The Virus

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"Spread 1: The headaches. It will make your brain feel on fire." "Spread 2: The nausea. It will make you feel dizzy and disoriented." "Spread 3: The cramps. It will make all the ladies feel like they're on their period." "Spread 4: The inflammation. It will make you into a living mannequin." "Spread 5: The end. It will kill you. You'll be dead. So watch out. -------------------------- Jaci Flynn left with her dad. They told her that they had to go or they would die. But some people did. It was the pill. Rule #1 of the end is living. And to live, you don't take the pill. Never, ever.

Mystery / Romance
Aryn Broadnax
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Welcome to Hell

Spread 1: The headaches. It will make your brain feel like it's on fire

Spread 2: The nausea. It will make you feel dizzy and disoriented

Spread 3: The cramps. It will make all the ladies think they're on their period

Spread 4: The inflammation. It will make you into a living mannequin

Spread 5: The end. It will kill you. You'll be dead. So watch out

"Be careful, everyone. This virus will do anything to try and kill you. And that's the reason why you need to take your pills. You don't want a repeat of Johnny Feldman, do you?"

Everyone ferociously shook their heads in the crowd, their eyes unblinking. No one wanted a repeat of Johnny. He was exposed to the virus, coming here at Spread 3. He was lucky that he came in at that specific Spread because, after Spread 4, no one can help you. But when the commissioners tried to give him the anti-virus pill, he refused, saying that "it was worse than death." Even after trying to force it, he still did not take it. So after a month later, he experienced Spread 5.

He did say that he would rather face death, and that's what happened. After the incident, everyone took their pills with no complaint. Not like anyone had any choice. They wanted to live as long as they could.

I sat in the second to last row, one of my closest friends sitting next to me. Her name was Macie. Even though she was my friend, she was a bit aggressive. Yelling and starting fights as soon as someone says a word to her. Her latest fight was with a female commissioner who forced her to take her pill after she told them that she would take it after breakfast. You're supposed to take it when you woke up in the morning, but apparently, she wasn't feeling it.

I looked around the room to find my dad standing in the back with all the other adults while the kids, tweens, and teens were seated in hard, foldable chairs. His face looked stricken as he watched Head Commissioner Arnold, deliver his speech. My dad had black, shaved hair, brown skin, and bold, brown eyes. To clarify, no, he is not my biological dad. He adopted me from Peterson Orphanage when I was at the age of 6. I differ from him completely. Appearance-wise, anyway. I had dark brown hair, green eyes, and sandy colored skin.

My dad was actually working with the company, SF: Science at its Finest. That actual company is the one where everyone is sitting in right now. It's obvious to tell that SF had advanced technology, so it's very difficult to get into. But not for the Military. SF was basically the safest place in the country, ranking #3 in Commissioner Territory. After the company was overrun by the Military, we were all asked to evacuate from our homes, into SF.

That was 4 months ago.

"Why do we have to go to your job," I remember asking my dad while we were packing our belongings.

Dad sighed, running a big hand across his face. "Well, Jaci, it's because my job can keep out the virus. We'll be protected."

"What happens if you have the virus?"

Dad sighed again, turning away from me as he packed his things and I watched. "A lot of things happen. Not very good things. But there'll be a vaccine for those who are affected, so they won't have to face the dangers of the virus."

I softly smiled at my dad's back. "I'm not 10 anymore, dad. I'm 16. Meaning I'm grown enough to learn the truth."

I listened to dad chuckle, folding up a gray shirt and placing it into a duffel bag. "Trust me, you are not grown yet. Being an adult is about responsibility and care. Like I do with you."

I let my head wander in and out of memories before my eyes focused on the scene in front of me. Beside me, Macie was picking her nails, letting out a bored sigh. My hands traveled down to my knees, resting them there until meantime.

"So," Commissioner Arnold continued. "In order to—keep things in order, adults and children will suffer consequences of breaking the rules."

Through my peripheral vision, I saw Macie focus her eyes on the Commissioner and place her hand down on her lap.

"And what are the rules?" A deep, southern voice sounded behind me.

I turned around, along with everyone else to face the guy that dared to speak during the Commissioner's speech.

I wasn't surprised as I found myself staring at Carter Micheals—the bad boy from Paris, Texas. At least, that's what everyone said.

All the girls swoon at the sight of him and the sound of his country accent. To be truthful, he was pretty hot. I mean, cute. He had brown hair that swooshed upwards, some pieces falling astray from the amount of hair gel he uses to keep it up.

His twinkling green eyes snapped to mine for a moment before he winked at me and turned back to the commissioner. I blinked, obviously fazed by that subtle wink he gave me. A flirtatious wink. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into it.

Commissioner Arnold cleared his throat and looked across the room. The adults perked up. Either because they were scared or they wanted to hear the rules.

"Well, first," he started. "We'll have a strict curfew for children under 18 years old."

The adults nodded, thinking it was reasonable.

"Second. The legislation will be terminated and authority will go over to who I think is responsible enough to lead the SF. So, that means, there will be no more voting or any types of rebellion amongst this group."

Then, there were shouts.

"But this is still America!" One shouted.

"We're supposed to be in a democracy, not a dictatorship!" Another yelled.

"These are our rights! You can't do this." A last final shout boomed over everyone.

"Quiet!" The Commissioner screamed, his voice echoing throughout the room. "Anyone who disagrees with me or the new authority, will be kicked out of the facility and face the dangers of the virus. Effective immediately."

Everyone gasped as the Commissioner ordered a couple of guards from the door to grab the people who yelled about equal rights. The guards dragged them by their arms and marched out the room as the peoples' screams were heard from the hallway.

Everyone suddenly turned back to the stage as the Commissioner huffed with frustration.

I then felt hot puffs of breath on the side of my neck and on my ear. I quickly knew who it was when I heard his quiet, raspy voice as his face pressed against my neck.

"Welcome to hell," he whispered.


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