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Self Contained

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I screamed throwing the flashlight at them, hitting whomever it was with a clunk. I stepped backwards, looking for the exit and saw it through the casting of the discarded flashlight. I heard the person step closer to me with a much greater intent and I realized I really fucked up. Was it a cop? Did someone else claim the territory? Another vulture? I went for the doorway but the person was now in front of me as I tripped and stumbled to the way out, delaying any chance of escape. I screamed again when they were in front of me, a hand clamped over my mouth and I bit it hard. The other person swore and smacked me, making me swing back, backhanding them across the face. They came at me again and this time, I tripped on wet paper and fell, landing on my ass. I felt around the darkness for something, anything to use as weapon, I couldn’t find shit other than mushy gross ass paper. Once I got back up and I slipped again in the muck and the person gripped my forearm pulling me back up. I pushed them away and took off into the darkness once more, stumbling and tripping my way through. I bumped into a few walls and finally I used my phone as a source of light. I swept the area around me, trying to see where the other person was but by then I had backed into a table full of glass jars two of them fell. I stepped on broken glass and the liquid that once was inside soaked my boots. I heard heavy footsteps and in the light I saw the shape making a beeline toward me.

I hid my phone in my pocket and turned, about to step farther into the room when the same hand gripped my arm tightly, pulling me back to them. I screamed again and this time swinging my arm at full force, like hell was I going to get caught here with this fucko. They groaned in pain after my hand collided with their face for the second time and they pushed me to the ground, still holding my arm and forcing me on my knees.

“Let me go! I’ll kick your ass!” I threatened, the broken glass digging into my knees.

“I’d rather not get punched in the face again.” The person spoke, annoyed. The person I assumed was a man and I frowned.

“I said let me go now! Or I’ll call the cops.” I growl and the unseen man scoffed.

“Let’s see trespassing on private property, breaking and entering, also in a condemned place, tampering with evidence with a crime scene, and I’m pretty sure I watched you steal a skull.” He chided, and I glared at the space where I assumed his head would be.

“And what about you? Chasing down a girl and beating her up in a dark place?” I retorted, “Plus you forced me on my knees, I could say otherwise to the cops.”

“Oh I’m sure you’re cute sweetheart, but try explaining that to the nose bleed here. Plus there’s that-“ Before he could finish his thought sirens pierced through the air and after a moment they got louder with the familiar blue and red flashing. Someone had called the cops and it wasn’t me.

“You’re doing?” He assumed yet confused at the sudden loudness. The lights were brief but from what I saw of him he was an average height, shorter than myself I assumed. He had shoulder length dark hair, full and curly. His skin was dark yet his eyes were a lighter colour. His clothing was as careless as his attitude toward me and his brows drew together as he glowered heavily at the window.

“I didn’t do that.” I say just as confused as he sounded. “I was trying to run away from you.”

“You mean trip, you tripped and stumbled your way through, and you sure didn’t run.”

“Oh piss off.” I spat and he only chuckled.

“You wanna leave with the cops in cuffs?” He said, a car door slammed. He still didn’t look at me.

“You want me to scream again and get us both caught?” I warn, only then did he slide his gaze to me, still as annoyed and in consideration of the whole ordeal.

Having a staring contest in the middle of the night with a stranger in an abandoned morgue isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. The cops were outside and this boy was debating on what to do with me.

“Or I can just throw you outside and that’s the end of that.” He said, “Besides I have enough problems to deal with and a screaming skull stealing girl isn’t going to be one of them.”

“This place has been closed for years, who the fuck cares if I walk off with a few bones?” I retorted, breaking free seeing as his guard dropped slightly to do a battle of the wits.

“You chased me!”

“You attacked me first.” He smirked.

“You didn’t have to chase back.” I glare. He pulled me up to my feet before this argument continued. The cops had entered the building and their flashlights were a lot stronger than my tiny store bought one.

“Make a choice grave robber, you go to the cops or you hide till they leave, you decide.” The boy grabbed both wrists tighter, making me wince. Be turned in and spend a night in jail or spend a night with a stranger in an abandoned building.

“Option C. You give me a new way out and we part ways and never see each other again.”

“Option D, I help you out and you give me back the skull.” He replied.

“Option suck my dick, the skull is mine and I won’t bite you.” I growl, trying to struggle but his grip was stronger.

“At least buy me dinner first.” He retorted smarmily as the heavy steps of the cops got closer. I sighed, ready to deck this fucker in the face if need be.

“No, piss off. Help me out now.” I whisper as they were now in the next room.

“Hurry up princess, clocks ticking.”

I waited, seeing how long this boy would wait out. There was no way any normal person would let the cops hassle them like this. He had to be ready to run soon, I just needed to find his breaking point. I waited a little longer, one more footstep and he sighed.

“You want to go to jail tonight?” His voice was smug and I hated every bit of it.

“Care to join me? I’m sure we could share a cell.” I glare, seeing the lights of the officers nearby.

“Oh I don’t think they go for throwing a corpse in jail.” He said, “Now hurry up or I’ll leave you here.”

“Like hell, wait, what the hell are you talking about?” I whisper yell.

“Hello? Anyone here?” I hear a female voice and I’m silent, she was in the doorway.

The boy ducked behind the fallen table and we were hidden as the flashlight passed over us. The woman shuddered and her partner walked in.

“Look Lisa, this place is a bust. Probably some idiots out here drinking the night away and the Robertsons thought they heard someone out here. This place is huge.

“Probably right, but still, there are fresh prints and a half dead flashlight on the floor. Someone has to be here. “ The female officer said.

“Might have passed through.” Her partner seemed tired of this shit. “Look kids in my day did this all the time, the abandoned Delany morgue was a pretty popular place for Halloween spooks alright? Just some kids being kids.” He sighed.

“What about the other rooms? This place is huge.” Lisa retorted.

“Most of those rooms don’t have floors, my old partner was here back in the day and they dug up the floors in this place, bodies were everywhere.” He said, “Besides the Delany’s have long gone by now, it’s been almost twenty years.”

“Yeah but still.”

“Lisa you’re gunna fall through a hole or two, look there’s an old door still from when this place was alive, in the back, we’ll shut it up and call it good till morning. If anyone’s here they’ll still by the time we get back, okay?”

Lisa sighed. “Alright.”

We waited till the cops left and as I stood up the only exit I could think of was shut by a metal door. There was no way out.

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