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I seen nothing I liked to eat in the hospital but I did see someone, I sat up in my hospital bed and looked around and unplugged the iv from my arm, I sat up and looked down the hallway.

Red curly hair, one strand of white...I know it’s her.

I run as the elevator door closes. I run down the stairs with my name being yelled, “STOP!” I yelled to her and she stopped and turned around. Her face was stained with tears and she cried to me. “I love you little sister,” she backed up and shook her head.

“I have to go.”

Before she could say another word, bullets riddled the air and her body fell to the floor. And a black van sped off out the hospital parking lot.

“NO!” Iran and ran and leaned down to her body. She coughed blood and looked at me. “Go to Emile...” she croaked, love y-you.” Her eyes fluttered back and her last breath left her body. And my tears left mine.

“Nash, please,” I cried as I hel her.

I felt people try and pull me from her as I heard sirens.

Who is Emile.

I swallow my pain and look at the scars on my arm and the tattoo on my wrist.


I got up and was ready.
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