The Prophecy of Amaris

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Amaris and her brother became omegas after a terrible incident and were now the packs slaves and punching bags.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1 : Prolouge

“And they lived happily ever after. The End.” Norman and Gina whispered after seeing Amaris’s eyes close indicating she’d fallen asleep.

After tucking her in and kissing her forehead they both made their way out of her bedroom. Once they stepped out, they let out a breath they didn't realize they were holding before walking down the hall to check on her older brother Adonis. He too was sound asleep.

The couple then made their way towards their room and settled. Their relaxation seemed short-lived because Norman had received a mind link from Alpha Andrew warning him of said rogues on the territory.

Norman rushed up and quickly prepared to join the battle. Not before saying bye to Gina as this might have been their last time seeing each other.

“I love you mi alma,” he said pecking her like and leaving.

Gina sat on the bed silently crying and praying to the goddess to make sure her mate had made it back to his family safely.

Gina was shocked out of her silent prayers when she heard Amaris screaming. She got up and rushed to her daughter's room hoping that she was okay.

Upon arrival, she saw Amaris wrapped securely in her older brother's arms as they were hiding in a corner and a black wolf with red eyes baring his teeth at the young children.

Gina quickly shifted into her dark brown wolf and attack the rogue biting into his neck and flinging him into the wall. Getting ready to pounce on him again, she felt a horrific pain in her neck causing her to howl.

This she knew was not the pain of her own but the pain of her mate. Soon the pain subsided and she began to stand up hoping that he was okay. Her hope faded just when she felt half of her fading as well.

Now, Gina was howling uncontrollably and distracted by the loss of her mate she didn't realize the rogue getting up to make his attack.

He jumped up and jumped on her standing his canines into her neck biting down hard and holding until she fell limp.

Just as he was about to attack the kids, he heard paws hitting the stairs of the house and ran jumping out of the window.

“MOMMY!” the two young children yelled running up to their lifeless mother who had now shifted back into her human form. They were hugged onto her tightly with tears streaming down their faces when the alpha came busting in.

“It's all your faults. Your dad is dead because he died protecting you both and so has your mother. My beta male and female are now gone because of you two. From now on you both are no longer future betas. You both are to be omegas, the pack's slaves and are to do anything asked of you. Do I make myself clear?” the alpha said. He was breaking down because he had lost his best friend's. After all, they had decided to fight for their children instead of themselves. He was infuriated by that. He wishes they were being selfish and only cared to save themselves.

Sickening. Am I right?

“Yes alpha.” the young children mumbled with their heads focused on the ground. The 7 and 5-year-old were beyond confused and afraid. Their parents had just been killed. One right in front of them and they were being blamed for it and didn't know why.

The alpha then left leaving them there with guards to make sure they didn't try to run. The property the house was built on didn't belong to the alpha so he had no choice but to allow them to stay there.

11 years later

Adonis was now 18 and Amaris 16. Both were treated poorly as omega's and bullied in school because the pack believed they hadn’t shifted when they had but hid their scents because they were afraid of how the alpha would react.

Tyler, the Alpha’s son, and his clique had bullied them and abused them for years just because he believed the tale of a simple lie. Adonis has yet to find his mate but Amaris had just turned the age to find hers. What happens when she does and he doesn't accept her? What happens when they've decided enough was enough?
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