The silent flower

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a girl with a sufferable past comes to face her future with new lovers, deaths and mysteries

Mystery / Drama
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Bad Suggestions

Her name was Alice. Alice Miller. she had no friends, family or anyone for that matter. she liked being alone; no one to tell her what’s right and wrong or tell her what she should do. she was only 15 when it happened; the day she lost her parents. It was an accident, the plane had an engine failure and plummeted to the ocean floor. there were no survivors. she was forced to move in with her auntie who wasn’t that bad. sure, her auntie favoured her own children but Alice didn’t engage even when they tried to talk to her. she pushed people away without hesitation. until today.

Alice woke up as her alarm went off the third time that morning. it displayed 9:30am but she turned the alarm off. with a yawn and stretch, she got out of bed and got ready for work. she worked in a grocery store as a cashier and restocking shelves. As a 22 year old, she didn’t have any aspirations or dream jobs so she stuck with the basics. she put on her uniform and left the house.

hours went by until finally 5pm came along. she left the store and drove home. boredom soon stuck her as she lied in bed on her phone but she suddenly got a message from her auntie.

Auntie S: hi Alice, were having a family gathering tomorrow make sure you there.

Alice hated family gatherings because people would tell her she needs to pick her life up, get a better job and try and fall in love but Alice didn’t need any of that. she would have ignored the message and not go but she knows they’d go insane if she didn’t make an appearance. As much as she hated it, tomorrow soon came around and she had to get ready. Alice always tried looking nice when she visited family but her pale complexion, messy blonde hair and slim figure always made her look sick.

she got in her car and began to drive to her aunties. As she pulled up, she saw at least 4 cars parked outside which made her mind start to race. despite her anxious thoughts, she managed to get out of the car and walk to the door. she rang the doorbell and waited in silence. moments later, the door swung open and her aunt smiled insincerely as she welcomed Alice in. she removed her moss green jacket, hung it up on the hangers and proceeded to walk into the living room where a few other people were sat. her aunt soon followed her into the room where she sat beside someone who Alice had never seen before.

"you must be Alice?" the man said, extending his hand out," ive heard much about you" Alice was confused but shook his hand anyway. "and you are?" she questioned whilst looking him up and down. a black suit with little cards poking out of his pocket and a dotted red tie. " oh of course," he exclaimed with a bright clumsy smile, "I'm Doctor Tyson, i work at Greenlake's psychiatric hospital." Millions of thoughts ran through Alice's head; why was there a psychiatrist there? "Alice dear, we wanted to talk," her aunt said while picking up a leaflet, "we want to help you and thought it'd be best if we suggested a few doctors for you to talk to"

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