The Puppet Master

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Hanna an officer who works in homicide is stumped when it comes to a group of gruesome murders. She works with a forensic anthropologist to try and find the person responsible. She suffers many losses along the way and she watches her friend's lives crumble all around her.

Mystery / Romance
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“I have worked in homicide for almost 5 years and I have never seen anything like this, ″ exclaimed Hanna as she looked down at the gruesome scene before her. “I know every murder you see makes you think it can't get any worse” agreed Quinn. “Stay here I’m going to call David ″ Hanna walked past Quinn and over near a long line of bushes. She opened her contacts, scrolling down the long list until she landed on David. She pressed the call button, lifting the phone to her ear counting each ring. “Hello” “Hey David it’s Hanna we need you″ at a scene ASAP ″ David was one of Hanna’s co-workers who also happened to be Quinn’s brother. “Alright where are you?” “down at Stinson Beach we got a call from a couple on their morning walk saying they found human remains washed up on the shore” “got it I’ll be there in 5”

She hung up and walked back over to meet with Quinn who was now crouched down examining the body “find anything” “Natta but Nolan is on his way” Nolan Zest was a forensic anthropologist that often helped them out when it came to murder.

Hanna nodded and walked over to the other side of the body and squatted down meeting Quinn’s eyes.``we have one sick bastard on our hands” “yep” Hanna stared at Quinn for a while “you alright” she asked “yeah I’m fine just didn’t sleep well last night” answered Quinn ``if you need to go home I got this″ Quinn lifted her head to meet Hanna’s gaze “are you sure?” “yeah, of course, anything for you”. Quinn placed her hands on her thighs lifting herself into a standing position. Hanna did the same “that would be great” “alright call me if you need anything” she said, placing her hand on Quinn’s shoulder.

Quinn and Hanna had been best friends all through college and had been lucky enough to both find work in homicide together. “See you tomorrow” Quinn walked away and over to her Camry. Hanna watched as she started the engine driving away. Just as she was out of sight a black SUV strolled into the parking lot. David stepped out of the driver’s seat wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. He jogged over to Hanna ``well don’t you look nice” Hanna said sarcastically “didn’t have time to get ready” he smiled. Nolan joined them soon after “I place time of death around 6 days ago. We were always amazed by his skills. He didn’t even take a close look and already had the time of death.

He stuck on some disposable gloves a bent down peering over the body. Caucasian female late 20’s early 30’s. He lightly peeled off the small amount of clothing remaining on the body. He signaled Betsy his assistant. She rushed over to him “get me a bag” She nodded and shuffled through her purse and pulled out a bag labeled hazardous material in big bold letters. She held the bag open as he placed the clothing scraps in and sealing it. I want the body brought to my lab as soon as possible. Nolan peeled off his gloves, throwing them into a nearby trash can. “See you guys″ Nolan was not very social.

He rarely came to their late-night outings. He was very professional and never liked to spend any time talking with others. I pulled up my sleeve checking my watch. “Shit I gotta get back to the station, can you give me a ride?” “Yeah, I gotta go in anyways” “in that outfit?” “I have a change of clothes in my trunk” Hanna and David always flirted with each other but as far as anyone knows there have never been any feelings between the two.

Hanna and David got into his car. The engine roared to life and he backed out of the parking lot and began driving to the station. Hanna rested her head on the window looking longingly at the outside as it flashed past her. ‘`You alright ``″yeah just thinking about the victim ``″yeah I’ll admit it was not a pleasant sight ``″you got that right ″. Hanna drifted off and before she knew it David parked the car outside the San Francisco police station. Hanna was woken from her daze by David’s strong hand shaking her awake “we're here”. They both exited the vehicle. David opened the glass doors of the station. “After you”, they walked in and rode the elevator up to homicide. Their offices were across from each other so they often went over to each other for lunch. “See you later” Hanna walked to her office and sat at her desk.

I hope you like the first chapter I have 2 more ready to go!

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