gods builds man up.

You should get to know these seven gods that consist the human incarnate and how to wield their powers and make them work in your

favour as human. In the other wise, man is a detriment to himself, his powers work against him, he sets his own house on fire.

Nobody gave us the manual as to how the human creation should best apply. I am glad to let you know that these instructions to guide us as human is in our make-up, the code is in us. The usefulness of human reveals in the effectual communication of these gods. The cognizance of this dispells how that we disuse human.

The names of these gods are mentioned for the sake of their identity; they might not bear any more effect than a noun would do; to identify. However, the essence is human!

To you, this might find some analogy to the gods mentioned in the Greeek mythology, this is however not a myth; it is reality! It would be totally horrendous to make the mind of a creedful myth in this definition.

There are special characters in which we perform as human on earth. They are called the ‘senses’. We may demean them as commonly five; objectively, however, that would be simply superficial.

Howbeit, the nose is for a smell, the spirit is for discernment!

All other gods are toys, a child’s play, in the playground of illusion, except the spirit.

‘Fo-Tous’- the god behind Sight/Vision

The god behind sight seats on a throne at the innermost chamber of the eyes. The chamber is etched on both sides of the crown temple grafted of the third eye. Those carnal eyeballs are an evidence of his consolidate attendance. The pair resembles two softball tissue masses each hinged in a cranial socket.

If I may ask you, beloved, what does it mean to have sight?

I guess you would just say; it is just the ability to see things, the way they appear. Well, if that is, maybe it is partly true.

To the carnal eyes there are things (objects)-

- which are in a character like our human things, illusion is at play/

carnal nature, so apparent for sight, and even tangible for touch! These objects are termed as ‘matter’ in their dimensional status.

Matter is said to be anything that has weight and occupies space, space is perceptible to the eyes and touch.

Weight is perceptible by gravity to touch; and time system- how things get heavier with time- (the time yardstick is constituted of perceptible change). The role of this god is to relay a low-frequency energy to the backmatter of perception pool (the deep seat of throne is at the root of optic lobe of the brain), and that produces a communication. What this does is to empower these identified objects (matter) in their defrequencied state and make them into a tangible person of perception. Fo-Tous has demigods as the pair of the eyes. The eyes are the flesh of him.

The god of sight; that I have to call Fo-Tous, for the sake of regard in this book, has his kingdom in a stable hemisphere of the brain. A little anatomy of the human incaranate has it proven that the optic lobe of the brain has poignant character receptors with sensitivities for light frequencies.

Light is a magnate microcosm that elates the perception of Fo-tous. It is a fast travelling quanta of photons. It does not elude him anytime, as much as he is at his court.

We are able to see objects (matter) because light from the source reflects on the objects before us, the reflected light reaches our eyes, signals are sent to the brain, the brain (backmatter) deciphers the information in order to detect the appearance, location and movement (time) of the object we are sighting at. This is the science

behind sight and I would love to lay emphasis on the key terms; ‘reflection’, & ‘decipher’.

Reflection is a two way thing, the lens in your eyes can reflect the light as much as even an opaque object would do. But what I would like you to know is that a mirror can only reflect the image of that which is in its view and the image tends to take the dimension of the mirror, in glancing angle and size. What it means is that, you are a mirror of the universe, your eyes can see the objects in the dimension which the lens through which you see are set. So, sometimes, you see things the way you are, other times, very unlikely, you see things the way they are.

The concepts of colours overlap in the spectrum of the white-light as we have in the uv-ray is another thing to behold. But not in this piece. Just to let you know that even with your acute 20-20 vision, you are being conned to believe what appears.

You can think of light and Fo-Tous as a pair of pioneer partners in the investiture of creation of tangible things. The creation of the visible (tangible) became real to sight when light appeared and Fo-tous garrisoned it!

“..So that things which are seen (revealed by light for the garrison of eyes) are made from the things unseen.”

So, if something does not appear to you, it does not mean that it does not exist. What God has prepared for you is even before creation, including your imaginations and beyond!

The volition of the service in this pair has a lot to tell us about everything that is worked upon; the workmanship of which is sight!

Fo-Tous fulfils us with sight and perception is the way it is.

The god of sight has a good side to the body of light. He creates an ambience that portrays every identity of an elite object to his subject,

in time and space, so that man feels to be part of the living, a space he has been made to fill and secure its existence.

As a sentient being, man needs the code of sightful perception. We carry on with our everyday living banking on the rein of light and the absence of it- day and night.

Wield the power of your sight as a god, it gives vision and you see better, clearly.


This may be regarded as loss of sight. But to see it in two places; wether sight is lost or light is absent, it is objective. We can debunk the fact that there is light only when sight is impaired.

In the loss of ability to see, wherewith light is present, Fo-Tous is unanonymously absent. At times, Fo-Tous desolates his temple of the eyes and man can be said to go physically blind. The temple might just be out of place in some others and Fo-Tous is left with no operable station. For the light works a dimension of sight. It


Sight is a forerunner of vision, maybe it is rather otherwise! So, the cordiality of what appears in light and what we do see are a couple with slight differences.

“Therefore when you run into the sight of something, know with all knowledge that it is wrong to say it as a swing into vision; not all that is visible is revealed.”

Let’s delve into the book of truth a little once more, don’t you doubt it, the evidence of the scriptures is but the truth! It will help you appreciate the gods which I talk of better.

The Book of Matthew in its 6th Chapter verses 22-23, a Bible comes in handy on this one:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

In this chapter, be careful not to regard this light spoken of as a mere illumination, that might be a virtual identity of it, but the reality is that, light is revelatory. The significance of what this excerpt borders on is the unity of the eye, the oneness of the eye, the alignment of sight and vision. What is seen and what is revealed are one, where this is, the whole body shall be full of light, that is, all other gods shall bear you witness that that which you have seen is real and it is revealed.

Certain times, a man leans overtly on sight and calls it apart from vision. Doing so, he falls into the pit of incongruities, he may see a square shape today and then a triangle on some other day. His perspective is getting informed by the level of his epistemic cognizance. However, not all the gods bear witness to the sight when it is different from revelation. They are discorded with it, though they do not cry it loud.

Fo-Tous is a god too human too be true, once you learn to be at one, he reveals all to you. He seats as an accomplished master on the throne of your attention. You just go ahead and be the master of your god. Your vision is as clear and supreme as the intellect and epignosis which you allow the backmatter pool to accumulate, the mind in place of this.

‘Human! When all you have is a vision, do not be uptight, it is good to lead in all that you see.’

‘Ac-ostos’ the god of Hearing

Sound is a perception with the noblest appreciation. The saying of such translates that we spend less energy for it; because the universe we are in it is a transaction of energy, energy is spent, energy is gained. What we give comes back to us so that we take from it. Talk of sound, by paying even less attention to every bit of disturbance to the free-flow in our vibrational space, you can catch the flow going for a pulse where it goes ahead and melts into a sound!

Some scientists compare the sense of hearing with that of a tech radar’s receiving vibrational impulse, and registering it in a pitch of quantifiable frequency. However, that technology may appear to you as it is, but it is a classic archetype of the human sense of hearing. The character of which we talk of as god Ac-ostos

Ac-ostos seats as god on the throne of sound perception. Between silence and high-end shrill notes, the ear settles or tingles from

notes. Before any human begins to hear any sound, Ac-ostos has to reckon with the water and wind.

What has water and the wind got to do with this? The water has the force for balance, and the air is the impulse carrier.

Balance is key to every posture that gives us allowance to perceive sound in perceptible comfort. So the audible nature of a sound is specified wtih an instrument that scales off all of the interference. Sound is a melange of several pulses of disturbances which when balanced edifies the hearing sense.

How much can one hear if he has not been spoken to by any sound? It happens that until a sound is made, audible enough, the sense might just seem not to function. Howbeit, sometimes, this character of Ac-ostos is a bit incredible when there is ability to hear even the faintest sound from vibration in the surrounding air. When silence is heard, invisible is seen, then there is said to be the paranormal. There seems to be a miracle as well about thoughts, musings and intuitive cognition and all human ideas which fashion of existence does not appear to most of the gods of human.

We might be able to explain the sources of the all-natural stimuli we receive in all of the senses (the breeze that blows in our path, the temp difference, the light, the sound, and touch) the impulse with which the backmatter god dialogues!

The $64,000 question is; who confers on human all the ideas and thoughts that are etched on our human writeable core? The mind appears to pick some message off the hook from pearly coast of attentive listening. Every message implants within a dogma, a principle, conditioning from which our human conducts and affirmation define. Every belief, every solid proof, strong assertion derives from the information-reward system which is kept intact within the core of the mind, rather than a garbled concept from surreal dreams and imaginations.

The truth and essence of our human nature, however, has been this garbled for too long!

The god in deft sense of Touch (feeling)- Thigm-os

Late on one of the moony nights, when we lay down on the patio in the yard, in our humble abode, there appeared cold dark tendrils before our eyes, reaching out for our lukewarm mortal bodies. It was so horrid, and while the other gods were asleep, Thigm-os caught up with the air and felt the cold grave hands of gravity... The rest of the story is all that we still feel today.


Gravity is a microcosmic force, an appointed minister of movement and impulse. It helps human to reach throughout space. It carries the message of mass and quantitative constitution through distance and time.

The sense of it is subtly regarded as touch. The character with which human receptiveness translates every stimulus of touch is resident as the god ’Thigm-os’.

The skin is a body surface that encloses the host of organs and other vital parts of the body. It is the barrier between the external and the internal carnal environment. In our external environment, we

receive certain stimuli, impulses such as one perceived as temeperature differences, mechanical effect, and others; all of which are categorized as the sense of touch. That is what we feel when a fellow touches us, or we have a breeze blow across our face, this innervates the god of touch so that human can be complete as a sentient being in his palpable natural environment.

However, one sense informs another. For examle; the eyes inform the sense of touch so that one can see the object of which there is impact or contact, from which a touch is felt.

One mindful thing to consider about the character of touch is that human crosses the path of touch for sight and taste at times. How can this be? Come along in this poignant explanation, it would be the spur of understandimg;

It is explained here in a quite detailed practical analogy. Rather than study everything as covert, we do in part. Consider the integral parts of the human incarnate, how they are wound up in a flesh. In such regard have we brought this part for sight under light, for study.

Let us assume that there are optical fibers (some cables which transmit signals on the scientific principle of internal reflection); these fibers in the circuit of a gizmo, they run side by side, transmitting optical signals at different frequencies even though under application of the same current. As some experts would call it, ‘lead and lag phases’ in the energy dissipation along the fibers causes the continuity; peradventure, the wire crosses!

Imagine that the insulating material of two contiguous fibres melt and are exposed to each other, there happens to be somewhat a crossing of wires that leads to the miscoordination of electrical impulse.


Would it be of a little wonder how it is possible for human not to feel a touch? How could it be that pain is undone from the

The god of Taste

Honey is so sweet to taste, is bitter, vinegar is picric sour! How

come? kola

In the mouth, there are mouthparts which are assembled in pouchy cover, and the tongue sits robust in the mist of their assemblage. Any edible substance that introduces has a turn to take on the taste buds (certain cellular units grouped in fashion of their chemoreceptivity). The character of taste is somewhat peculiar and similar to that of smell.

The god of Smell

The olfactory lobe of the brain is a perceptive organ that is receptive to the volatility in a trillion kind of odours. Odours are certain chemicals present in concentrations that are able to travel through air by diffusion, in all directions. When odours get to the nose, they affect the members (demigods) of the god of smell- the olfactory receptors -which in turn serves as a conduit of smell signals.

Olfactory receptors are sensitive chemical receptors that detect changes in chemical concentration. To boil it down, there are particles that make up the molecules that are innervating to the sense of smell.

Olfactory receptors have been found in human sperm. It is thought that they actually detect chemicals produced by the egg, and swim towards this ‘smell’. Who knew that smell could have such an important role to play in the inception of life itself!

Smell signals through the pathway within the brain which connects to the amygdala and hippocampus. These mentioned centres are connected with emotion and memory. So, one can easily have a lay down the memories with just a smell. Human is said to be the one with the poorest sense of smell as a living being, but you know what? I do not believe this, we have just used the sense less.


This is the term for the lack of the sense of smell. Some people have the larger part of the genome deleted from birth while others lose it during their lifetime as a result of illness or a kind of disease. This points to the fact that in most cases recorded, the human memory and pyschological well being at large is impaired. What this is driving at is how essential smell is to the carnal character of human. The details of how it enables our life on earth is cordoned off the attention on the aromatic, putrid and foul smell that we use to please our human sense of natural appreciation.

The Soul

The spirt, soul and body are believed to be the components of human. We have so far talked about the body and its carnal gods in attendance. We may now talk of the god as human soul.

‘Soul’ from the original Greek word ’psykhe′ is referred to as the spiritual or immaterial part of a being, even animal, that is regarded as immortal.

Looking at the original word ’psykhe’; it means “to breathe” to commute between death and life, to commute between heaven and

earth is soulful. The soul holds our human virtues together, it binds us to our natural essence.

The human soul, likewise some animals, is said to comprise of mental abilities, reasoning, character, feeling, consciouness, memory, perception, cognition.

The god in the face of soul connects the spirit to the body, so the other gods can receive information from their spirit through the soul. A battered soul is a poor carrier and intermediary. The best is to harm yourself as human with the greatest weapon for excellence, purifying and guarding the soul consciously. Eschew the corruption of the soul in every way.

Be gentle and soft on your soul, even in a harsh world on the body.

In some early writings, the soul was either immortal or mortal. There it was in the teaching of Socrates to his members at Athens; He besought them saying; “it is good to excel in matters of psyche (soul) since all bodily goods are dependent on such excellence.”

John, from the Christian scriptures understood this when he wrote a wish;

O my soul! It gladdens my heart that I tell you about the human soul. All we have talked about in the host of the human incarnate are fleshed up in what we can hold tangibly in the evidence of body parts and organs. But the organ of soul is so tangible, more than tangible to be seen, touched, felt, heard. In the pantheon, all the gods communicate, the soul is the middleman between the temporal field in which human subsist as a flesh and the ethereal haven of consciousness.

The Spirit

The spirit is the identity of the creator in human, this god is a sub-version of the omnipresent one. From the Spirit birthed spirits which now inhabit the mortal and corruptible. It sounds like; God shared himself into bodies, the incarnation of which we profess as human. And he gave each spirit the autonomy to yearn for the wholeness, or to even disown it!

The spirit controls the atmospheres of all other gods, all the carnal communications in the flesh of the mind are received in a sort of aura and telepathy by the spirit. The spirit thus informs God, inherently, of all that transpires within the body of human. God chooses to communicate to the carnal body too by sending message through the spirit, and if an open mind that receives, not blotted by sin (mis-identity), is matched with the word of God, the other gods are informed by the word of God and changed.

The spirit god can be anywhere, be in any clothing just to fill any space; in the Universe, a collective entity of everything.

The spirit is for discernment, the mind is for awareness, and both the carnal and the spirit parties are all Consciousness (God). God is Consciousness.

The best god to live in the human make-up, on earth, is the spirit and a good (renewed) mind enjoys the spirit god who identifies at all times with Consciousness.

Note the difference between god and God in my mention.


“Human; all the most useful, that is disused.”

What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word ‘human’? What a great name to have called you and me by it!

In essence, do we really care to delve into the realities of this identity?

Many a times, we do not seem to care about the figure behind all the titles, so we identify with many things non-original. But the essence of ‘human’ should find interest out of all in your consent.

If only man has been a good student of his lifetime, not even to talk of eras in which age has been classified, you would have a good

probe into mankind and his nature. You could gain a tangential brief on our social fuctions over time. Marginalize what it is entailed in all material ingredients of our living on this planet. Reliable history is the better scope into where you belong, which race and what independence rights you share as human. The only race I know of is the human race, but colour, culture, and other boundaries have maimed our oneness.

Humanity was never a topic to be given a memorial in the days of creedful philosophies and epistemic credences; Aristotle, Socrates, Paracelsus, Hippocrates among many folks to be mentioned were cheers to knowledge among their enpantriate cheerleaders of science and astronomy. They had an outlook into their world and what advantage there ever was adopted into the human race. They sought for knowlegde, as they were open to it, knowing that it takes only a near-perfect mind, conscious and rich with knowledge to lead a good living.

Supposedly, every unit of knowledge about human in all that entails was the basis for living. So they vouched for the promulgation of their however credulous philosophies, propounds, beliefs, all to the guidance of their immediate environment and prosperity. As the need for knowledge arose, the quest for it ran commensurate. Hence schools, but a lot of brainwashing and indoctrination is done to the impalpable minds of younger generations and the filial set that caused the vile seed to grow were heathens. There were heathens like some of us today who held knowledge in higher esteem than the self, shove it down the chicken throat of fatuity! Ingenuity lost course and we are here burdened with crass knowledge.

The regal parsons in their noble kingdoms gained power and dominion from cults who professed higherknowledge, written on papyri, some spelled as mantras and others put into scripts. Deep knowledge of the ancient upon which the world is built, to know and learn. There were priests in occultic temples whose mind attained attunement with every subject they meditated on, and the results were pieces of garbled gleanings from their long-stretch but

disciplined mind exercises. Some were sculpted on underground caves, innermost temples, in caverns where esoteric beliefs were shared by occultic priests in minsters where seances woke the dead people from morgue to inquire of the higher knowledge. But all this amounts to a fugitive wishing for acceptance everywhere. He should rather come out of hiding and renounce that identity.


/Hu’-man/- English adopted ; ‘Hu’ means God, and ‘man’ means ‘mind’...Originally coming from the earliest Sanskrit word, “mana”

noun- From the original(Greek); anthropos

From the original (in Latin); humanus, homo From the origin (in French); humaine

The latin representation of human in the original translates to

humus′ which means dirt or soil. Conversely, the other originals translate to the habits, behaviours and the features, traits which were identifiable of people, of the early people and the one God who is believed to have created them.

In this chapter about human, I’d like to feather the essence of human to the barest truth.

Concerning human, there are a lot of answers waiting for questions unasked. If man could just be brave enough to ask the right questions about human. The most valuable essence of creation that we never care to know. Without the epignosis of human, we are like one who is at novitiate in driving considers a reckless drifting and nitro-burning in a car through a jaunty path that he knows nothing of! Anywhere is sure to be destination in which journey usually does not end well.

Man of Dust (humus)

Dust has the attribute of a mass of particulate matter, from which every physical figure, every haughty and hallowed nature’s object molds into shape. Ritually, from a wonder, geometric algorithms, man took fashion out of energy-matter poise to form his anatomical structure. So does every form that surrounds man. Every fractal from individual creative input conceptualized as materialised objects (matter), to cognition, prowess, flair, wisdom, intellect, intelligence and feelings. among other surrealistic elements of the set is profound. To delve into fractals is like the brain learning about itselfs!

The Uni-verse is one code like in the essence of our learnt biological DNA, the genetic nuclear dust material that every creature shares for characeristics and alterations. Other microcosmic characters like climate and weather, water current, land and sea breeze affect these material codes, alter their make-up and result in the change, differences in our physial appearances. Howbeit, we are all the same! We are fashioned out of a peculiar precursor dust material, the clayey dust- Ea’-rth.

The earth in some other language is gaia- a self-replicating body in possession and care of all intrinsic elements of regenaration.

The Human Character from an Atavistic Background

Geological eras in the history of the earth space is deemed fit for the amplification of details about earth and the aeons of time, from which man began on earth.

In some large-scale natural science, there is need to study the earth from another time perspective, independent from human activity. Before the beginning of the calendar era in years, there had been a prehistoric eons before present(BP) from where an account of creation in the Scriptures (the account of the Genesis given in the

holy bible) would accentuate. How were days assumed before the present days of calendar days, what was the yardstick of time?

Chronology is a good way to study man in his advances towards nature, a good way to know how man has been worked upon by the space he fills and by his perception through the time all of which has produced a binding conditioning on the human race. The conditioning is what we observe in trails of characters, behaviours and attitudes to several stimuli today. Trends follow a pattern and take a turn when cycle is done, over and over again, upon the hinge which human nature has been pivoted. It is pivotal to learn human sincerely than to be filled with a school of thousand thoughs of knowledge, notions that do not approve better than an emptiness and lack of purpose, and proffers no fulfilment!

“Man who knows less of himself can not know better of the world around him, if there was ever a world around”

_ Sasani

As men (in the plural count), we suggest differences in that we cover a wide space on earth; in separate bodies. This appears to the basic mind, so we characterize our individual space with an acceptable lifestyle ingrained into personalities. So we craft our systems; cultures, ethics, religions among others to suit the convenience of our stewardship to the context of humanity. Based on personalities, the system fails, based on generality, the cultures flop.

We see obejects which are apparently inanimate and we make a conversion from their constituent and derive our supports from them, we see the sun, the moon, trees, waters, rocks, and make use of them, some herbs for medicine, vegetables for food, water in dams for hydropower and others we weed out of the way, just to serve us better and man our own space. The earth has always been a natural belonging from the start, the immaterialism of human gave birth to all that we now take integral part of it, in the material. Civilisation has come through the appreciation of world knowledge, but human has

not got better from the knowledge of himself! The sham in our identity has been for too long!

Can there really be a true human nature? Surely, there is, but the conditioning of a sham for too long has made it seem impossible.

How Man Began

First Man: (in strident exasperation towards his confused state)...

“What is all these? I’ve got no explanation for all the questions boggling my mind..psst!”

Angel: “Why does your voice rankle in trouble O man?” “Do not ask questions, man was not made to be worrisome, why do you boggle your mind with all these worries, about who you are? I am your guide into human."

God: “Let man ask questions, if truly he desires to know. In the knowledge of time, space, change, he shall be consumed up; but in epignosis of his own reality, his true self, what he ought to know, his fellowship with us and fellow gods, he shall be built up. However, he has a power to choose.”

First Man: “How shall man be free from all these questionables that surround?″

God: “You shall stand in pure awe and esteemable wonder of all the things that you see, feel, smell, and touch; the sway in awe informs

your mind power and in the stillness are all questions answered by you.”


You are the consciousness of the stars, the sun and the moon, the heights and the depths, you are pure awareness. How shall he who is the answer to all things continue to question everything?

Human is at the centre of all that God (the creator) has made. He has put all about himself, his infinite nature, into all things being made, and everything informs about himself- so human is the centre of God.

While all human efforts and desires are mostly fleshed of the ordinary, they are at times full of divine passions. Human needs to strike a balance between the two parts. God is happy with a man of balance for this is the human sacrifice, all of which is offered up as a life on earth. This is the human ritual.

By the call to be the dust; till the land, toil as much to have sweat drops turn to gold. By the call to be a spirit, it is a call to fellowship, honour it in prayer, in meditation, in all of worship.

I have seen men who in all of their attempts try to make up for every aspect of life by their nature of dust, but it is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak to you, they are spirit (I mean your essence) , and they are life. How the spirit quickeneth is according to the nature of human, a life giving spirit; as compared to the latter human nature, which is a living soul, whose mind of what is and what is not made him lose identity.

Our essence as human is to quicken, to make alive, all in the works, the space, time and other dimensions that a n earth man (the vessel) can bear in the mind, the human artifice of a living soul. Whatever dust or not man was made of; human is simply divine.

If you have the scriptures (the holy bible) handy, read more about the first man in the Book written by Moses; Genesis, the first chapter and the 27th verse. Know more about the man of dust from the second chapter, the sixth and seventh verses.

It reads;

First excerpt

And God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

Second excerpt

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

If you understood this, you would innerstand it! What it does mean to dwell in a human clothing? Yes, every man ought to know. The clothing is not human at all, there are clothings of unalloyed gold, silver, pure diamond or rather some gemstones; notwithstanding, the clothing is not human at all, by no dint of a yard of its fabric!

The writer says to you; ’there is a lot of human that walks without clothes, so naked; there are many clothes without human in them.

Though the wound may tarry in healing, the pain may cut deep; but you are ever preserved, come winter, come summer, sun or rain; you are ever preserved, the rot can not get within.*_ The cloth

may fade, be rumpled or become tattered, by the ravages of time and chance.

The first man, referred to in this book as the firstborn of all creation is human as well and he is the prototype of everything, for everything was made by him. And as every man begets that same nature, by coming to the realization that creation is pure consciousness, we become the same and we start to regard human from the human point of view. Human is not flesh. The flesh is just like a package, with a seal that carries the product to so and so place for presentation. However, the product is ever abiding untill the package is undone and the content is released to the sight of men.

This human carnal incarnate is so deceptive, we look at how vast the universe is, and we say; “I am in this world”

However, man does not consist in the world, human is the world; and while the clarity of his identity is yet made, he tries to find himself in the world, and he often asks; “why are these things happening to me?” “Why am I born into so and so place and family?”

His confused state as well says; “Everything is wrong about this world, we need to leave it alone.” Howbeit, nothing has ever been wrong with human, even, nothing is surely wrong with the world.

Maybe the human mind has no impossibility, and so as he calls the world wrong, he becomes wrong afterall!

When the firstborn came in the package of a flesh, to show us the true image of who we are; he left no fiddling confusion about how it was to redeem man. Man can only be redeemed by showing him himself. Only when you have successfully registered a conviction in man about who he is, only then is he able to become peaceful. All his troubles, his endeavours are made to just find out who he really is. However, there is a lot of distraction.

Every man-made desire is a weapon to rob himself off of happiness. Man made money, thinking that could buy him the elements of joy;

alas, he faltered! Every thing has given him a concern, that he might have to gain one material and another, to fill his unending depth of desires.

He has mansions, cars, jobs and investments, friends and families all wrapped around him, all to futile advantage, but not all bad to surround his carnal space!

The only fort where man finds safety is the place of mediocrities, in the sub-state of his mind haven. In the seat of cushioned complacency, he sits aplomb in it. I forget at all times that I am human, I think of a flesh, a weak and humble thing that reeks with a lowly acridness. I think of how my members are separate; the ruin from it is that I fail as a man that I profess. I see things, I call things apart. The caprice with which I desire every ridiculous thing is an utter failure to human. As long as I profess it, I continue to fail. I gather things with my mind in labour, so vehemently, that things come to me; and easily, they go away from me. I know that this is by no means human in nature.


I take a good chance to celebrate every human who has pulled with me on this big project. Thanks for supplying and as well reading this book. More is to come in this light. I do not take your support for granted. You have been every motivation towards getting this job done.

Special thanks to Oludam, CEO. CreationHub, for designing this book cover. It is a blessing to have you.

And to you who have read this book and become of the light of its knowledge, praise to you. We meet again!

Remain in the light...

About The Author


Sasani Eldis is human like you.

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