Dark Art

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A starving artist finally gets excited to see that people in her hometown are actually interested in her art.After a few exciting events,her goals and achievements start to go downhill when she finds out that some anonymous people decide to copy her art symbol and use it to make deadly unexpected illegal art. Something nobody has ever imagined. How will she get to the bottom of this and stop whoever is making her life miserable?

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Chapter One ~Aspen Connor~

There are times where I hate coming to this school and there are times where I ask myself why I even bother. Every time I step foot into my Resource Class, I always feel a set of eyes staring daggers right at me. Thirty-four people to be exact. It’s freaking weird and it makes me uncomfortable. It’s already the third week of school and everyone expects me to be the best person that I can be, but the truth is…I just want to run away.
As I walked into my Resource Class, which is the Music Room, I couldn’t help, but see my own reflection in the mirror in the far corner on the wall behind a desk. My wavy reddish orange hair looked pretty dope in the sunlight, but my face looked dang near terrible. It looked like I just woke up and stepped right out of pure Hell. Small cuts and bruises were noticed all over the right side of my face. My light ice-cold blue eyes made it all stood out though. God, I hate my life. If I had the power to change into a whole different person, best believe I would in a heartbeat.
I walked up to an empty chair and was about to sit down when a tall ugly fat dude decided to block my path. His dark brown eyes and crooked smile made my stomach churned. “Sorry maggot, but this is my spot,” he told me. I looked at the chair and back at him with a serious expression. “Well, I don’t see your name on it,” I told him. The guy just crossed his arms and chuckled. “Well, it’s mine now,so,scram maggot, go find your own damn spot,”he barked. Who the hell this guy thinks he’s talking to like that? The way he just responded to me really set me off. Anger started to run through my whole bod, I really wanted to punch this guy’s face in, but from how everybody was looking at us. I don’t think causing a scene would be the best idea. So, I carried my backpack to the empty desk far across the room in a corner by the same mirror I saw when I walked in. Of course, it was a little dark back there because there wasn’t that much lighting.
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