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Paranormal High School

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A high school where vampires, werewolves, hybrids, demons and humans attend could only mean danger. Right? A young hybrid enters a new town, surrounded by new territories, new rules, new scents, everything new. Lara Larrson finds herself with her family in a new town beginning a new life with no one but her own support. Will she survive with all the pressure? Will she find out the dark secrets that this beloved town hides? And if she does, how will she cope with it?

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Imagine moving to a new town in the middle of winter. Awkward, right? Now imagine being a hybrid and going to a new school where there are other werewolves, vampires, hybrids, demons and humans. That’s completely nerve wrecking!!

A faint beeping sound interrupts her thoughts but she tries to ignore it and throws her duvet over her head. The beeping sound stops for a few minutes, but then she remembers that it’s Monday, which means school. She groans before sitting up in her dark room and looks around at the clothes on the floor and her books on her desk.

There is a loud knocking on the door, nearly giving her a heart attack. “Lara, get up and get ready for school! We’re leaving in an hour. If your late, you will walk to school.” The teenager groans and gets up while mumbling, “Muy bien, maldito infierno. No hay necesidad de gritar como un loco.” [Alright, fucking hell. No need to shout like a maniac] There is a shuffling outside her door which disappears after a few seconds. Lara sighs while getting out of bed and walks over to her desk to pack her books and laptop in her black and golden backpack she got three weeks earlier specially for the travel from Hueca oscura, Spain all the way to Silver Creek, Columbia.

Lara stands in front of her full-length mirror and looks at her body. Her long black hair never wanting to curl but instead always going straight, her green eyes with the hint of hazel and a few specks of red and bags underneath them, her unusually pale complexion and her plush lips still has a bit of lipstick from the day before. She looks down at her black tank top and short which barely covers all the needed parts. She sighs and tilts her head slightly to the left revealing the deep bite marks of a vampire and then to the right, revealing the bite marks of the wolf.

She shakes her head and walks into her bathroom to take a quick shower, emerging fifteen minutes later with a towel around her body. She takes her contacts out of a drawer and looks at them before shaking her head and putting them back again. Taking out a small black bag, she takes out her makeup, which is generally base to cover up her marks and hide the evidence of the sleepless night, mascara, eyeliner for a slick finish on her eyes and black or deep red lipstick, but today she decides to use the black.

After the needed evidence has been hidden, she takes a black collar out a drawer which has a golden chain attached to it. She puts it on and turns to her closet to dig for an outfit. Since it’s in the middle of bloody winter, she decides to wear black jeans which has a few rips on the knees, a black long-sleeved shirt, her black leather jacket and her combat boots. To finish her outfit off, she ties her hair in a messy bun, but unties it and brushes it out so that it falls over her shoulder. She looks at her reflection and nods swiftly before grabbing her backpack and heading downstairs.

“Buenos dias Lara.” [Good morning] Grace Larrson walks out the modern-looking kitchen and gives her daughter a kiss on the cheek. “Mañana mamá,” [Morning mom] the teenager turns her cheek for her mother to kiss and looks over to her two siblings, Cole and Chase Larrson. Chase is the oldest of the three Larrson siblings and Cole the youngest, but god they behaved like children sometimes. Lara is the only hybrid in her family, and since her mother is a wolf and her father vampire, she unfortunately got worst off and got both their DNA combined. Cole has their mother’s side of the wolf and Chase their father’s side of the vampire. All three siblings are three years apart, with Chase turning 18 in September, Lara who already turned 17 in April and Cole turned 16 in May.

Chase looks up from his phone and stands up to greet his younger sister with a kiss on her cheek. “Ready to go?” he asks, eyeing her carefully, noticing she isn’t wearing her contacts like she normally does, and she looks very tired, almost like she hadn’t slept for weeks on end. She nods and walks down the hall to her father’s study and knocks before going in and greeting him. She returns two minutes later and hits Cole lightly over the head in which he playfully winces in pain and rubs his head while turning to his older sister. “That hurt.” Lara chuckles, which makes her family smile. “Come on, it can’t be that bad. Let’s go, you big wimp.” Chase gets up and picks his bag up before walking to his mother and kissing her on the cheek. Grace kisses each of her children on their cheeks and rushes them to leave. They just laugh before leaving the house.

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