A House of Horrors (Lillian Knowes Book 2)

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Lillian Knowes... she does but that's also her name. She can see and communicate with the dead. When she is contacted by a woman with a newly acquired haunted house things don't go as planned. Life is about to get interesting between the police offering her a job and her mother meddling in her love life. Thankfully she has Roman, Craig and Marge on her side. THIS IS A SEQUEL. please read Ghosts of Matchmaking Past first. Rated +18 Warning: language, death scenes, violence against children and talk of sex.

Mystery / Fantasy
Stephanie Sharpe
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When I was eight I met a little girl who was named twice. Once by her family and once by the people who took her from them. She taught me that people aren't always kind and the meanness that I had witnessed up until that point in my life was nothing.

Nascha was renamed Mary. I called her Nascha. She was eleven when she died. She had long glossy black hair and wore a filthy white cotton nightgown that didn't look right on her.

Nascha told me about her life and the hardships she faced. I cried so much, nightmares plagued me after she passed on. I had a hard time trusting strangers after her. My mom sent me to Marge, my mentor and friend, to help me.

It turns out you can't tell the therapist that a dead girl came to visit and told me the atrocious things people did to her before she died. They would send me to the mental ward without hesitation.

Marge helped me talk through it and we did some research on residential schools to help me understand more. I didn't understand why people would do those horrendous things to a little girl just like me. I didn't understand that terrible things happen to innocent people all the time.

To be honest I still don't understand. I'm not sure there was anything to understand. I'm just happy that I could help Nascha and the others I've been able to meet.

My name is Lillian Knowes and I see dead people.
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