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" um, sir I can explain" I said.
" Go on, I'm listening, tell me why of all day to show up late it had to be today, I want to hear your excuse,come on"

I would pee on my body any second,the intense stare he was giving me shows how much he was angry.

" sir ...I was ....involved in a car accident" I stammered. shit I wanted to say traffic.
" An accident" he said rasing his eye brow.
" are you hurt?' he asked his eyes roaming around my body to know if I had any injury.

" No sir I wasn't,what I meant to say was I withness a car accident" I said.
I did not even know what I was saying at that point,I just said whatever came to mind.

"so?" he gave me a questioning look.
" so,it cause traffic jamb which delayed my ride,which was why I was late".

I said now standing more erect, I wanted to show my confidence.
" goodness Astrid" he exclaimed before standing up from his seat banging his hand on his desk.

my heart almost jumped out of my chest.
" the only reason why I'm going to spare you is because this is your first time showing up this late for work, if it was someone else I would have fired that person"

excuse me, my first time showing up " this late".
was he kidding more like this is my first time showing up late at all.

" I'm really sorry sir it won't happen again" I said trying to maintain eyes contact. he get really angry when ever he is talking and you don't look him in the eyes.

" it better, I scheduled a meeting on Wednesday since this one didn't work out, I expect you to be there on time, you understand"

" yes sir" I nodded.
" you can leave now" he said sitting back on his sit.

but then my useless brain decided to pull a stunt.
" sir" I called and he looked up at me.
" I thought I had an assistant,you know for situation like this" I asked

" yes, I know that, but this particular client need special attention which your assistant cannot give, I don't want it messed up"

I felt flattered, I want to jump up for joy, he just praise me.

" ok sir , I would take my leave now" I said and walked out of his office breathing in air I didn't know I was holding.

"he slammed yah, didn't he?" Lexi said as she saw me approaching my desk.
" not really, he rescheduled the meeting" I said now seating in my desk.

" so, won't you tell me" Lexi said sitting on top of my desk giving me a look like I was hiding something.

" tell you what" I really don't know what she was talking about.
"about your rough night" she said in a dah tone.
" I mean, was it because of a guy, since when did you have boyfriends, did he break your heart,please tell me you have not joined our crew of heartbreaks" she said not even telling me speak.

" goodness Lexi,No it's not because of a guy" I cut her in.
" then what is it about, come-on tell I'm curious to know"
yeah, you can say Lexi my best friend is a gossip. but she gossips on a very normal rate. aside with me tho . her gossiping is quit extreme with me. don't worry you will get to see it.

" I had a dream, more like a nightmare"
" A nightmare, how?" she asked in a serious face,one of the things I love about her, she know when to be serious and when not.

" like a bad bad dream" I straighten myself up to look her in the eyes placing my hand on my desk just beside her lags.
" ok, tell me about it"

" At first I was in this dark room,it was totally dark,I could see a thing the only thing I heard were the voices".
" voices?,what voices?".
" I don't know but it came from the room and suddenly I was as if I was drowning"

" what were the voices saying?" Lexi asked.
" that I can't run forever"
" what is that suppose to mean?" she asked clearly as confused as I am.

" I don't know that what I'm still trying to rap my head on"
" spoken to your mom about it?".
" there was no time to I was running late, I didn't even get to brush my teeth"

" o my God, what?, you didn't brush?, it so hilarious" Lexi burst out into laughter.

" God I was asking myself what was smelling I didn't know it was coming from you" she still kept laughing.
Now half of the attention were on us.

" it's not funny" I said trying not to laugh myself.
I used to be the one laughing at her now the tables has turned.

" seriously it funny" when she saw I was now on a serious face glaring at her she stopped laughing.

" sorry I couldn't help it"
" you sure you didn't watch any horror movie and then went to bed to dream about it"
" no I didn't and you know I don't watch horror movies"

" well it just a dream right?, it's not that it's real"
Lexi said standing up from my desk.
" yeah it's not that it's real" I concurred.

" so see you later in the day I have a lot of work to do and I don't want me grumpy to see me here with you gisting"

" talk about you mine would be worse, I'm already in his black list"
" guess I better start going then,see yah"with that Lexi left.

it's just a dream,it not as if it's real she had told me but something tells me that it more than a dream...
something tell me that I could be real...

I got home after the days work,I was really stressed out. just as I made entrance to our home my mom was in the sitting room watching TV with a remote in her hand.

" good evening mom" I said sitting down on the opposite chair in the sitting.
" good evening dear, how was work?" she asked not taking her eyes of the TV.

" work was stressful" I said removing my shoe.
she had warned me several times not to remove my shoe in the sitting room but in my room or at least before coming in,but I was to tired I needed to sit down and rest.i knew I was going to get a scolding from her. well,you can say that I'm lazy.

" Astrid,how many times have I warned you to stop removing your shoes in the sitting room, why are you this stubborn" she complained the very moment she spotted me. told yah I was going to get a scolding.

" I'm sorry mom,I'm just tired" I said.
" I won't do it again I promise"
sometimes she talk to me like I'm just 15,well I guess all mother's talk to their child that way.

" you better,this is your last warning or I'll hit you on the head" she said warning me. must say the look she was giving me was not really nice.

" so tell me what happened at work today?" she asked. she always likes it when I fist her about work, but I was not just in the mood to talk at all. yeah you can say she also likes gossiping.

" nothing much, just happy I didn't get fired today" I said massaging my shoulders.
" why, what happened?" she asked
" well, you see,I was asked to meet up with a particular client today and I ended up late"

" Oh my God,that's the reason why you were in a hurry today"
" yes, that's why"
" by the way you never woke up that late so what went wrong?" she said dropping the remote.

" i had a bad dream I guess"
" A bad dream?, tell me about it"
and so I told her everything thing and I could swear her expression changed. it was as if she way terrified than I was.
" mom,is something wrong?" I asked.
" what did you say the voices said again?"
" that I can't run forever" I replied. now she was scaring me.

" mom what's wrong"
" nothing it's nothing" she said giving me a fake smile. I knew there was something, there was something she was telling me.

" mom,is there something I need to know" I asked I was already impatient,her actions were killing me.
" no, why ask?"
well because you are behaves like as if there is something important that I should know but you don't want to tell me"

" what? no, absolutely not why would I hide anything from you"
" I don't know, why would you?".
" is that a trick question Astrid, seriously you are playing that game on me" she said

" no, it's not a trick question, just want to know why you would hide something from me"
" Astrid,I'm not hiding anything from you honey, if there is something that I feel you need to know I would tell you, ok?"

" ok" I replied.
I knew something was wrong, I knew my mom we as hiding something from me but I just don't know why she would.

"come on go wash up" it getting late, your food is in the kitchen in case you are hungry" she said.

I got up and did exactly as she said
I didn't want to push the issue further,I knew my mom to well if I kept on asking her she would never tell me. whatever she was hiding I was determined to find out, I mean didn't even react half as bad as she did to my dream.
I was going to find out, but not now.

" they will pay your price, they will all perish" A voice said.
" just leave me alone" I placed my hands on my hears trying to block the voice out.
I was crying uncontrollably.

" you will morn them, you will beg for their life, worship me and all this would not come to pass".
I saw a hand coming towards me and wanted to cover my face. I screamed on top of me.voice.

I woke up only realising that I was screaming.
I sat down properly trying to catch my breath.
my Mom rushed into my room sitting down beside me.
" it's ok honey,my here now, it's just a dream"
I was shaking uncontrollably, I was scared.

" shh, go to sleep now,it ok" my mom said.
she helped me lie on the bed properly. when she wanted to leave I grabbed her hands.

" stay please, I don't want to alone" which she did. she slept in my room till the next day...
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