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a story based around "Mr. Linden's Library." who knew what the book would uncover. secrets to be covered and new personalities, who knew a book could unleash something or someone so powerful

Mystery / Other
saffron shay
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In Lewiston, Idaho, it’s yet another normal wintery Sunday. Snow falling slowly just as if it were a slo-mo scene straight out of a movie.

The people of Lewiston made their footprints a new home on the fallen snow below, the gaps waiting to be covered ever so slowly by snow once again. As all is well, a familiar face raced past those who are locals.

“Excuse me! Oops! Sorry, pardon me! Ah- sorry,” spoke an apologetic girl’s voice within the semi-crowded area.

“Is she going towards there?” Spoke an elder woman who was bundled up in four layers.

The second lady chuckled, “Most likely. She’s always going there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she lived there,” another woman said smiling towards the other.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Smith!” Spoke the apologetic voice with a wave and a gentle smile.

“Good afternoon dear,” spoke the two gossiping ladies.

The girl smiled and ran off again towards her destination. She ran and ran until she met her destination, staring at the media center momentarily, she smiles and runs up the mountain like stairs and passed the tree tall pillars until she makes it to the door.

Once she made it to the doors, her smile was even wider than a watermelon slice. She walks up to the door, somewhat out of breath, and opens one side, the warmth of the building filling up her lungs as she takes a deep breath.

“Good afternoon Violet,” spoke a male voice smiling and looking up at her.

“Whatchu up to Sean,” Violet said smiling back.

Violet Jane Langdon, a sixteen and a half-year-old girl who’s moved around more times than she can count. She has hair like death, long and dead black, pretty emerald green eyes, and natural crimson-colored lips.

She wears a cotton white dress with light blue and black lining, gray leggings, white high-top boot-like shoes, a gray scarf, as well as a gray headband with a golden star, and finally her glasses.

Violet lives with her mom, and sadly her dad passed away when she was ten. The cause of death was filed as a car accident, though it was too perfect to be an accident, so after years of trying to find out what happened, Violet concluded that it was a murder. But by who? She doesn’t know yet.

From the time she figured out what happened to now, she’s been obsessed with any sort of horror, mystery, and murder based books that she could find.

“You’re surprisingly late,” Sean said jokingly.

“Awh, you were worried,” Violet teased.

Sean Eric Linden, a seventeen-year-old boy with pale skin, soft honey hair, and naturally pink lips. His eyes were like an ocean, calm but with occasional stormy weather that could cause massive destruction.

He wears a short-sleeve button-up shirt, ripped jeans, so not fit for the weather according to Violet, gray converse high tops, and had his sweater tied at his waist.

He lives alone with his dad and never really knew his mom. Though from the stories he got when he was younger from his father, he knows that she was murdered.

“No, just curious,” Sean said pushing the common library cart that was in front of him forward.

“Okay, whatever you say, Sean,” Violet said following him. “Hey, you got any recommendations?”

Sean chuckles knowing where this is going. “Seriously?” he asks, to which she nods happily. “Vi you’ve been here over a thousand times and you’re still asking for recommendations?” Sean said teasingly.

“Do you though?” Violet asked, avoiding what he had said, knowing very well that it was true.

Sean sighed but smiled, “Yes actually,” he said stopping the cart and grabbing a book. “Here,” he said, handing over the book.

Violet examined it like a precious jewel.

“This... this is it?” She asks, clearly disappointed.

“Okay Ms. Murder Mystery expert, why don’t you go find something better than,” Sean said mockingly.

“Hmph, I think I will,” Violet said striding to the murder mystery isle, “Challenge accepted.”

And not even a minute later.

“Ha! I found something Mr. Librarian,” Violet said, popping up from behind a bookshelf.

“Uh-huh alright. So what’s it called?” Sean asked curiously.

“It’s called, ‘The Inevitable’ by Jerry McShaire,” Violet responded, not looking down at the book to see the title.

Sean’s eyes widened and Violet took somewhat of a notice.

“U-Uhm, maybe another book would be best,” he spoke in a hushed voice.

“What? What are you talking about? This looks great! Plus, it says it’s an autobiography, that never happens!” Violet spoke fangirling a bit.

“It’s cursed!” Sean spoke in a loud whisper, grabbing Violet’s shoulders and looking her in the eyes.

“W-What?” Violet stuttered, “That’s a stupid joke Sean,” Violet said feeling uneasy.

“I said... it’s cursed,” Sean repeated, calmer now and still looking into her eyes.

It was silent for some time, normal for a library but this was no ordinary library.

“It’s true,” said a male voice from behind Sean.

Sean tensed up, already knowing who it was. Though, Sean still moved over so they could all have a conversation.

“Ah, Mr. Linden, it’s nice to see you again,” Violet said smiling at the older man.

“It’s nice to see you too dear,” Mr. Linden said, him and Violet hugging like old friends.

Mr. Linden, aka James Aryn Linden. Mr. Linden, old but not, has brown hair faded to white at his tips. A ghost-like man with the skin of a corpse, his eyes blood red like a vampire. He wore a black sweater, dark blue jeans, and black winter boots.

Mr. Linden gave Sean a harsh glare right before he and Violet ended their embrace.

“But anyway, back to the book, you should be careful with it, it’s said to be cursed by a warlock,” Mr. Linden spoke seriously.

“Wouldn’t it be banned then?” Violet asked, somewhat confused.

“I suppose so,” Mr. Linden spoke semi-thinking.

“Well it doesn’t seem to be cursed, so I’ll take my chances,” Violet said smiling.

“Then shall we proceed towards the checkout area?” Mr. Linden asked.

“Yes please!” Violet spoke, enthusiastically.

They proceed to the checkout counter, a circular counter right smack in the middle of the library.

“Last chance Vi,” Sean whispered in her ear.

Violet brushed him off and gave Mr. Linden the book, to which he proceeded to check out for her.

As Mr. Linden finished checking out the book, Violet noticed Sean’s mood shifted.

“Everything is all set, Violet,” Mr. Linden said, breaking her out of her trance.

“Oh right,” Violet said, chuckling softly. “Thank you,” she said, grabbing the book from Mr. Linden. “See you tomorrow Sean! Bye,” Violet said smiling towards the two of them, just about to turn around and start heading out.

Mr. Linden spoke, which Violet saw but not heard. Lips moved yet no words. Violet smiled again feeling a bit uneasy, she turned back and left the library.

“Foolish boy,” Mr. Linden said, slapping Sean. “You could’ve lost us that one’s soul,” Mr. Linden said leaving the counter but stopping and turning around. “What have I told you about your feelings?! They don’t matter, especially when we haven’t eaten in years,” Mr. Linden said, turning back around.

“It’s not fair father! It’s always the same!” Sean exclaimed.

“Silence!” Mr. Linden screamed. “I will not hear such hesitance from my son! Do you understand me?!” He turned around and glared at Sean. “When she’s done with the book, it’s over, you know the plan,” Mr. Linden said harshly, turning back around and walking away.

When he was far enough Sean sighed.

“Yeah, but what if I don’t want to do the plan anymore,” Sean muttered to himself. “I’m glad she’s different... hopefully that’s what keeps her alive.”

Violet’s walking back home, skipping happily, book in hand. Just about read for every feeling, emotion, cliff hanger, anything in the book that causes the thrill of reading a book you might love.

She stops at her house gate when she makes it, West Adams Street, house number 2452.

“Home sweet home,” Violet muttered to no one in particular.

She opened the gate, it creaked and made Violet cringe at the sound, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She closes it, hearing the same sound again but louder, and as she walks through the dead grassed area of her yard.

“Mom, I’m home,” Violet said knowing full well what happens on Sundays.

“Where have you been?” Violet’s mother asks half awake, her eyes peering just about the couch.

“At the library, it’s Sunday mom,” Violet said, taking her key out of the lock, and closing the door softly, locking it.


“I’ll uh, I’ll be in my room,” Violet sighed going up the stairs, left from the front door.

“Mhm,” her mother responded weakly.

Violet made it up the stairs, turning right and going to the second door from the stairs.

She placed her newly found book on her nightstand and changed into fuzzy white shorts and black tank-top, her pajamas.

She went to her bathroom, turned on her light, and proceeded to brush her teeth. As soon as she was washing what was left of her toothpaste in her mouth, she lifted her head and looked in the mirror, a figure appearing behind her.

She gasped and turned around quickly. No one.

‘I’m probably just really tired,’ Violet thought to herself.

She turned off her bathroom light and closed the door. She began to walk towards her bed and went under her sheets and sighed laying her head down on her pillow.

‘A couple of chapters won’t hurt...’ She thought as she grabbed the book from her nightstand and positioning herself into a more comfortable reading position.

Page after page, chapter after chapter, journal entry after journal entry, and she finally takes a breath.

“End..?” She questions aloud. “Weird,” she mutters looking to see there’s a good few hundred pages left in the book.

She reads it, regardless of the strange title and all. Reading it aloud, without knowing, the book was written like so:

“Chapter 42- End

It wasn’t that long ago, maybe about four hundred years prior, of course, this is depending on when you are reading this. But hopefully, if this damn system works how it’s supposed to, four hundred years ago to his day, my wife was killed. And so was I.

Ironically, I killed her, but that’s not the main secret that’s meant to be shared with you little reader. Just... just a warm-up.

Four hundred years ago, when I killed my wife and myself, it was rather interesting. You see, it was a staged murder, and is still something people are trying to figure out, after all these years too.

It’s quite exhilarating actually. And it was all of the help of something truly magical.

But of course, let’s move on from that shocking information and jump into something worse. You may be wondering who I exactly am, no?

Well... my name is James Aryn Linden. Hope you had a nice life, I’ll see you in hell.”

He had warned her about it. Now it was too late.

Violet couldn’t speak, just reread and reread the page over and over again and again, not believing a single word that she had read.

“M-Mr. Linden..?” She questions in a whisper, scared.

The man she thought she shared a bond of loving books with was...

“He’s dead but... but a-alive...” Violet concluded aloud, unsure if she wanted to believe this news.

She gasps as she now sees the decorative vines come to life, moving closer and closer towards her fingers.

Trying to move, she finds it hard- no, impossible.

Scared, frightened?

The vines, no longer being on the page, snaked around her wrist and making their way to her neck.

She tries to scream, plead for help, call out to her mother, but nothing. Not her voice screaming, not her voice pleading for help, and not her voice trying to call out to her mom.

‘I... I can’t move,’ She thought, tears threatening to spill. “I should’ve listened to Sean!′

Sean... was he apart of this? Or was he some ploy or someone to get on her good side, to trust?

One vine, two vines, then three. They pierced her skin deeply, getting into the core of her veins. As they got more blood, the faster they came to suck even more out.

Minutes passed, them feeling like hours to Violet. Her body starting to get fully drain her lifeless.

Lifeless, ‘Is this how I’ll die?’ Violet questioned slowly losing her consciousness as she was close to her body’s threshold of 2 ½ liters.

Seconds, minutes, them feeling like hours. But every second or minute that passed, the more blood she lost, she was at the point where there wasn’t enough blood to keep her alive.

Her mother, still half awake, sleepily entered her room, trying to say goodnight, this being a good day. She gasps at the horror of what was happening to her daughter, waking her up more than coffee ever would.

“Violet!” Rosalane, Violet’s mother, yelled tears spilling like a waterfall.

Gone, lifeless, nothing more than a cold corpse lying in a warm bed with a book opened to an ominous title named “End.”

Once the vines drank all the blood in Violet’s system, killing her, they retracted within seconds only to smell fresh blood.

Rosalane tried to move, move towards the phone that was no more than five feet away from her, just sitting on Violet’s desk, teasing her. Too late, the vines wrapped around her ankles, causing her to fall and hit her head on the corner of the desk.

She tried to scream, her head pounding from the open wound.

Within seconds there was no breath, pulse, or anything.

Just two corpses lying there, helpless.

The vines, now being done with Rosalane, leave her still. Retracting, going in and out of the book, going across the room, only to set up it, making it look like an actual crime.

“Murder and suicide. The mom was drunk and murdered her daughter, tripped somehow which caused the head trauma making her bleed to death, never making her quick escape when she realized what she had done.”

“What’s with this book then Captain? Hasn’t this book been seen in a series of crime scenes?” Asked a lieutenant.

“You’ve been looking at too many old records. Do you think magic exists? There is nothing special about this book lieutenant,” the Captain speaks, quite amused.

In the book, was another story though. The decorative vines were retracting inside, yet staying perfectly still on the pages from the outside.

They were moving at high speeds, moving left, right, going up, down, just... rewriting itself, taking an inventory on the crime scene above.

Violet appeared inside the book. When she opened her eyes, she gasped slightly and softly. Emotions flooding her mind with overwhelming pain.

She walked around, trying to be as quiet as a mouse, stopping with the day’s date.

Confused, she reads only to find her name on the page, which states she’d died. She continued reading until she stops seeing her mom’s name and seeing the crime scene as a picture.

“M-Mom..?” Violet called out quietly.

In the distance, not too far away, she spots a figure, two, now three.

Walking closer, she sees a group of vines from the book leading somewhat of a path towards the people.

Walking closer towards the people, she sees more and more crime scene pictures more names, and the book just rewriting itself with new and fresh information.

“Rosalane! Violet!” A male screamed, voice cracking from what Violet assumed was from crying.

An oddly weird sensation came over Violet as the voice called out, it was as if she knew him.

“Sean, go and get the souls,” instructed a very familiar voice.

“I told you I didn’t want to do this. I told you,” Sean said pausing, looking up at the person, “YET YOU DIDN’T LISTEN!” Sean said screaming, some tears spilling.

The male laughed. “Is this the thanks I get, hah?” He said, seemingly walking towards Sean.

“You incompetent BRAT! You FOOL. I could kill you.”

Sean stood there taking it all in.

“Have nothing else to say?” They said walking away and scoffing.

The silence was Sean’s answer until he spoke up.

“I loved her, Violet. She was the only true friend I had. And...” Sean started crying laughing, “And now she’s DEAD, all because of YOU!”

“Get the souls Sean, I won’t tell you again,” the person sounding dead serious.

“Get them now!"

Sean left, regardless of his outburst. Violet blushing, knowing she wasn’t meant to hear that specific part of their conversation.

“Now where were we? Ah! That’s right we were-”

“What have you done Jame?!” The oddly familiar voice spoke, his voice cracking again.

“James... James! M-Mr. Linden... he did this?” Violet thought as she recalled what the book had revealed.

“Why? HA! Are seriously asking why? It’s because you took her away! Away from me! She was mine, she was mine. Then.... Haha, then you STOLE her away from me!” Mr. Linden shouted, getting on his knees, holding something behind his back.

“You died, right in front of my eyes,” the other said, him on his knees, looking into Mr. Linden’s eyes.

“Oh, that,” Mr. Linden laughed again. “The book was very helpful,” he explained. “But that doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Just... why...?”

“Dad!” Sean called out, gasping.

“What?!” He yelled annoyed.

“There’s... there’s only one soul,” Sean explained out of breath.

“What?!” Mr. Linden’s yelled furiously.

He put his arm up as if he was pointing, and moved it in a circle around him, that process causing the vine to move away magically.

There, standing still, scared and worried, was Violet.

“N-No..! You-You can’t be!” Mr. Linden shockingly took a careful step back.

“Y-You’re a-”

Violet’s eyes flickered red, a new aura around her like she was someone else.

“Oh. But I am.”

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