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Tony Vertick never understood why the Hideaway Forest was such a creepy place if it always seemed like a nice little forest. But after the appearance of a mysterious little boy, Tony realizes he comes face to face with a dangerous secret of the forest...

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β€œC’mon! Gotta keep running!”

Running through the Hideaway forest was all Evelyn seemed to do. The pouring rain fell hard down on her and the grass as she kept on running. The thunder and lightning struck hard as if the sky was going to tumble.

She had to keep on running if she wanted to live. She knew what would happen if the thing following her caught up to her. Evelyn’s backpack didn’t seem to be helping her but she couldn’t just leave it.

Inside it held something very special and all she wanted to do was run to the nearest place to keep it safe.

Suddenly she could see a light up ahead. Evelyn couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad thing but anywhere would be better than being chased by a creature.

As she got closer she could see the light getting brighter and brighter. And after pushing some bushes to the side she saw that it was a cottage. She could tell that someone was inside and she immediately knew who due to the flowers along with the house.

But there was no time to look at the decorations or try to figure out who lives there. She suddenly looked back to hear creaks following her along. Evelyn knew it was getting close so with another glance at the house she knew what she had to do.

Quietly but quickly she raced over to the front of the house and kneeled. Evelyn then got her backpack off and opened it. She looked down on the baby boy who was sleeping peacefully.

With a little smile and a tear sliding down her cheek she kissed the baby knowing it will be the last time she would see him. Evelyn then closed her backpack and knocked on the door.

As soon as she knocked on the door she ran away from the house murmuring, β€œGoodbye my little Tony...I hope you enjoy life,” leaving the baby boy, not knowing what will happen next...
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