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"Your room needs some revamp", it's irritated me when he changed his voice, " There is a huge change going to happen in your life, let's start with your room. Ava walker, a high school girl, life changed when she met him. He divulged all the answers she wanted from her life. Especially, about her mom. Her whole life had become upside down since the day she met him. Who is he? you all surely thinking. Let's read the book to find out who is he? Did he help her? What answers did she want from her life?

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Some random and weird sound kept echoing. I gradually opened my eyes, what I saw. My body is lying near the fence. I am a free spirit soul. Lurking without any effort. My eyes go to sound. It was babbling of the river. I noticed a tiny cottage where some old lady, whom I have encountered in my life, is doing something. When I tried to get there. I felt like someone is overpowering me.
Someone's hand grabbed my waist. When I turned around. I hear the hissing sound from his mouth.
I tried to get rid of his hands, but he was too powerful. He turns my body towards him. I raise my head to catch a glimpse of his face. He has red bloody eyes. H-He is........

Suddenly, All the things started fading. The only thing I remember was that it is a dream. A bad one.

"AVA wakes up dude, it's been three hours. Now, you have to wake up or I will throw water on your face", someone warned me. I tried to recognize the voice.

I opened my eyes, lying on the bench. Finally, I remembered. I am at Axel's house. Sun is still shining over me.

" Dude finally", Axel said happily and frowning at me simultaneously.

I didn't say anything but I grinned.

"Have you finished your work?", I questioned. Before taking nap, he was working on some project.

"Oh yeah", he said in a sad voice. I know why he is unhappy and stressing out.
We are going to change our school. The New high school has two branches. We both don't want to go to a different school. That's suck.

"Hey! Look, Calm down, you don't have to worry about that. Everything is going to be fine. We can't do anything about it. So stop stressing.", I smiled, " anyways could you please drop me at home?"

He gave me a warm smile and nodded


I'm home before my father. I prepared food for us. I don't prefer to stay at home alone. Since my mother died, I don't want to alone. I get sacred. That's why I used to stay at Axel's house. In the evening, I have to come back home to prepare food for me and dad. Dad often busy with his work. He is so concerned about me, he doesn't even engage in a second marriage.

Axel is the only intimate. Even we have become more close since my mom died. Aunty and uncle care about me a lot. I never miss my mom.

Apart from this, he is a moron who often teases me every time. Give me a stupid name couch potato. I am not that lazy. Sometimes, I do procrastinate. Everybody does.

I placed plates on the table meanwhile the doorbell rings. I know whose that. DAD.
I opened the door

"Oh Axel," surprisingly I said, "what are you doing here?" I looked over his hands.

"You forgot your notebook at my home. " He smiled and gave me the notebook.
" UMM, what have you cooked for dinner? , you cooked something delicious! Couch potato. huh?", he said

Another voice comes behind him. It's dad

" Hey, guys, what's going on? And Axel why are you standing here? Come inside, have dinner with us ", dad said happily. I have never seen my dad that happy, " I have something to tell you guys "

" You look happy, what happened, dad? Are you going to engage in a second marriage? ", I said mockingly

We all laughed. He handed me his office bag.
We all sit at the dining table.

" So, there is a piece of happy news that I get the promotion and now I'm Chief Executive Officer ", dad said " I'm waiting for such a long time "

"Wow, that's great. Congratulations!! ", me and Axle said together

" Tomorrow, I'm going to throw a party, " Dad said and freshen up. Then both of them sat at the table.

I served food when they were talking about cricket. I don't have any interest in football. Football was so indifferent to me but I love basketball. Even I was on the team last past years.

After half an hour, I started cleaning. Dad went to his room. Axel also went back.
I love the night. It's 10 pm only. I'm not sleepy at all. I don't want to see any movie either. I looked around.

Yeah, I should read some book.
I'm fond of reading. I have read all the books on my shelf. My eyes caught my mom's bookshelf.

She was a writer. I have never read any book. Even never touched my mom's shelf. My dad always rebukes me not to touch my mom's shelf. She was a well-known author. Anyways leave it.

I saw a book, a book with a lock. My dad told me not to touch this book. Well, It's my favorite habit to touch things when I'm told not to.

Its cover is beautiful, a girl lying, pointing in the sky, and there is also a cat. I lifted the book. The book was unlocked, the lock was there just for show.

" Unmentioned things " I read the book title

I opened the 1st page

Some unmentioned things that no one knew about the girl named Ella James...

Wait what Ella? It's Mom's name. Suddenly, I heard a knock. My heart started pounding, then I realized that it's dad. "Yes, dad," I said.

"Where is my bag? I have given it to you in the evening. "

"Dad, umm! see in the lobby "

"Ok Ava, thanks!! Good night!"

"Good Night Dad "

Thank God. Dad didn't come to the room. He would rebuke me if he found I was reading mom's books.

My dad never told me what happened to mom, I always want to comprehend. But why she used her name, it's fishy to me.

Instantly, someone's message popped up.
It's from Axel
Be ready at 7 am tomorrow. I'll pick you up.

Ok, don't be late. I replied

Ugh, I wanted to read that book but I have to sleep now. I put that book on the shelf and went to sleep. Next time, I would read it.

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