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A women on the way to survival, and betrayal.

Mystery / Action
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I looked around the room and seen happy people and couples laughing around, I couldn’t do that...I know what I’m here for, I know who I’m here for. I looked around the room and seen three men by the bar chatting, one of the men moved his arm and I spotted a pistol in his pants I squinted and took my drink from the bar tender steadily walked over to the men.

“Hello.” I said to one of the men closet to me and he cocked an eye brow and turned his head to me, “Do I know you Miss?“ he asked and I smiled with a tight lip, and shake my head. “No, but I know you...” I said tracing my finger around the cup one of the other men tap him and whispers in his ear, he looks back at me.

“Didn’t recognize you in red hair Alora.” He said and I nodded, “Your boss? Ramond.” I asked uninstredted in his small talk he chuckled and sat down his cup and stood up fixing his suit. I follow him up some stairs and the noise gets quieter and quieter and then I see two of the men walking back to the party I stop walking and ramond turns around and pulls his gun out on me. “Following orders did like you though Amour.” He shrugs I freeze as the air from the hair hugs my white silk dress making me shiver, “Shoot me then Ray.” I step closer and he hesitates and I run and bend his arm moving away from the gun. I squeeze his hand making him drop the gun and kick it away with my silver heels and punch him in the stomach making him limp over I kick him with my knee in the face making him fall back to the floor. I knocked him out.
I looked at my Carmel skin in the hall mirror and seen I had a small cut on my cheek.

I took the gun from the floor and took his jacket from him, I dragged him into a closet and placed the suit jacket on me and put the gun in the pocket. I kept my hand on it in my pocket and took a deep breath as I walked back down the stairs with a limp lightly. I smiled at some of the staring couples and pushed past the crowd, I felt something press against my back, cold and metal. “Hello Night Bird.” I froze at the accent and the nick name and only one person calls me that.

“Just keep walking Alora.” He whispered and I froze and kept a strained smile on my face as we walked past people with him right on my heels.

“VINCENT!” An old voice called from behind us, he stopped walking and told me to keep quiet and slid the gun in my jacket keeping his hands on it and turned us around. “Ah Mr. Zed.” Vinnie said with a fake smile gripping on to the gun tighter on my back.

“Oh who is this lovely lady Vincent?” He wiggled his eye brows and I smiled at the small grey old man, “I’m Adora.” I smile and give my hand for him to shake he looks me in my eyes and nods, “Firm grip miss lady.” He laughs and I smile and look at Vinnie.

“We are in a bit of rush though Sir.” Vincent tried to rush and I smirked, “Nonsense.” I smiled evily and tried to move out of his grip. “Actually Vincent there are many good deals going around but,” he leaned in closer and whispered “I don’t trust these old grumps call me when you do get a call though.” He smiled and I did back as he left, before he did I leaned in for a hug and took Vinnie gun in my side pocket. “Have a nice night Mr. Zed.”

I grabbed Vinnie’s hand and looked around the party discreetly, “Just keep walking Vincent, because now I have to guns and I think you know what I can do with a load of ammo, don’t you?” I smile sweetly at all the people as I talked lowly. I heard him growl lowly and pulled him through the crowd and out side into the cold France air.

“Hands up Vincent.” I said coldly and I emptied his pockets I took the pocket knife for myself keeping him at gun point I pulled at a locket and he jerked forward, “No, no Vinnie.” I waved the gun and opened the locket, it was a picture of him and a little girl... his daughter, his sister maybe.

He’s getting more jumpy every-time I move with it, I smirk and place it around my neck.

I hear a car coming closer and nod, “Well that’s my ride Vinnie, we’ll meet again Mr. Faust.” I unload his gun and give him one bullet in the clip, and slid him the gun keeping mine on him. “Don’t miss.” He picked it up and clicked it back I did the same and shot first...he missed.

I hit his shoulder and fell back I walked over to him hearing my heels click on the concrete, I lean over him and place my heel on his chest. “You missed.” I said with an attitude and he rolled his glossy eyes at me. “Maybe.” I hear a gun shot, I GASP FOR AIR. I feel a pain in my stomach and look down, my white dress has a blood’s not a gun shot I feel someone’s body fall behind me I look behind me holding my stomach from the bleeding I look at Vinnie on the floor groaning. I feel hands hold me up and drag me to my van and sit me in the back seat. “Thank you Lay-.” I whisper in pain and she looked at Vinnie on the floor and closed the van door. I hear three gunshots go off and try and sit up to see if she shot Vinnie.

The driver door opens, I groan in pain. “Relax I shot in the air his men will help him Alora.”

“He stabbed me.” I groaned, she scoffed, “So stop giving them the CHANCE to.” She said mad and I laughed and slid in the front seat groaning as the pain shot through my body.

“Take me home Layla.” I said as I passed out with a smile on my sweaty face.
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