Woman and Flame Part 1

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Scandal. Lies. Lust. Murder. Welcome to Spillwater, My Dear. T O W N S E N D Walker is thrown into the Corrupted world of Spillwater, Washington. Through her stubborn digging she finds the secrets to her birth parents death, and meets three mysterious men who hold the unknown pieces of the puzzle of her past. O N E has given everything to guarantee her safety. O N E is closer to her than they both can even fathom. A N D the last will do just about anything to run her out of Spillwater to keep the secrets buried. Townsend finds herself playing a dangerous game; filled with lies, secrets, and corruption. The only way she'll make it out alive is if she can keep her wits and hot temper in check. **Content/trigger warning: this story contains physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Also explicit sexual situations and material.

Mystery / Romance
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“What about those boys, Jamie? What about Rose? We can’t just stand by and do nothing,” I say. The poor children have a monster for a father and on top of that, my dearest friend is forced to raise a child with the devil himself.

Jamie woefully gives me a regretful look from behind the wheel of his car.

“We need to protect our family first, Bec”, he says as he reaches over and takes my hand bringing it towards his lips to give it a warm peck. “We will save those boys. I promise you.” His conviction nearly unravels the anxious twist in my chest that has been a constant pain for the last eight months.

My free hand subconsciously roams over the swollen mound of my abdomen, waking our little miracle.

Jamie notices the dismay lingering on my face and vanquishes it by placing his large hand gently on top of my own, caressing my pregnant belly reassuringly.

Our baby stirs inside me, the movement causing my heart to double in size, just as it had done the first time seven months ago.

My world has been full of so much hate and evil that I’ve grown accustomed to it, numbed and devoid of any chance of long-term happiness until I met Jamie. And now, with this miracle inside me, I feel the joy and happiness that I have been missing for so long being ignited once again.

“Rebecca,” Jamie’s alerted voice brings my eyes up from my belly to the dark road ahead of us.

Shrouded in darkness, only illuminated by the headlights is a black SUV. My ears begin to ring with fear. Jamie quickly hits the brakes, and even before we reach a stop, we rock violently back into reverse.

I twist around in my seat, holding my stomach as I try to see out the back of his car when he slams the brakes once again. “Fuck!” He curses as we notice another SUV blocking off our exit.

A sudden beam of headlights fills the cabin of our car with a harsh yellow glow from the lurking vehicle behind us.

He’s found us.

Suddenly, Jamie’s window is violently bashed in, showering us with shards of broken glass. Thick arms reach through the window and rip Jamie from the driver’s seat.

“No!“, I cry out reaching for Jamie’s pants but get caught up with my large belly on the center console.

“Rebecca! Run!“, Jamie yells at me as he’s fully ripped from the window, vanishing into the dark wet night.

Before I can choose to run or fight, my door is thrown open and large hands haul me from the passenger seat. I struggle against the grip around my arms but I’m roughly pushed to the ground besides Jamie who is on his knees with a gun pressing to the side of his head, forcing him to remain still.

“Everything is going to be okay”, he assures me, his eyes holding my own, strong and defiant, showing no signs of fear on the rain covered cement beside me.

The sound of hard-soled shoes slowly stalks towards us, the familiarity causing my head to snap from my love to see him. He appears from the shadows, stepping into the line of light shining from the SUV he’s emerged from.

“Ms. Wolfe”, his green eyes trail down the front of me, lingering dangerously on my pregnant belly. “Mr. Cline”, he says dismissively, his onyx eyes not wavering from my own to even acknowledge Jamie’s presence.

“Beautiful evening”, he adds, smoothing the front of his suit and adjusting the cufflinks on each wrist.

“Let her go. Leave her out of this. I-“, Jamie’s deep voice cuts through the charged night and finally brings his eyes from me to Jamie.

His long fingers twist the large stones on his knuckles then lift the lapel of his jacket. His hand dips in while he struts straight towards Jamie.

“Wal- wait, WAIT!” I’m unable to speak fast enough before he plucks a gun from his jacket and fires a single devastating shot straight into Jamie’s head, the love of my life gone in an instant. “NO!” I scream as Jamie falls to the ground, the back of the car sprayed with crimson red and chunks of skin, hair, and brain matter. “No!“, I’m lifted from my knees, the sight of Jamie, and all the blood has me heaving and shrieking into the night like I’m a wounded animal.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Wolfe. You’re going to join him soon. I won’t have you dying on your knees.” He speaks nonchalantly like he hasn’t just killed someone - like he hasn’t just ripped my soul apart.

The baby.

“Please”, I beg through my sobs. Begging not for my own life, but for the life of our unborn child. My life remains behind me, dead on the damp cement of Route 18. “My baby, please don’t kill my baby.”

“If there was a way I could reach inside and rip that child out, just to kill it in front of you, I would.” He steps over to me, raising the gun, planting it firmly between my eyes. “But alas, we can’t have everything, can we, Ms. Wolfe?”


Welcome to Woman and Flame 1: The Prodigal Sons

Thank you so much for reading! What you will find here is a story with 2 POV’s written in first person.

There is foul language and situations that may offend you, so keep that in mind before you commit yourself to reading this.

I have edited this story, but errors do happen. Please point them out kindly to me when you spot them!

Also, theories are loved and urged here! Please comment, vote, and share!


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