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being in the same room with him was giving me goosebumps. I wanted to leave, no scratch that. I need to leave. " sir I'm really having a very terrible stomach up set Rightnow I might faint any second I need to go home". it was funny how I related having a stomach upset and fainting together. I guess stupid things come when you are nervous because right now I am as nervous as anything else. " was that so hard?" he asked. I had no clue what he was talking about. " was what so hard?" I asked. he came closer to me again just as he had done before, which sent shivers down my spine. " asking permission from me, was it that hard" his breath faned my face, he was looking down on me our body dangerously close. my throat sudden left dry, I gulped loudly with hope for a change but nothing happened it was still as dry as a desert sand. I couldn't give him a response to his question, I just started his beautiful eyes. why didn't God create me to have honey brown eyes? I always use to asked my self but instead I have pitch black eyes. I felt so jealous of him. " you have a stomach upset right?" he said I had totally forgotten about my act. I was dump I didn't know what to say. Astrid was a girl who wasn't permitted to love due to her long line of ancient worshipping ancestors. Read to find out why...

Mystery / Romance
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Generations ago, before Christianity entered the land,there was a prophecy that the small God's would all seize to exist. those who worship them would worship no more...they would long be forgotten in years to come.

These gods,ignored the prophecy except one( goddess of the ocean and sea).
she knew from the very beginning all this was inevitable so,she came up with a plan,one that would keep her name for eternity and while the old gods perished, she lived on.

she took at random a woman who would do her bidding. one who would worship her without question,one who through her she would pass her judgement... A messenger.

But with been the messenger of the goddess came a huge price.
A messenger would pledge royalty to the goddess and would worship none other except her, a messenger wasn't allowed to fall in love because the goddess feels it was a hindrance from doing her bidding,they were not allowed to love they only gave birth because it was necessary to have an heir And generation and generations to come an heir would be born into the family which would be a girl to take over where the other has left off.

500years passed and she still lived on. The rules she had placed was now difficult to follow because of the modern age. On one was interested in the ways of small God's anymore, her reputation was failing.

Rachel who was from the blood line of the first messenger wanted out of the "curse" so she called it.

she decided to ran away when her mother died considering she was the next in line.
but it was impossible to ran from a god and not being caught.

The goddess showed her anger by killing the man she loved. Out of fear that she might do the same to someone else,she came back but vowed never to let her daughter experience the same faith as she did.

Rachel had an heir( now in her 50s), a girl. she knew the girl's faith but was not willing to except it.
she waited patiently till her child was up to age( 20).
she sent her off, far away from her.
" you need to go for if you stay here I cannot protect you" Rachel said
" I can't, where would I go?)
" I don't know go anywhere, go far away from here, erase every connection to me,find love, be happy" Rachel said with tears on her cheek.
" but,what if she comes for me?"
" she won't,at least not now, use the little time you have to leave a well and happy life, and don't you ever come back here ,do you understand" Rachel asked.

"yes mother, I understand " she said connecting their foreheads together.
" now go,and never look back" Rachel said.

both cried their eyes out not wanting to let go of each other, but there was other way.
Rachel knew she had to let her child go in other for her to have a happy life she had always dreamt about.

10years later Rachel died. joy on the other hand
(Rachel's daughter) had leaved her life according to plan. she had a daughter. when she found out about her mother's death, she decided to go be on the ran again. But would she ever be able to hide from the goddess of ocean and sea,one of the most powerful goddess of the ancient days....

Rachel was my grandmother....
joy was my mother.....
my name is Astrid and this is my story....




" I see you" a voice said.
" you can't run forever"
" leave me alone" I said back

" This is your destiny"...

And just like that I woke up only to discover that it was dream.

Yes I am Astrid, and I can say my life is pretty messed up. After my mom's ( joy) sudden disappearance I was raised and cared for by my foster mom. presently I'm 20 years old.

I was ten when my mom left. I woke up only to find the bedroom empty from her stuff. I searched the whole house but found no sign of her. it was like she just disappeared, one minute I was sleeping next to her and the next she was gone.
The night before she left was the last time I saw her.. I was diverstated. I didn't know where to start.

" mom" I called out her name but no response.
" mom where are you?"
No matter how hard I cried and called out to her she never responded.

I didn't know where to start. A ten year old girl whom her mom suddenly disappeared without a trace, where the hell was I suppose to start, how would I feed, I hated her with every last breath of my body.

well luckily there was food in the store but at a point it's won't sustain me. That was actually the period I took my mom's cooking lessons seriously.

weeks later I was thrown out of the house, they said the house was due for payment but I knew it was a lie. My mom had paid the landlord for a year. Guess when he found out I was alone he decided to make more money from the house by throwing me out and putting a new tenant. How greedy!

That was just the beginning of my suffering.
I took refuge in the street along with other homeless children like me. I took stealing as the only way to survive. God knows I didn't want to but what was I suppose to do,I couldn't just go and ask for a job, I mean am just ten!.

The life style which I had lived continued for months till I found her... my Mom someone I could look up to and say "this is my mom".

I was panting due to the dream I had. I had sweat all over my body.
" what could the dream mean?" I had asked my self.
I was confused. I was about to lay down to think deeply about it when my eyes diverted to the wall clock in front of my bed.
" shit" I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the bathroom to have a quick shower.
I was so screwed, my boss was going to kill me.

I work presently at an advertisement company. I was assigned today to have a meeting by 7:30 with one of the men who wanted to invest on our company. And right now I am 1hr30min late.

After I was done with my business in the bathroom I immediately rushed to my wardrobe.
everything was messed up,I didn't even know what to where.
I just hurriedly took a red open backed top and a pair of jeans which I tocked in with.
I was a mess that morning I mean who wears this kind of combination for a meeting.

I picked a comb to comb my hair while staring at the mirror.And I saw that my hair looks like a bird nest. it was long black and thick. God, I didn't have time to start untangling it.

I combed my hair as fast as I could, obviously not combing it properly.
I dashed out of my room when I realized I haven't brushed my teeth yet. I frowned at the thought.
there was no way I was going back there I had already wasted to much time.
I decided to just buy a mint sweet or a chew gum to help suppress my bad breath.

I came downstairs only to find my mom in the dining table.I wanted to so yell at her for not waking me up but then it wasn't her fault, I never told her about it.
" hey, good morrrrrninnnng" she said looking at me from head to toe.
I was that bad, she even noticed it.
" you look quite... gorgeous today" she said obviously teasing me.

" good morning Mom" I kissed her on her cheek and rushed to the door.
" God did you even brush your teeth" she said placing her hand on her nose.

I totally forgot how bad my breath was in the morning.
" nope I didn't" just has I was about to leave she reminded me about something.
" you are not putting on shoes my dear, why are you in such a haste?"
"fuck" was all I could say I looked down and found my feet bare.
I rushed back to my room and grabbed a white canvas. it was the closet thing my hands could reach.

I quickly put them on and rushed down again.
" won't you at least have breakfast?"
seriously of all the thing I was thinking about, breakfast was not one of them.

" No, thank you" I said before banging the door as I rushed out.

I knew there was no time to rush to the office and then go to the meeting center, so I decided to head straight to the meeting place,I just hope the man hasn't left out of anger and that would mean the end of my job....



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