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Doom: "Cause to have an unfortunate and inescapable outcome."

Mystery / Poetry
Damian Peters
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I have battled the notion that humans are doomed. That we are a species that has not reached its potential and rather never will. Social battles and fights for equity, equality, and fairness seem fleeting in a universe where these things only exist inside of our heads. Technological advances are null without the former. How does one cope with this significant insignificance, this paradox of humanness?

You wake up and do the myriad of things that humans do. You breathe in air, it fills your lungs, you usually don’t think about it. Only when you do, you are struck by the marvelous nature of it all. It is too astounding to think we are alive by chance, sheer probability. That amongst all the matter, you are aware that you are there.

We make sense of it. We say, “life is(n’t) fair”, we may be small, the universe is vast, but there is God. Or there are Gods. Or there is a science to explain all of this for us. Or there isn’t anything but the raw energy that surrounds our relatively personal and infinitesimal existence. Or none of it matters, but it matters enough to breathe that air into your lungs.

To be a human is to constantly be bombarded with the security of knowing, the curiosity of wanting to know, and the curse of ignorance. No matter how closer we get to the stars we managed to learn of new obstacles, physical or otherwise. So are we doomed?


Perhaps we are doomed to suffer. Doomed to pleasure. Is this perpetual feeling something that is inevitable? Truly, even in our make-believe fantasies we are feeling. Even when we conceptualize nothingness it is coming from something.

Even when we take our own lives we are recognizing that it is a life to take, a choice or path, giving up or giving in, leaving or going somewhere else, losing feeling but retaining enough for cognition. All, some, or one of these things.

If I asked the question: “Are we doomed?” what would you say? Ask yourself.

Ask yourself why you feel the way you do. Are you in control? Were you ever? Are you doomed yet? Ask yourself when is the last time you ever had an original idea? Can you think of an instance in which you have never collaborated with your environment, people, your faith, or something else? Are you doomed yet? Ever wonder why we do things in patterns? Why are we so random? Why don’t things make sense till they do and then they feel like they always have? Are you doomed yet? Why do you like that, hate that, love that, hate and love that? Why are they so different and yet made of the same things you are? Are you doomed yet?

Are you doomed yet?

Why no matter how happy you get you have to do something else to stay happy? Like breathe? Like move your lungs? Feel the air inside your lungs, do you feel it? Are you doomed yet? You must breathe and when you stop breathing is it over? Afterlife? No afterlife but we know death and life affects others so are you ever truly dead, but rather always doomed?

Are we doomed?

Probably. If we die as a species we are doomed to die. If we survive and live on we are doomed to live.

We’re stuck either living or dying, then conceptualizing it. Something nothing else we know of has to go through to this extent. And, by all reason and logic, another being, whatever it could or can be, must be doomed as well.

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