My Brother

By thaliam19 All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure

Chapter 2

Recap of last chapter.......

I went to call Ashley but realized she was in the bathroom, so I had to go and get the door. I hoped of my bean bag and went to go see who was at the door. I shouted who is it but there was no reply so i just opened the door.......

″Dan″ I say in shock.

Katy’s POV

“Dan” I repeat with my mouth wide open

“Hi Katy” he said with mixed emotions

“Dan what are you doing here and where have you been all this time.” I say still really surprised that he was actually here.

Just as he was about to answer I hear Ashley coming down stairs

“Hey Katy who’s at the door ” she says as she walks up to meet me at the door

“Oh hey Ash, you okay.”

“Yeah I’m fine but I’m not to sure that you are, you look a bit pale” she says looking at me worriedly.

“Oh yeah i’m fine” I say with a fake smile

“So who’s this” she says pointing to Dan

“Oh this is...” I was saying before I got cut off

“I’m Dan Katy’s older brother” he says with a friendly smile even though he looked quite nervous

“Oh hi I’m Ashley Katy’s best friend.” She says with a welcoming smile then turns to me and whispers “you never told me you had an older brother.”

“Oh I guess I forgot to mention it” I say but I didn’t forget I just didn’t tell her because I never thought that I would ever see Dan again so what was the worth mentioning it.

So after that we are just stood in the door for a minute of silence before Dan spoke up

“So........ are you going to let me in or what” he says with a slight smirk on his face.

“Oh yeah come in sorry” I say laughing a little as I move out of the way and open the door a bit more to let him pass.

Once we are all inside, I walk us into the back garden to where the party was going to be because I had to finish the last of the decorations.

“Well first of all wow and second of all happy birthday Katy I can’t believe your 17” Dan says with a shocked face.

“Whats with the shocked face your acting like you haven’t seen a back garden before.” I say

“Well I have but before I left we lived in a little 3 bed house and now you live in some sort of mansion that has a back yard the size of 5 football pitches.” He says and that’s when I remember that about a year after Dan left dad got a major pay rise and we all moved to London and got this huge house.

“Oh yeah I forgot dad got a huge pay rise a year after you left and we moved down here and got this house”

“Hey guys sorry to interrupt but Katy where are the balloons I need to start blowing them up” Ashley says

“Oh right there on the desk in my room.” I say with a little giggle for no reason

So then Ashley makes her way upstairs leaving me and Dan alone.

“So Katy where are mum and dad” he says sounding a bit different.

“Oh they just went to the shop they should be here pretty soon” I say just as here the front door open.

“Hey Katy, ashley were back where are you” here my mum shout from the foyer.

“Oh were in the back yard and ashley is up stairs blowing up the balloons.” I shout back

“Oh okay wait who is we” she says as she walks into the back garden.

Mums mouth was wide open and dad was red and looked really angry.

So I ask “whats wrong with you guys”

“Well what is he doing here” he says as he points to dan angrily,

“Oh Dan he just came why.” I asked a bit confused

“N-nothing” my mum says nervously

“Hey Kate why don’t you go and see if Ashley needs a hand while we talk to Dan okay” dad says a bit more calmly then before.

“Okay dad” I then sigh

So I start to walk away and then that’s when it got me thinking why where they so surprised to see dan. Well I can understand mums reaction because she had the same reaction as me, but I don’t get dad’s reaction he looked so angry but i’m not sure why. I mean why would you be angry about seeing your son after ten years wouldn’t you be happy. Maybe I’m just over reacting he could of been angry because he hasn’t seen Dan in along time and was angry that he didn’t come back until now.

I go up to my room and see Ashley sitting at my desk red as a tomato blowing up a balloon. My room had balloons everywhere.

“Hey ashley you need some help” I say cheerfully

“Nah i’m good that was my last one, but we could talk about that brother of yours.” She says with a smile.

" okay what would you like to know” I say

“Well what’s going on, you have never mentioned him before and I’m you best friend” she says curiously

“okay well me and dan used to have a great relationship but then when i was around 7 and he was like 16 he left and i haven’t seen him since until today that is why I was so surprised when he showed up today.” I say as I breath for air.

“So where has he been all these years” Ashley asks seeming really interested.

“I don’t know the last time I remember him with us he has at that annual family reunion we have every year and he drinking out side with my cousins back when we lived in LA and that’s all I remember.” I say

“So Kate why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

“Well I would have told you but it didn’t make much sense in telling you because I never thought I would see him again so I just decided that it doesn’t matter if you knew because I didn’t think you would ever meet him.”

“Well Katy you know you can tell me anything and that I will always be there for you. Just don’t worry about it maybe he just wanted some time himself didn’t know where you lived until now” Ashley said really sweetly.

*knock knock*

“Come in” I say

The door opens and I see Dan walk in

“Hey Katy, so I’m gonna be staying here for a while is that okay with you” he says nervously

“Sure that’s okay you are my brother and I love you, why wouldn’t it be.” I ask sort of confused

“No reason just seeing if you would mind, oh and mum said that you and Ashley should come down stairs because people will be arriving in a couple minutes” he says sounding good again

“Okay then lets get this show on the road” I say with a big smile on my face as we walk out of my room.

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