You, Me and New York to save, baby!

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Meet Chloe Bryant. She's 17. Beautiful, fun, attractive, positive and cheerful. But no one (at least no one normal) knows her secret. Chloe is a secret agent who works for ISS. Of course, it's not the International Space station although they do have connections to it. ISS is the Intelligence and Security Service. They control everything. And what I mean by everything is that they are everywhere, watching people, knowing what they are doing every second. But, that's not Chloe's only secret, she is a part of the Potens. Next we have Cameron James. He's 18. Typical bad boy. Closed-off, sexy as fuck, smug, strong-willed and last but not least, troublesome. Cameron has a secret too. He is telekinetic and thinks that he is the only one who has powers. That's not his only secret... He's in a gang with his best friends. Cameron doesn't know that 1/8 of the lucky human population, are inhuman. When new girl Chloe Bryant comes into city with a huge secret, he can't help but fall for this goddess. But at first, Chloe doesn't want to do anything with this smug bastard. What happens when they have to work together to solve the continuous murders in town? Book 1 of The Potens series....

Mystery / Humor
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I know, I know, I do this for every book but this one is special to me. So, I hope you guys like it. This book contains mild sexual content, depictions of abuse and a whole lot of foul language. Just be careful if you're sensitive to this type of content.
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