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I arrived at the place where the meeting was supposed to be held but unfortunately the man had left.
" what did you expect? for him to wait for you?"
my subconscious taunted me.
my only option was to leave for the office,which I did.

I was already at the entrance of the office.
" breath in, breath out" I kept saying to myself because I needed to calm my nerves.
after gathering up enough courage I walked into the office only to be welcomed by my best friend Lexi.

" Jesus Christ,you came. you had me worried, I thought something bad happened" she said hugging me so tight like I was missing for days and she had just found me. I could hardly breathe

" what the hell happened?, I tried calling your cell but it was not connecting" she said releasing me from her hold.

" I had a rough night" I said walking past her to my desk which she followed.
" you had a rough night?, Did you start drinking?,and what's with the dress?" she asked all at once eyeing me from head to toe.

of course I forget that I looked like a clawn.
" I was in a hurry to leave so I just picked anything, it's hideous right?"

" what do you mean it's hideous?, you look freaking amazing"

ok, did I hear right?, I look amazing? Lexi was obviously out if her mind.

" Lexi if this is your way of telling me that I look tattered,thank you,I'm not going to argue cause I agree"

" No,I mean it, you look great, you even got every ones attention"
I looked up and that was when I realized that everyone was looking at me, obviously at the dress. I felt so embarrassed. but right now I needed to fix a problem.

" cut the crap Lexi,tell me, where is the boss?"
" he is in his office and quite in a bad mood" she said.

my face instantly turned pale.
" it's because of me right?" I asked.
" well not entirely,he just seem quite grumpy today"
Not entirely?,not entirely? as long as I am one of the reasons,I was so screwed.
"you are going to get fired, you are going to get fired" my subconscious taunted me again.

" I think you should go talk to him,he already knows that you did not attend the meeting with the client, there is no point in hiding"

" lexi how do you expect me to talk to him when he is not in a good mood, I'm going to get fired for sure, you know how he is when he is angry"

" all the more reason to talk to him, give him the perfect excuse and don't even think of telling him you had a rough night"

" of course not, I'm not dumb, I'm just scared"
" don't be, this is your first time anyway. welcome to the club"

" welcome to the club of what?" I asked raising an eyebrow in confusion.
"welcome to the club of latecomers" she said having a smile on her face. if situation wasn't as worst as this I might have smiled with her but that is not the case

" yes, it's my first time, but it would have been a lot easier if there were no meet"
I was so frustrated, I felt like pulling out my hair from my head. I kept pacing around till I heard...
" Astrid, the boss wants you in his office now" one of my coworker said.

I gulped down loudly, my face turned pale. I automatically look at Lexi and she gave me a look that everything would be fine.

I made my way up the stairs to his office. I stopped at the door.
" you can do this" I said to myself before summoning up courage to knock.

I knocked gently on the door so as not to anger him in anyway.
" come in" the cold, thick voice said.

I stepped into his office closing the door behind me.
he was at his desk, focusing on the file in his hands.
oh, and did I forget to say that he was handsome. he was the most handsome man I've ever seen.

I watched at he flipped through the file his veins visible to me as he rolled up his sleeve.
he was putting on a black suit but he removed it's jack placing it on his chair.

I stood there like a dummy not sure of what to do.
"sir, you sent for me" I said. I was tired of waiting.
he raised his head and met my eyes.

I felt like I wanted to choke not because I was scared but because of those eyes.
his eyes were beautiful, charming, it was honey brown. it was very transparent I could see right through it, if that's even possible.

he had the perfect nose, his lips were full and woman like, it was eatable. his hair was all messy which made him more attractive.

I was lost in his handsomeness.
" clear to explain miss Astrid?" was he talking to me cause I obviously didn't know.

" I'm listening" he said waiting for my response.
why was he calm? I was expecting him to raise his voice at me by now.

" keep on been silent and you will know if that doesn't change" my subconscious yelled at me.
" Um sir, I can explain"
I heard no clue pertaining what to say.
I just hope that whatever comes out of my mouth was good....

" um, sir I can explain" I said.
" Go on, I'm listening, tell me why of all days to show up late it had to be today, I want to hear your excuse,come on"

I was going to pee on my body any second,the intense stare he was giving me shows how angry he was.

" sir ...I was ....involved in a car accident" I stammered. shit I wanted to say traffic.
" An accident?" he said rasing his eye brow.
" Were you hurt?' he asked his eyes roaming around my body to know if I had any injury.

" No sir I wasn't,what I meant to say was that I withness a car accident" I said.
I did not even know what I was saying at that point,I just said whatever came to mind.

"so?" he gave me a questioning look.
" so,it caused traffic jamb which delayed the ride,which was why I was late".

I said now standing more erect, I wanted to show my confidence.
" goodness Astrid" he exclaimed before standing up from his seat banging his hand on his desk.

my heart almost jumped out of my chest.
" the only reason why im letting you of the hook is because this is your first time showing up this late for work, if it was someone else I would have fired that person"

excuse me, my first time showing up " this late".
was he kidding, more like this is my first time showing up late at all.

" I'm really sorry sir it won't happen again" I said trying to maintain eyes contact. he get really angry when ever he is talking and you don't look him in the eyes.

" it better, I scheduled a meeting on Wednesday since this one didn't work out, I expect you to be there on time, you understand?"

" yes sir" I nodded.
" you can leave now" he said sitting back on his sit.

but then my useless brain decided to pull a very stupid stunt.
" sir" I called and he looked up at me.
" I thought I had an assistant,you know for situations like this" I asked

" yes, I know that, but this particular client needs special attention which your assistant cannot give, I don't want it messed up"

I felt flattered, I want to jump up for joy, he just praise me.

" ok sir , I would take my leave now" I said and walked out of his office breathing in air I didn't know I was holding.

"he slammed yah, didn't he?" Lexi said as she saw me approaching my desk.
" not really, he rescheduled the meeting" I said now seating in my desk.

" so, won't you tell me" Lexi said sitting on top of my desk giving me a look like I was hiding something.

" tell you what?" I really don't know what she was talking about.
"about your rough night" she said in a dah tone.
" I mean, was it because of a guy, since when did you have boyfriends?, did he break your heart,please tell me you have not joined our crew of heartbreaks" she said not even telling me speak.

" goodness Lexi,No it's not because of a guy" I cut her in.
" then what is it about, come-on tell I'm curious to know"
yeah, you can say Lexi my best friend is a gossip. but she gossips on a very normal rate. aside with me though . her gossiping is quit extreme with me. don't worry you will get to see it.

" I had a dream, more like a nightmare"
" A nightmare, how?" she asked in a serious face,one of the things I love about her, she know when to be serious and when not to

" like a bad bad dream" I straighten myself up to look her in the eyes placing my hands on my desk just beside her legs.
" ok, tell me about it"

" At first I was in this dark room,it was totally dark,I could see a thing the only thing I heard were the voices".
" voices?,what voices?".
" I don't know but it came from the room and suddenly I was as if I was drowning"

" what were the voices saying?" Lexi asked.
" that I can't run forever"
" what is that suppose to mean?" she asked clearly as confused as I am.

" I don't know, that's what I'm still trying to figure out "
" spoken to your mom about it?".
" there was no time to I was running late, I didn't even get to brush my teeth"

" o my God, what?, you didn't brush?, This is so hilarious" Lexi burst out into laughter.

" God I was asking myself what was smelling I didn't know it was coming from you" she still kept laughing.
Now half of the attention were on us.

" it's not funny" I said trying not to laugh myself.
I used to be the one laughing at her now the tables has turned.

" seriously it funny" when she saw I was now on a serious face glaring at her she stopped laughing.

" sorry I couldn't help it"
" you sure you didn't watch any horror movie and then went to bed to dream about it"
" no I didn't and you know I don't watch horror movies"

" well it just a dream right?, it's not that it's real"
Lexi said standing up from my desk.
" yeah it's not that it's real" I concurred.

" so see you later in the day I have a lot of work to do and I don't want Mr grumpy to see me here with you gisting"

" talk about you, mine would be worse, I'm already in his black list"
" guess I better start going then,see yah"with that Lexi left.

it's just a dream,it not as if it's real she had told me but something tells me that it more than a dream...
something tell me that I could be real
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